Your June 2017 Video Love Horoscope

Fresh Starts for a New Season

Right from the beginning of your June 2017 love horoscope, you can almost feel the warmth and desire to connect with someone special in a very tangible way. Venus, still in Aries, trines Saturn retrograde on the 1st of June. Single or attached, connections feel karmic. If you’re single, the 3rd is when Venus hooks up with Uranus, and anything can happen. Don’t stay home on the couch!

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Venus moves into sensual Taurus on the 6th, one of her two astrological homes. This means there’s a very indulgent and provocative feeling in the air that will benefit couples and singles alike. On the 9th, the day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, there are mixed astrological influences. Neptune will make it hard to tell if someone is telling the truth. But the planet of fortuitous events, Jupiter, finally goes direct again and Venus forms a great angle to spontaneous Mars in the warm sign of Cancer. Since the Full Moon will join hands with taskmaster Saturn on that day, whatever happens in love—good or bad—will feel like it’s for the best. Trust what the universe offers, whether it’s a chance to take a relationship to the next level or to end one that’s been so-so up to now.

The best week for love in June starts with the Summer Solstice on the 20th. That week, the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon on the 23rd all fall into the soft, romantic sign of Cancer. They’ll form a unique “crown of stars” along with Mars. Therefore, don’t waste this auspicious energy by wishing on a star! Get out there and view them all with someone special. Here’s your June 2017 love horoscope.


If you’re single you may become attracted to someone who is not your type on June 1, thanks to a connection between Venus and Saturn. On the 6th Venus moves out of your Sun sign and into the embrace of Taurus, but she’s not done with you yet. You love Venus in Taurus, as she brings your fire to an earthy, tactile plain where you see some serious progress in love. If you’re single, look to June 9 when the lovers Venus and Mars form a fantastic angle to one another, with mischief in mind. An acquaintance could become a naughty secret. Take it only as far as you feel comfortable. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll love the days between June 20 and 25, when you will have plenty of astrological opportunities to rekindle your feelings for one another. You’re positively passionate on the 23rd and the 24th.

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Your ruling planet, Venus, will move into your first house of self-esteem on the 6th. You were never more radiant and approachable, so take advantage of this astrological climate. After all the turns, twists (and possibly trysts) of last month, June should be a relief from all that frenetic energy. However, you’re still attracting admirers, so use the 7th and 8th to have fun with flirting. If you’re in a new relationship, you may find the 18th and 19th challenging. Mercury opposes Saturn and someone may be toying with your feelings or testing your connection. Try to beat them at their own game. After the 20th and 21st, the Sun and Mercury will settle into your house of communications. Therefore, you should have no trouble expressing your feelings. Clear up any concerns or misunderstandings and by the 30th you’ll be sure to end June on a high note.

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After communicative Mercury, your ruling planet, enters your Sun sign on the 6th of June, you’re ready to pick up the slack and tighten up those communication skills. Therefore, you should tell someone how you feel. With the Sun also in Gemini until the Summer Solstice, you’re full of fire and ready to let go. Some of you twins may run into a blast from your romantic past! And when Saturn in your house of love and commitments conjuncts with the Full Moon on the 9th, karmic connections are imminent. New love or old love, you’ll feel like you’ve known their soul forever. For those Gems in a serious relationship, that romantic feeling may hit you hard around the weekend of the 23rd through the 25th. If you’re not careful, you may blow the budget on romantic gestures, but you won’t regret it for a minute.

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June focuses on your personal power and energy. Your powers of connection and attraction gain strength as the Sun, the New Moon, Mercury and Mars are all in your court on the 23rd. You are universal royalty wearing the “crown of stars.” In fact, in the last two weeks of June unexpected opportunities may come your way. All Cancerians should circle the 24th on their June 2017 love horoscope calendar. It’s one of the most romantic days this month thanks to Venus trine Pluto in your most compatible signs, Taurus and Capricorn. Mars in your Sun sign will also square fortunate Jupiter that day in Libra, the partnership sign. You and your love may decide to splurge on a five-star weekend or spontaneously skip out of town. If you get the idea to write about it later, you could pen one steamy romance novel!

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Venus steps out of your fellow fire sign, Aries, on June 6th and moves into Taurus, a sign that likes the finer things in life. You’ll be in the mood to indulge yourself. Why not? If you’re single, you’ve probably already got admirers waiting in the wings just wanting to spoil you. If not, you’ll have little or no trouble finding someone to fit the bill. June 9th is the day to circle on your calendar; fortune-and-fame-loving Jupiter goes direct in your house of playmates and propositions. Jupiter has been in retrograde since February, so expect close encounters of several kinds to pick up the pace. If you’re in a serious relationship, try to use Venus’ wisdom and give what you’d like to receive in love. On the 23rd, you’ll have four planets in your house of secrets, so there’s no use hiding your true feelings.

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Venus slides into sensual Taurus on the 6th—a sign that’s as sensitive to touch as you are. For those Virgos entertaining a new love, now’s the time to know each other on a deeper level. Indulgent massages would be a wonderful way for the two of you to navigate your new terrain. If coupled, your healing touch will bring you closer, especially around the Full Moon on the 9th in your house of family and home. Tear yourself away from work and enjoy the weekend of June 16 when Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde. Relax by the pool or the ocean. All work and no play is counterproductive to your work and love lives. Single or attached, avoid any type of serious talk on the 18th when Mercury opposes Saturn. Things you say may not come out quite the way you meant.

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On June 6th your ruling planet, Venus, who you share with Taurus, will move into Taurus on the same day Mercury slips into one of its astrological homes in Gemini. These two planets split homes, but they don’t mince words, especially Mercury, so there will be lots of relationship-related discussions. Luckily, Jupiter in your Sun sign will be going direct on the 9th, adding luck and finesse to all you express. This means you’re likely to get your way, if that’s an issue. Plan a getaway between the 20th and 25th when plenty of your fellow-cardinal energy planets will help you initiate some romantic overtures. It’s also a great week for your career, but let them love you from afar while you take care of the real business of passion. If a minor disagreement occurs with a loved one around the 28th, it will be smoothed over by the 30th.

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Romance becomes a serious subject, especially on June 1st and 2nd. Take time and review the situation you’re currently in and decide your next move. Venus moves into the compatible sign of Taurus on June 6. If you’re single you may meet someone who is not only compatible, but someone of quality. Therefore, you should say something before you lose the chance. As for those already in a relationship, Venus in Taurus will signal a good time to take your commitment to the next level; that is if you’ve decided they’re right for you. Meanwhile, Neptune in your fellow water sign Pisces and your house of naughty pleasures will retrograde between June 16 and November 11. Take a deeper look at your hedonistic desires of the past and see if they match your current lifestyle. If love still has you confused, use the 28th and 29th to get clear.

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If single, you may meet someone interesting in the first few days of June. The 3rd looks hot and spontaneous—just the way you like it. Venus conjuncts unpredictable Uranus in your fellow fire sign of Aries. Up until that day, Mars will be in Gemini and your house of relationships, helping to get things moving towards a steamy encounter. The stars are supporting of a new chapter in your love life, so look your best and be ready for anything. Another day to circle is June 9 when a Full Moon in your sign will illuminate your love life, especially with the Sun and Mercury in your seventh house of relationships. Also on that day, your ruling planet, fortunate Jupiter, will begin to move forward again, having been in retrograde since February. With Saturn still in your sign, chance encounters could have that “meant to be” feeling around them.

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Beginning with June 20, aka the Summer Solstice, when the Sun moves into your fellow-cardinal sign of Cancer, also your seventh house of committed relationships, you’ll have impulsive Mars and communicative Mercury adding their energy to the same house. Add to that the “new beginnings” feel of the New Moon in your fellow-cardinal sign of Cancer on the 23rd and you’re looking at a real reason to get serious about love or taking a relationship to the next step. With all of that cardinal energy about, it’s a great time to start a new chapter in love; you cardinal signs know how to get things started. For those in a serious relationship, you may decide to renew your vows or go on a second honeymoon, solidifying your deep connection. Single or not, you’re likely to end June cuddled up with someone special, enjoying the comforts of home or a getaway.

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The Sun in impulsive and impetuous Mars will still be in your house of naughty pleasures and interesting encounters during the first three days of June. If you’re single, you won’t want to waste any time! Of course if you read last month’s Love Horoscope, you may have already met someone “just right” for you. Don’t second-guess yourself; this could be the real deal. If you’re an attached Aquarian, this same heated energy will work wonders on your relationship. After Mercury slips into the same house on the 6th, you’ll find yourself sharing things with a special someone; things you don’t usually tell anyone. All seems well until you start thinking it’s too good to be true. Remain your wary, savvy self, but make sure you’re not holding onto the past. Clear the old relationship clutter and commit to your future by month’s end.

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When you’re ruling planet, Neptune, goes retrograde in your sign on the 16th, your intuition will be front and center. If you’re in a relationship and feel like something’s brewing, don’t be shy! Just talk it out before it becomes a problem. Get work and relationship stuff out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of June. By the 20th, you’ll be ready for some fun with loved ones. By the 23rd of June, you’ll have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in your house of spontaneous get-togethers and frivolous fun. You’ve been on a journey of feeling better and looking your best and now you’re ready for fun, socially and romantically. Single or attached, you may have started out the month feeling a bit confused about or too busy for love, but rest assured you’ll end it feeling more fun, socially active and of course sexier.

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