Your July Chinese Horoscope: Get Inspired to Tackle Your Dreams

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July brings family and a generally gentler approach to life at the forefront, as the Horse in the Clouds continues to rule through July 3rd. The Serious Sheep takes charge on July 4th. You build on old ideas and hopes, and then move forward with more fiery action. Your animal days bring focus and vision in dealing with the world:



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Use the slower-paced morning on July 5th to complete old tasks as the Granary Rat. The afternoon brings opportunities to build future plans. As the Rat on the Crossbeam, use concentration on the morning of July 17th to make good decisions. Action works best in the afternoon. On July 29th, focus on the future, grander view as the Rat on the Mountain. Ignore confusing signals around you.

After a hard-working day on July 6th, you can enjoy a perfect evening by including someone unexpected in your plans as the Ox in the Byre. Stay focused on July 18th as you’re the Ox in the Road and you’ll guide others. Relax on the morning of July 30th as the Ox by the Gate. Tackle communications issues and your creativity in the afternoon.

On July 7th, you’re the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Use the morning to sort through plans that deal with managing your calendars. The afternoon brings opportunities to start building on those new plans. On July 19th you’re the Tiger Crossing the Forest. Pursuing your love of animals and the planet can serve your future. Inspiration brings transformation on July 31st, as you’re the Tiger Standing Firm.

Communication is the key to success on July 8th, as you’re the Rabbit in the Burrow. While it will be a challenging day for many, you have a great action plan. As the Rabbit Leaving the Forest on July 20th, you have inspiring new ideas about something very real that you can build.

There are so many opportunities for showering others with love and kindness on July 9th as the Rain Dragon. You’ll be amazed at your healing powers while doing this. On July 21st you’re the Dragon in the Whirlpool. While you deal with your online life, give yourself quiet time for perfect inspiration.

Energies are high on July 10th, which is a Snake in the Field day. Diplomacy not only breaks down barriers, but begins a supportive structure for your inspired ideas. You’re the Snake Leaving a Hole on July 22nd, inspired by some new realities that you see available.

July 11th will be a day of surprises, so focus on communicating deep feelings and your ideals as the Horse in the Clouds. Remember that personal healing is available through family. As the Traveling Horse on July 23rd, you feel new energy to pursue your emotional and desires and needs, and will leave behind things that used to hold you back.

Spend the morning on the finishing touches of beautifying your home, office or another project on July 12th, during this Serious Sheep day and month. The afternoon then offers new inspiration for another project. Use your most positive and inspired ideas to motivate and guide you as the Lost Sheep on July 24th.

Your generous, loving words inspire others on July 1st, as you’re the Tree Monkey. Dig deep into your being’s source on July 13th as this is the Mountain Monkey day and year. You’ll express yourself magically to others. You have perfect, innovative words on July 25th to motivate others as the Independent Monkey.

On July 2nd, you’re the Cock Crowing at Noon, letting others know that surprising changes will help improve work and home situations. As the Rooster of Solitude, focus on personal healing while you pursue your goals on July 14th. Tend to your financial needs on July 26th as the Cock Pecking for Food. Using a little intuition also helps for investments.

You find peace and joy expressing sweet feelings as the Sleeping Dog on July 3rd. You also dream creative new ideas. On July 15th, use your passions to reach new heights in your career and romantic life as the Mountain Dog. You inspire others on July 27th as the Temple Dog with a smart, creative view of life.

The July 4th Holiday is perfect to focus on family and take action on some of your greatest dreams, as you’re the Pig Traversing a Mountain. Your spiritual self brings inspiration on July 16th, as you’re the Monastic Pig. On July 28th focus on healthy living, leaving old habits behindeasier than you imagineas the Farmer Pig.

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