What to Wear: Halloween Costumes by Sun Sign

Halloween Costumes by Sun Sign

The Astrology of Halloween Costumes

On the Eve of Halloween
In the year 2015,
Dreamy Neptune and the Scorpio Sun
Form a trine to make Halloween magically fun.
The Moon will be in fun-loving Cancer,
So look no further for your answer.
With each of these orbs in a water sign,

A fluid time you will find.
Mysterious, mischievous, flirty and wild,

Adults should love this Halloween more than a child.
The Sun and Moon can be reflective,

So make your costume a bit introspective.
Reach into your inner desire, show your alter-ego, and light the night on fire!

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Now let’s have some fun and find your most fanciful and fantastic Halloween costume based on your Sun Sign:


Ignite a spark and embrace your sign’s fire with a devilish costume that attracts admirers. But if you’re shy and not into braggin’, how about a fire-breathing dragon?


Be the Goddess Venus, your Sun Sign’s ruler. Guys can be Mars—what could be cooler? If you’d rather stay in and be all couch-y, then dress like a Smurf … How about Grouchy?


Attend a party and go as The Twins. Enter a contest and see which one wins. Or spend Halloween giving out treats, taking pictures, playing tricks and then post your Tweets.

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Showing Hollywood style, now that would be swell—Sophia Vergara or perhaps Kristen Bell. A home-bound Halloween will just leave you bored. Be smart and adventurous, like Harrison Ford.


Halloween is full of witches and bats and of course felines, those famous black cats. You could be in the mingling mood, but if you dress as Catwoman, keep your paws off the food.


Be the Harvest Maiden with a Halloween twist. Steven King would add some corn and some mist. Forget about work and just have some fun. Be a Harvest Moon or a big smiling Sun.

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Hold the scales of justice in Roman Goddess style. Be sexy and comfortable; you’ll want to stay a while. Put candy on the scales then give it all away. You’ll love greeting people in this theatrical way.


Scorpios are sexy and somewhat mysterious, right up ‘til Halloween, you’ll leave them curious. Be Hollywood and go for dramatic. A pointy-tooth creature will leave them ecstatic.


This Halloween show your love of the outdoors. Open the windows and then all the doors. Artemis the Hunter or maybe Bruce Lee. Tap into your playful side and do it with glee.


Turn your inside out this Halloween. Be Lara Croft or the Zenobian Queen. You like life’s little ironies, so why not be Kathryn from the Vampire Diaries.


Be quirky, creative, magical and charming. Do something outrageous, yes, even alarming. And when they ask, you’ll simply say, “I’m King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgana Le Fay.”

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This Halloween, what else would you be but a character of fantasy. Neptune or a mermaid might be the obvious choice, but how about a movie star with a quirky voice?

8 thoughts on “What to Wear: Halloween Costumes by Sun Sign

  1. LJ

    Dear Gina Rose: You’re so full of wisdom!

    This year the Sun in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces on the 30th and 31st – begging a hidden part of ourselves be more bold and revealing so let your imaginations fly!


  2. LJ

    Dear Kat … You’re right, I’m not really seeing you as a smiling Sun or a Harvest Moon. Maybe you’ll find an idea in your rising Sign or Moon sign. Try to have fun!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Kat,

    I’m a Virgo too….how about moon goddess….or harvest goddess ???
    Actually, ANY goddess costume would fit the Virgo sign.
    But the mythical goddess of the hunt , AND the moon and forests, Diana , truly fits Virgo. In Roman mythology, Diana, was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and childbirth, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, though she had an independent origin in Italy. Diana was known to be the virgin goddess of childbirth and women.

    Virgo is a Night sign by the way….some signs are daylight by nature, others are night time by nature.

    A bit of fun astrological trivia here…….the * mythical * sign for Virgo is the magical unicorn. The magical unicorn under a full moon is Virgo.

    The mythical sign for Pisces is the Mermaid….the mythical sign for Sagittarius is the Centaur…and etc. etc.

    Have fun….Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Ivy x5198

    Hugs LJ!!! This was the funnest article I have ever read!! I wasn’t sure what to be when I took my daughter out but now I know!! I’m gonna be a Moon Goddess! I got enough gray hair:)! Lilly is a Virgo too…she’s gonna be a Sun Princess! This is gonna be great!!! Namaste and Hugs!! Im gonna gain a pound or three!


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