Your July Money Horoscope: Going with the Cosmic Flow

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Your July Money Horoscope promises an interesting month of Mercury and Venus alignments, especially during the week of the Fourth of July, and the new Moon in Cancer. While most people will be taking time away from work for at least a day or two, the astrological alignments of that week are conducive to getting busy and promoting yourself, especially if you’re in a creative or artistic field of work. The best day of that week is 9th when the Sun in Cancer forms a wonderful angle to gift-giving Jupiter in Virgo—a day when luck seems to shine on all of us.

However, during the week of the full Moon in Capricorn, the same week the Sun turns to Leo, the overall atmosphere as far as money and career go, points to a week of unpredictable energies and unstable cosmic currents. It is not the week to take too many chances in the professional realm. Stick to the tried and true during the last two weeks in July.

Now let’s see what’s happening for your Sun sign in the July Money Horoscope:

During the beginning of July, planetary energy revolves around you home sector. You may consider purchasing a new house or just making home improvements. Towards the end of July (and beginning of August), arguments may come up about money. Your best chance for winning this battle comes before August 2nd. Forewarned is forearmed.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you find out that your July Money Horoscope is boring compared to your stunning possibilities in the love department. Still, when it comes to promotions, raises or just getting ahead, July offers some serious planetary support.

The first half of July is pretty uneventful, unless like most of the folks in your Sun sign, you’re concerned about money. However, career-wise the second half of July could bring you many surprises. Let someone in charge know that you’d like to do more or change positions altogether. It could be a good financial move for you. Just tread lightly.

You get to enjoy Venus in this Sun sign through July 11th. Not only is this a great month for you to enjoy friends and good times, you should also use this time to kick back a little. At the same time Venus not only affects your beauty, but it gives your work-life a boost. Enjoy any benefits that come your way as a result of all your hard work during the past six months. July’s new Moon in Cancer signals your New Year.

After July 11th, Venus will be in your Sun sign, putting the spotlight on you (which you’ll love) both professionally and personally. After the Sun enters your sign on July 22nd, you’ll be able to regain some social time while also being rewarded for all your hard work. Just keep up the momentum and try to balance work and play throughout the month.

Pay attention to the time around July 7th and 11th when certain astrological aspects will put your attention around your home life. If you’ve been thinking of moving or buying a home, then your July Money Horoscope is signaling that now is the time you may find a place without a lot of effort on your part. This may coincide with changes in your relationship status and the start of something wonderful.

Now that Mars’ retrograde has ended, spending money may be back on your agenda. After July 11th, Venus will prompt you to splurge on loved ones in a show of appreciation for their support. In addition, Venus will show her support to your career sector. It’s a great month to celebrate life; just don’t go overboard.

Your July Money Horoscope is still pointing to Saturn in your house of money, which you’ve had to contend with for quite some time. At first you may have felt slighted as it meant less spending on yourself to cover family or business-related expenses. But at this point, you realize that Saturn means well and it just may be helping you bring more balance into your financial life.

Your house of personal money and your house of shared financials are both packed with planetary surprises and Pluto is still playing his part as the unpredictable factor. If there are any misunderstandings or disagreements, you’ll be able to state your case convincingly, just don’t overdo it.

Your July Money Horoscope starts out with lots of planetary energy in your opposite sign of Cancer, who rules all things home-related. You may be spending your hard-earned cash on gardening, landscaping, and home improvements. You’ll be pleased with the results—organized, neat, and clean.

Right from the start of July, Venus works her magic in both love and money. July 1st is a day when she forms a delicious angle to another beneficent planet, Jupiter, who just so happens to be in your house of shared money. This is a recipe to splurge and spend while paying little mind to the bills piling up. You’re going to have to keep an eye on spending, just a bit, but you can still have fun.

Your July Money Horoscope is calling you to enjoy the summer and balance all the work you’ve been doing with a little recreation. Good opportunities and luck come your way especially around the 20th so hold off on planning a getaway until then if you can, even if it means you can’t vacation until August. The price will make it will be worth the wait.

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