Your June 2013 Horoscope

Warm Days and Water Signs

Planetary Highlights

June has some exciting transits in store including the luckiest day of the year when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini on June 19. On the 25th Jupiter leaves Gemini and enters Cancer for one year, plus a few weeks. Expansive Jupiter is happy in Cancer and that’s good for all of us.

It’s a Water World

Venus, Saturn and Neptune form a “grand trine” (triangle) with Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio—all water signs. Saturn is already retrograde and Neptune turns retrograde on the 7th. Mercury, also in Cancer, goes retrograde on the 26th (all of the Mercury retrogrades this year are in water signs). Old and new emotions bubble to the surface, both good and bad. Let them simmer.

There’s a New Moon in Gemini, and though New Moons are generally considered good, with all that emotion in play, be careful not to tweet in anger or blog about your ex-best friend. After the 21st the Sun will be in Cancer and days later we have a Full Moon in Capricorn giving us “new beginning” energy.


The Full Moon in Capricorn and other planets in Cancer appeal to your cardinal energy. You’ll spend more time around the house enjoying family and de-cluttering and decorating for summer. Make any purchases prior to the Mercury retrograde if possible.


Use the first week of June to take a fun and quick vacation. Hold onto your wallet though—literally and figuratively. Speaking of your wallet, it might get a boost when the luckiest day of the year (June 19) falls in your house of money.

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Mars and the New Moon in your sign makes this an exciting time for you when you reap the rewards of all your hard work over the past year. Choose saving over spending when possible, but your social life will pick up so it won’t be easy. Lucky Jupiter may move out of Gemini but it enters your house of income so be happy.


Happy Birthday, Cancer. Lucky Jupiter leaves your house of dreams and enters your sign on the 25th. Jupiter wants you to expand your vision, especially when it comes to goals. Just wait until Mercury goes direct again to map out the year ahead. Enjoy that time with friends and family.


The New Moon in your 11th house could make June a very social time. Divide your time evenly and leave some time for yourself. Your sixth sense is awake thanks to Mercury in your 12th house, so use it to decipher the truth through all the chatter around you.


The New Moon in Gemini falls in your house of careers—a transit made for you. Work will have you fully involved. If you get offered a new position, take time to think it over. The grand trine in water signs might hide important facts that could affect your decision.

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Your June horoscope looks pretty good, but topping the list is career. Jupiter moves into your career house for the next year and you get the added boost of Saturn in your earned income house and Neptune in your house of daily work. Remain aware and open to new opportunities.


Don’t do any last-minute, unplanned trips. If you must travel, make plans before Mercury goes retrograde in your 9th house. Speaking of the 9th house (where spiritual pursuits and expanded views come from): After Jupiter enters your 9th house on June 25 the next year will be about seeing things in a new light.


The Full Moon on the 23rd occurs in your house of earned income suggesting that you keep an eye on your budget—perhaps a budget someone helped you with earlier. The good news is that Jupiter enters your house of joint resources. Sticking to that budget will keep you in the black over the next year.


Though not without its challenges, June overall is a good month for you. In career, both Mars and the New Moon will boost your popularity, but be careful not to overload yourself and remember to take some “me” time. June is a great time to rekindle the fire between you and your significant other.


The Gemini New Moon makes the beginning of June a social time for you, which you enjoy. Work can start to stretch your sensibilities this month as doing a good job only adds to your responsibilities. You’ll enjoy the rare moments of solitude.

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Mixing business with pleasure is generally advised against by most, but for you, it’s just what the Full Moon ordered. Increasing social plans could introduce you to people who could help your career. Lunar energy in your June horoscope also encourages you to make a financial plan for the year ahead.

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  1. deborah

    Can you tell me whats instore for me financially for June–August. This is very important. I need to make extra money to comple the remodeling of my house since my home insurance would cover me.

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    Thank you all for reading/liking/sharing the June Horoscope. A lot of you want to know if you’ll find love, or when you’ll find love. I wish I could answer you all, but alas … I can suggest that you call one of the gifted psychics on this site. There are a vast array of people willing to and more-than-capable of answering all of your questions. That is the best I can answer you individually at the moment – I do appreciate you, I wish all of you love and success.

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    My husband is American . The case has been filed , interview is done , when will I get my visa… ???I miss my hubby so much;(

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    My juiter is i Cancer in the secon house a birth. My sun and mercur in tenth house in Pisces. I expect my childrens story to take off.3/13/43

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    I like very much weekly horoscope , as my guide to my daily task/routine for my every day life. Thank you very much for the team of this program. God bless you all.


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