Learn Your Purpose in Life with Karmic Astrology

Your Life’s Purpose

Karmic Astrology is not just one of the most valuable bits of astrological information available to anyone who has ever asked the questions, “Why am I here?” or “What is my life’s purpose?” It is also the name of a series of books written by Martin Schulman in the late 1970s.

Karmic astrology is based on the position of the north and south lunar nodes and their connection to our karma, former lives and our current incarnations. Every planet has nodes, but it is the lunar nodes that are particularly telling of your life’s purpose. Here’s a great way to start: Join Karma Rewards and get a free birth chart to find out the placement of your lunar nodes.

How the nodes are calculated and exactly what they are is a whole astronomy lesson that can be easily researched. What I want to relate to you now is their importance in revealing your life path and how knowing what signs they’re in can put you on the road to a successful incarnation in this life right now. This is one of the reasons why astrology is such a powerful tool.

The south and north nodes are always in opposite signs. For example, if you were born with a Leo north node, your south node is in the opposite sign of Aquarius. An astrologer can tell you what sign and what house the north node was in at your time of birth, giving you further clues to your life’s purpose.

The South Node

The south node represents our past lives. It embodies all the tools we come into this life with based on lives we have lived previously. It contains the traits of the people we were, and it is ingrained in us. Similar to your rising sign, your south node sign is what you bring forth in your personality in your daily existence in the world. This might be where the term “stuck in the mud” came from, because as comfortable as these traits are, they are traits of your past and the very traits you are trying to move away from in this world so you can experience something new in this life.

If you don’t continually move forward in life, if you rely on what is comfortable and never strive for something new, you can get “stuck in the mud,” and consequently feel stifled, annoyed and even angry at the world. Do you feel stuck in the mud? If you want help moving your life forward, talk with astrologer Psychic Alison ext. 9885.

The North Node

Fortunately your life is designed to lead you on a path towards your north node destiny—you sort of grow into it. And while there’s always free will, your north node may be the closest thing to the exception. However, without full knowledge of what your path is and what it could lead to, a lot of stuff can get in the way and you may not exactly achieve your full potential. That is where an astrologer can help you decipher the north node meanings, and that will put you on a direct path to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Need help deciphering your life path? Talk with astrologer Psychic Quinn ext. 5484 to find the answers you’re looking for.

48 thoughts on “Learn Your Purpose in Life with Karmic Astrology

  1. Kimberly Baldacchino

    I feel like I am constantly facing hurdles & barriers that are preventing me from being truly happy. Please help me! I am so sad deep down inside. I feel like I do the right things but there is just something that won’t let good things happen for me, I feel cursed. Please help me 🙁

  2. christinadawn1969@live.com

    I was born 11-25-69 at between 5:15 and 5:45 . my mother was cynthia kay burns and my day is david beryl hogue . my grandparents were dick and nola richard she is dearly missed she passed just this last year. I would like to know what direction to take my life in including love life, it seems I have come to a dead end. please help me from here.

  3. clarita

    I am interested with the topic, i want to know more why I am here far from my family, what is my destiny, my purpose, and what advices you can give me….please. Thank you!

  4. Marilou Palma

    Good day! I just want to know why until now i cannot find a job even though i spend my time applying online and walk in, what is the reason. And may i know if i can leave the Philippines to work abroad. Thank you hope you can send me a reply.

  5. Catherine

    if I leave a message will you really answer ? I have lots of things I need to know about if you can prove to me you have the answers I will be very loyal 2-8-72

  6. LJ

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I wish I could answer them all. There are many experts in astrology on this site that can help you with your questions, and also numerologist who can assist with your numerology questions. As for Theresa’s question, fraternal twins are born at different times one before the other) and that can mean all the difference.

    I wish everyone the best of luck in finding their path and as Quinn pointed out it helps if you know the way – I agree. Still knowing the way doesn’t always mean it’s easy to follow or accept – all I can say is trust your heart – and when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of it, speak to a psychic and/or astrologer to help you learn more about yourself so you can be more accepting of what the universe has to offer you.
    Love and Starlight,

  7. renebrown19@yahoo.com

    In school once again seeking out my field of healthcare. What is it that I really should be doing that I really can get a grip on and enjoy and be sucessful at what it is that I am supposed to be doing. I am thinking somewhere in the research area in health. Please give me some insight of what I have in my future in the relationship area with a significant other. Should I remaind solo or is there hope for me with someone?

  8. Juana

    This is for William am looking for love also. I will pray for you that things will get better yes they will as long as you keep the faith. Things will turn around you might be having it hard now but believe me when I say it cant stay like this. That special woman is out there.

  9. maria cristina dioso

    hi well i want to be success but it doesn’t work even i do every thing i can…i really don’t no what i really like to do in my life…i born at february 20 1984..i’m single mom i have three kids..my daughter is dec.29,2000..my son is nov.29,2003..and my little boy is oct.26,2007..

  10. Nancy John

    The man i love so much, is not serious with the relationship though he tells me he loves me, but i do not see anything that supports his words. I want him to be the man of my life.



  12. jenny holtman

    A lot of questions on my mind and I feel only a real psychic will know what they are and the answeers. Pls reply.

  13. jobaira

    my husband has a girl in far away place,, and i dont like him anymore… i have my 2 boyfriend who’s in chat.. the one was arrive here this december.. pls.. help me is the two of them want to help me? pls.. help me…

  14. william

    hi my name is william the computer is not leting me respond on diffrent internet service. i will like to pay you for your reading but i dont have the money to pay you please pray for me to find a part time off the book job. and pray for me to have good health, to be lucky when it come down playing the power ball and meag lottery or just to find a lot money.and a soul mate that will love me for me and alway be on my side and to use her love to make me strong not weak.pray for to have favor with all race ceed. please understand i want to go back to and get my degree,and get mya class a cld truck licecne.

  15. carmen

    i was born in new york sept 29of 66 n my ? is is anyway i could find out if i was a man in my past life emai me back please please

  16. Theresa


    I’ve your recent articles on Karmic happenings. Could you please explain Fraternal twins someday? Why someone would incarnate as a twin etc.? And how the individuals could be vastly different, but share almost the same planetary alignments and such?

    Thank you!!

  17. yasmin

    some one did fraud with me he took a hug of amount of money and run a way i don’t know what should i do. please help me for this problem told the police but they couldn’t find him and i want my money back he make me home less



  18. candice

    Could you please help me I want to know when ill find my soul mate.every guy I ment has hurt me.iv been alone most of my life I so deeply want to experience a guy truly loving me please help me please. My date of birth is 19 September 1986

  19. Rita

    I care about a certain man, just can get him out my mine also what is my purpose in this life? It was said that I was born to lead, but every job I have ever had I have never been given the opportunity, no matter how many leadership skill I have. Why can’t I be with my soulmate?

  20. Stuart Old


    I have asked this elsewhere, but have not gotten an answer. First, are there any numerologists out there who might shed some light upon this enquiry? Second, what is the meaning of the numbers 31 and 13; as these numbers keep on turning up?

    Now here is the funny-thing. I was born on 25th June which makes me a ‘Cancerian’ a moony. The fourth sign of the zodiacal sequence is, again, Cancer. My name after reduction depending upon how one slices it either comes to (18/9 + 13/4: afterwhich the 9 & 4 again come to 13…, and this reduces to 4).

    Again, may I reiterate there are other details to this whole thing which again involves these two numbers..(31 and 13). I have no proof, but I am inclined to believe that the #13 is a lunar number.

    And another thing is that there has never been any mention of perfect square numbers like, for example, 4;9;16;25 and so on. Pythagoras seemed to believe that these numbers were unusual maybe not quite like the numeological master-numbers, but were different. The only thing is how so?

    If there is anybody who migh shed some light upon these questions I would be grateful.



  21. Susan

    I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I know there is a question that has been eating at me for many years. I think only a real psychic will know what it is. Can you tell what it is?

  22. deborah

    I recently moved to better my employment opportunities and I have had 3 job interviews in 3 weeks and offered every job ….however I do miss my family and friends…

  23. Evelyn Pedersen

    I am very interested in what is currently happening with me.
    I am looking forward to new adventures.
    I did say yes to a venture involving money. I hope it is successful.

  24. Farrukh Hafeez

    in these dys, i am very stressful situation, i want to go back to Pakistan. this is good for me or not. second problem is that If I go any where the cameras catch me, the people harasing me. I am very disturb and confusing.

  25. Nafis

    It’s funny you said stuck in the mud and mad at the world,caues that’s how i feel lost just got back from a trip to another country i put it all the line to leave this life here behind it didn’t work and now im back here and very mad at the world for not dealing me this hand im just tired of losing can’t seem be succeed at anything i do i look at my horoscope and it dosen’t make sense either im just lost.

  26. Chrissi

    Having had my wheel cast I know my North node, being my rising sign, is in Scorpio, However as I am a sun sign Aquarius isn’t that a move backwards ? although a South Node of Taurus explains how sometimes I have such a conflicting nature, wanting a settled tidy home while desiring adventure and excitement

  27. shammu

    i would love to get my karmic reading buti dont know what time i ws born i know i was born i th evening on monday
    not 100% sure wwas it 53,54,or 59 i really would like to fin out, date 17th aug i have a lot of psychic ablity i feel things i am a good person with a good heart but people always misunderstand me i am shy in a crowd and confdient in myself so me in a nutshelll

  28. sakeisha

    Will I ever find a new place to live. I am sick of living at home. I am 33 and I’ve been here since my car accident almost 11 years ago. I feel like a maid and a child. I always here go to your room, when I turn off lights that’s not being used.Plus I can’t have an access to my own bank account, that’s being used by my parent’s. I am at wits end trying to hold on. There’s more frustration here, but I’ll stop. Thank you

  29. Gina Rose ext.9500


    Excellent short article on nodes in a natal chart.

    I highly recommend Psychic/Astrologers : Faith, Amelia, or Phillip for a complex natal chart reading.

    Gina Rose ext.9500

  30. rajendra bhat

    what do you mean by Karmic astrology,how much should i shell out, is this money making business , please avoid me since you are not my destiny maker, we Indians believe ,trust ,,have complete faith in God almighty and do not care what others say,profess, sorry leave me.

  31. Maridena Salayon-Richison

    Hi my b-day is 08/12/1972. I just want to know ifI am going to meet my soulmate soon. Email me back please.


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