Gift Giving by Sun Sign

Gift Giving by Sun Signs

Tailor Your Gifts With the Help of Their Sun Sign

Not sure what to give this holiday season? Why not tap into a little Sun Sign inspiration? Finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life (or even that office Secret Santa) can be simpler when you access astrology.

Here are some practical gift ideas inspired by the Sun Signs.


Active Aries likes to triumph. Whether that’s in the bedroom or the boxing ring (areas of interest will vary), choose gifts fit for a champion. Black leather, red silk, decorative swords and symbolic jewelry are all great fits.


Sensual Taurus loves to luxuriate. So what’s the surest way to their hearts? Food. Whether a great bottle of wine, gourmet chocolates or accouterments for the kitchen, the Bull will be thrilled if you tantalize their taste buds.


Lucky you, you have two sides to choose from. Indulge Gemini’s work commitments. Intellectual interests can be satisfied by books or subscriptions. If you want to give a gift to their playful side, it’s likely they have physical hobbies. Wrap up running shoes or a yoga mat.

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Known workaholics, Cancers spend a lot of time at the office. Why not help your creature of comfort enjoy that experience! Start with soft blankets, scented candles or cozy slippers—anything that makes work feel more like home.


Leo loves being spoiled. If something will make them look or feel good, they’ll be grateful. Spa services will delight as will jewelry or even a tiny designer trinket. Translation? These are the people Tiffany key chains were made for.


Practicality is the order of the day for Virgo. That said, the Virgin also has style. Luxury soaps, sweet smelling lotions, gourmet olive oils—something special that can still be used will suit Virgo’s substantive style.


Quite contrary to their predecessors, Librans eschew practicality in favor of a quality experience. Tickets to an art exhibit, concert, cooking class or even a movie will indulge their desire to surrounded by artistry.


Sensual and probing, Scorpio will be moved by many things. Books on philosophy, religion or the occult, candles (preferably the sort that can also be used for massage), or delectable treats (truffles for instance), impress.


All about adventure and the outdoors, Sag. will love a gift that gets them up out of their ordinary day. A wine tasting, a walking tour of a local tourist destination or a picnic on the beach or mountainside—think outside the house!


Like Virgo, the hard-working, high-achieving goat enjoys a gift they can make use of. If electronics are within your budget, the latest smartphone will make them smile. If not, try a dry erase calendar for their desk.

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Philanthropic Aquarius will be touched by keepsakes with sentimental value (particularly those that highlight their personal journey. They’ll also appreciate travel items—anything that will come in handy on their adventures.


Artsy Pisces is an escapist at heart. Film, TV, music—an iTunes gift card touches all three. Likewise, e-readers (like Kindle or iPad) are great fish gifts, as are champagne and seafood. If you take a Pisces out on the town, they won’t forget it!

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