Handling Holiday Stress by Sun Sign

Demands and Expectation

Here it comes! After all the stress of this US election, the holidays will be staring you in the face, demanding your attention. While you probably want to walk along the beach or just take a long bath or Jacuzzi, there are painless ways for each sign to take on the demands and expectations of family, friends and coworkers this holiday season. So take a deep breath, and approach this time as something that can bring you a sense of accomplishment, beauty and joy. Your Sun Sign can help you find your comfort zone and the energy source that will make holiday preparations and get-togethers truly satisfying, loving and fun.

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Holiday events can bring a sense of joy and relief by taking an unusual approach. If there is a person who has made you uncomfortable in the past—a coworker, estranged friend, or unusual family member—this is the time to see if you might be able to work through differences by inviting them to your get-together. This could create a massive breakthrough that will be a great gift to your own life.


Traveling to enjoy friends and family offers happiness and intense feelings. In fact, you may gain a new sense of your own spirituality by taking the scenic route. Be kind to yourself along the way and soak in the beauty. Feed your own romantic soul through a special escape with friends or a lover.


Turn to friends for support if commitments seem to weigh too heavily on you. A lover or business partner might have huge demands on them during the holidays, so address them with patience and understanding. Soon enough, you’ll see them come through to bring a particularly joyous season.


You call on your spiritual source for direction this holiday season and find tremendous comfort there. Your sense of flow between you and Spirit is powerful and inspires surprising creative work and improved health. When you go within before approaching holiday events, you’ll find people attracted to you in a kind and loving way.


Your creative efforts will be truly inspired during the holiday season, so allow yourself time to relax and enjoy your favorite art form. Your beautiful ideas become real and dazzle others. A lover may be particularly serious during this season, but this can lead to fun and possibly a new level of commitment.


Intense passions and a sense of feeling protective toward loved ones can be directed into positive actions. While some of those with whom you partner may seem difficult or unreliable, a show of kindness and understanding can help everyone through difficult waters to a lovely and warm experience.


You’re feeling generous and full of energy this holiday season, and you’re the ultimate host! Everyone will love your graciousness, so keep planning simple and easy, so you can kick back and enjoy. Colorful guests might need your gentle social guidance. You can handle it and it will be appreciated.


Rather than spending a lot of money on holiday gifts this year, give personal, heartfelt gifts that come from your special talents. You’ll find that others will love them and you can continue to focus on investing in your career. If politics comes into the discussion at home events, use your usual quiet approach and let others handle their own opinions.


You’re more serious this year in your approach to others over the holidays, since you’re “down to business” when it comes to your life. Friends will enjoy their time joking and entertaining at any get-togethers, and you’ll enjoy their company and a relaxed time during your heavy schedule.


The early holidays will be intense—probably even sexy for you. Also, be prepared for generous gifts, holiday bonuses and other surprises. But don’t stress out about spending a lot on others. These gifts are sincere and a thank-you. They aren’t looking for a return in kind.


You’ll be invited to more parties than you know how to manage. Your energy is high, so just enjoy the ones you find most interesting and graciously decline the others. There will be surprises and changes during the season, so be prepared to just adapt and enjoy.


Balance your dreamiest enjoyment of the holidays with work demands. If you set aside time for both, you’ll deeply enjoy the season. Start any creative gifts or make romantic plans early and they’ll work out beautifully. Financial surprises will work well if you invest well.

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  1. Tammie Purnell

    I also feel if a person wants to be with you they will come see you and they would run to you and not away from you , so if you feel like someone is hiding from you is because they are , that’s why you don’t ever see them , that’s not love , they are tired of you bye .


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