It Happens For a Reason

If there is such a thing as a universal question, it can be summed up in a single word: why?
Sometimes the answer is more apparent than at others. Often, we don’t
like the answer. Through the good and the bad, I personally believe
that for every question there is an answer, and ultimately, everything does happen for a reason.

The cosmos
The word “cosmos” has many twists in its various definitions. I suppose that it is only natural that a word used to describe the Universe and all that it encompasses, would be a bit challenging to define. It is a Greek word that the consensus says literally translates into “everything,” while other sources take it bit further by adding that everything – the universe – is a complete and harmonious system. If the latter is true, then from an astrological point of view, there really is a reason for everything that happens.

Good, bad and order
When good things happen we are likely to thank God or the Universe, if and when we take the time to acknowledge the blessings. The same is true when bad things happen – but it is in our darker moments that we are more likely to question everything, and search for a reason, a better understanding, or at least a justification that can help us to get through our day. It’s just part of the human experience. Every one of us in our own way has some deep-seated drive for understanding and at least the illusion of control. Scientifically, our mind wants to give order to all things.

Keep it simple astrology
Many people start their day by reading a horoscope, their Sun Sign guide of how the day is likely to unfold. Sometimes the accuracy is uncanny, while other times, you may have to wonder exactly what planet the horoscope-writing astrologer is from. Whether you take it to heart or simply glance through for your morning jollies, many people turn to astrology for better understanding of situations and the “why’s and wherefore’s” of life.

Sun-Sign astrology is entertaining, and most people can see within themselves how their Sun-Sign affects their personality, methodology, and every day life. Many people also will pay attention to the cycles of the moon, and plan accordingly for the notorious periods when Mercury is in retrograde. By paying attention to these few things – many people come to astrological conclusions for the cycles and patterns that may be influencing their life.

Delve a little deeper
Unless you are an astrologer or employ one, it is a little more challenging to discern how the other planetary influences are impacting you and your life, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are. The more in-depth you dive into the cosmos, the more you can learn to prepare for what comes next, as well as gain answers and insight into what has already come to pass.

Planetary influences
Each of the planets in our solar system, their placement at our birth and on the present day, also impacts our lives – whether we are aware of it or not. Each planet has something to offer. So look to them for a little insight into the ever-present question of why.

The Sun is life. It’s our creativity, vitality and essence. Hence, the popularity of Sun-Sign astrology! It reveals much about our identity, and the relationship we have with our fathers.


The Moon is our emotions, our feelings, habits and instincts. The Moon reflects our nurturing side, and can reveal a lot about our relationship with our mothers.

Mercury is the planet of the mind. It influences our capability to learn, our intelligence and reasoning skills, sense of order, and common sense (or lack of it!).

Venus is our pleasure center. The planet of love guides our love life, romance, relationships and what we find to be beautiful and harmonious.

Mars is all about being physical! It’s our energy and drive that determines our determination, our spontaneity, our anger and aggression.

Jupiter guides our philosophical nature, spiritual growth, faith, hope and sense of justice. It also determines luck and abundance.

Saturn guides our personal reality – our conscience. It influences our convictions, our endurance, and our sense of caution. It effects how self-disciplined and responsible we are.

Uranus influences our insights and intuition. It helps shape our inspirations, and our willingness to experience the unusual or unknown. It determines our authenticity.

Neptune represents our mystical side. This planet influences our perception, personal illusion and deception. It can indicate our potential for addiction.

Pluto influences how we handle power. It is the planet of radical change and transformation influencing personal patterns and cycles. Think destruction, regeneration then rebirth.

Sense and sensibility
As a psychic, with a firm belief in astrology, I don’t think we’re supposed to have all the answers, nor do I think we always ask the right questions, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is our perception or lack of understanding that brings us to that ever-plaguing question of “why.” Sometimes we simply aren’t ready to receive or accept the answer. Many times, a chain of events over a span a time is what is necessary before we can fully understand or draw a conclusion.

But, one universal truth is that all things are connected. More often than not, the chaos and heartbreak of today is the very foundation of the joy and order of tomorrow. So try and remember that when it feels like your world is falling apart, it’s all part of the master plan and a brighter day is just up ahead – maybe even one so bright, you never even dreamed it was possible.

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