Glamorous Leo Women

With the Sun as her ruler, no one shines quite like a Leo lady. The lioness of the zodiac is charming, sexy, warm-hearted, loyal and generous. She thrives on recognition and can also be stubborn, proud, demanding and willful.

As a fixed sign, Leos are virtually unstoppable in getting what they want, whether it’s a relationship, job, attention or just a material object of desire. But what Leos are most known for is creativity, which is the foundation of their personal power. Superstars Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock – all lionesses of the silver screen – have reached the pinnacle of creative and financial power through their sparkle and talent.

But not all Leos are alike. Other placements in the chart will modify a sign’s personality, gifts and challenges. Let’s take an astrological look at the lovely Leos above to discover their similarities – and their differences.

Charlize Theron (August 7, 1975)
This alluring Leo is a dynamic powerhouse with plenty of fire. She was born in South Africa, during a New Moon – which means she has both Sun and Moon in the same sign. This certainly amplifies the characteristics of Leo, making her strong-willed, creative, loving and loyal. And gorgeous! Still, it was sheer talent that earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress for her gritty portrayal of a serial killer in Monster (2003). Adding to Theron’s talent as an actor is Mercury in Leo, which gives her the gift of creative expression through words.

As for romance, Theron is reportedly engaged to actor Stuart Townshend. Venus in Virgo says she’s particular about who she gets close to. Still, a square from Neptune indicates an attraction to people who are sometimes wrong for her, or troubled in some way. On the positive side, Neptune also gives her a soft heart for those in need. Not surprisingly, Theron is an activist for the rights of women and animals, among others. Heightening her need for security is Mars in Taurus, which also gives her a sizzling sensuality. All in all, this Leo is both fiery and grounded.

Halle Berry (August 14, 1966)
Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio, just before the New Moon, which indicates Moon in either Cancer or early Leo, depending on her time of birth. Moon in Cancer would deepen her sensitivity and emotional expression. Family and motherhood would be a major focus in her life. If she has Moon in Leo, her emotions would be closely tied to her creative expression and the need for recognition. What’s more, like Theron, Berry has Mercury in Leo, which fires up her verbal skills. This influence helped her win an Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster’s Ball (2001), which made Berry the first African-American woman to win that award. Interestingly, Berry had previously portrayed Dorothy Dandridge in HBO’s biopic, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999). Dandridge had starred in the film Carmen Jones (1954), and had become the first African-American woman to be nominated for a leading-actress Oscar.

Even without Moon in Cancer, Berry has Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in that sign, indicating a deeply feminine nature and love of home and family. She has a powerful desire to nurture – Berry gave birth to a daughter in 2008, and she had also adopted her second husband’s daughter some years earlier. As for romance, Berry’s love life has been rocky, probably due to a Sun-Neptune affliction. This influence is similar to Theron’s in that it can cloud her judgment in men. Berry has been married twice, and currently lives with the father of her baby. In true Neptunian fashion, she is an activist for victims of domestic violence, of which she has personal experience.

Sandra Bullock (July 26, 1964)
This saucy Leo was born in Arlington, Virginia, during a Full Moon. This means she has Moon in Aquarius (or perhaps early Pisces), the opposite of her Sun sign. The Air emphasis gives Bullock a friendly, charismatic personality that thrives on socializing. Whereas Berry is super-sensitive and takes things personally, Bullock is more detached and intellectual in her approach to life. Still, she’s warm-hearted, generous and needs recognition – as befits a Leo – but she is also broad-minded and objective. And like Theron and Berry, she has Mercury in expressive Leo.

Adding to her brainpower are Venus and Mars in Gemini. Bullock has flirting down to a science. She loves the social stimulation that comes from cultivating a wide circle of friends. She’s also versatile, with a gift for comedy demonstrated in Two Weeks’ Notice (2002) and The Proposal (2008) – as well as for drama in Crash (2005) and The Lake House (2006). The Gemini influences indicate some fickleness, but Bullock has been married only once – to Jesse G. James, a television personality and the CEO of a motorcycle company. He’s an Aries – a Fire sign, who obviously lights her fire.

As with these extraordinary Leo women, on or off the screen it’s hard to resist the mind, heart and soul of a Leo woman.

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