You’re Irresistible to Your Soulmate

 Your Soulmate Attractor

Sometimes what appears in the heavens tells an amazing astrological story. We can see the “plot” of the film that we are about to live. Your up-coming life as indicated by the sky tells us that today through the next two years a new love story is unfolding. Exactly what it will look like is up to you, but you will have amazing opportunities for a great relationship.

No matter how fearful or wounded your soulmate may be, the heavens are telling them that loving relationships fulfill and complete them. At the same time, they might want to run from something that they don’t understand. Each sign has special qualities to attract their perfect soulmate, so recognizing what draws that special person to you can mean meeting your soulmate sooner!


As your chart ruler, Mars, enters Libra, your life becomes centered on your relationships. Your fiery nature becomes less threatening to your soulmate and becomes purely sexy. Remember as that special one admires you that there’s nothing sexier than showing that it’s mutual.


You are the sign of beauty and sensuality. That’s a great combination. The irony is that others can become so drawn to your glamour that they’re intimidated. Make that soulmate feel at ease and accepted and they’ll get the courage to approach you. The rest is up to you.

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As intelligent and capable as you are, you have a fresh, almost child-like, irresistible appeal. Your incessant curiosity shows a love for life and vitality that causes your soulmate to want to be near. Your wit and charm complete your sexy package, so they find no escape.


Your soulmate is drawn to your earthy sensitivity and gentle nature. They sense your ability to pour love and warmth once you are touched by them, and that’s exactly what they want in life. Just be yourself, go with the flow and they’ll always come back for more.


You naturally draw attention wherever you go. Your light shines even when you’re simply being you in the most basic of situations. You showcase your talents every day and your soulmate can do nothing but support the great things that they see you are capable of. In other words, you are hot!


Your sign is so often described as analytic, detail-oriented and hard-working. That you are, but you are the great goddess in the sky! You are earthy and refined at the same time and your soulmate is enchanted by the combination. The fact that you can be counted on makes them feel safe as they adore you.

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You are the essence of beauty. Your elegant taste and accommodating nature make you the perfect mate. Your soulmate sees this immediately. It isn’t just about how spectacular you look in that new outfit. Your graciousness and caring qualities leave your lover in awe.


You just ooze sex appeal with those intense eyes and that mysterious way you impact others. Your soulmate is drawn to you physically. In fact, they even ache for you and they just can’t help but want to know you more and more. They love being intrigued and that sense of never quite knowing you completely keeps them nearby.


You are a magnet for joyous love and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge that you can share. You make learning pure fun for others. Everyone wants your company, including your soulmate. In the midst of your popularity, make time for the person who seems to hang on your every word.


There is nothing more intoxicating than someone with power and purpose. You are clearly unstoppable to your soulmate. They not only want to be along for your ride to the top, but they also want to be near you in a personal way too. You are wise and sexy at the same time and your special one is smart enough to know that this is a treasure.

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No one ever quite knows what your next move will be. You are so intelligent and perceptive that people always want to hear your ideas. Your soulmate also knows that you are unique. They’ll never find another you—nor do they want to! You’ll always keep them guessing and turned on.


Your soulmate finds you to be purely enchanting. The powerful Neptune presence in your sign magnifies your indefinable appeal. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Bill Clinton carries the charismatic power that is Neptune. Your talent and dreamy beauty captivate “the one.”

3 thoughts on “You’re Irresistible to Your Soulmate

  1. sonia

    How do I know if the person who is interested in me is my true soul mate and I am not sure of his sign but I know mine is sagittarius, I have date a bit and I am in my thrities and haven’t had many realtionships with men because I have been hurt by them many times as in I think I love the person too much and never even get half the same love in return, is something wrong with me and I will ever find my true love or my soul mate or is this all not true at all, can you please help and give some suggestions for me and I am from toronto, ontario and I live in etobicoke, am thirty eight years old single and my bday is dec, 10th, 1974, can you please help me sonia cavicchia.

  2. Angela

    Yes, I am still waiting on the man for me or you can say my soul mate. When that will happen I don’t know but I am sensing he is getting closer everyday, which is a weird feeling in itself.

  3. Bella

    So true about us /MY CaPRICORNS characteristics , no you want get No arguments from me about that truth ” it is what it is “” !!! Thank you Bella .. 😉


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