Your Full Moon Horoscope for January 2014

The First Full Moon Horoscope of the Year!

The first Full Moon of the year occurs on January 16 in the emotional sign of Cancer. Wondering what this will mean for you? Check out your Full Moon Horoscope!


You’ve been waiting for a sign in terms of a move (literal or figurative) that may be related to your career or your place of residence. The Full Moon brings with it the assurances you need to act one way or another.


Professional partnerships are favored under this influence. But before you go signing on any dotted lines, be sure this is a relationship you truly want. A combination of Venus, Mercury and the Moon all but guarantee it will be lasting.


Currency is highlighted for you during this Full Moon, Twins. If you’ve been expecting a check (or even if you haven’t) odds are good you’ll feel flush, if not financially, then in some other way. Windfalls of this variety don’t come often.


Relationships are highlighted under this influence. First, be kind to yourself. If you don’t take care of you, you’ve got nothing. Second, take time for your special someone. This is a beautiful time for true lovers to deepen their connection.

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Your health is the focus under this Full Moon, Lion. Be sure to rest up, exercise, get plenty of sleep and eat well. You’ll be working your butt off and need to replenish those reserves during this time!


If you don’t have an event to attend on the night of the Full Moon, plan one. Your social circles are swirling around this influence, practically begging you to get out and about!


Big things are happening in your career sector around this Full Moon, Libra. Whether it’s a new job, a project finally coming to fruition or an unexpected offer, change is in the air—and you’ve worked for it!

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Your life seems to be falling into place this month, Stinger, and this Full Moon is a big piece of that puzzle. Look for legal matters to settle and seize opportunities to socialize. You never know how they’ll translate!


Whatever comes your way on or around the Full Moon is related to a feeling of stability and security. You may have been worried about making ends meet (financially or otherwise), but that’s over now, thankfully.


If you’ve been considering a deeper commitment to someone in your life, this Full Moon seals the deal. It’s an ideal opportunity to solidify things. Your partner is your focus at this time.


Whatever work it is you’ve been doing, the progress you need to feel secure in your position comes with this Full Moon. You may be finishing something or it may have just started; the result is the same—positive progress all around.

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Creativity is in your blood, Pisces. It’s also in the stars for you this Full Moon, wherein self-expression through art comes to the fore. It’s a great day to spend time with children who are all artists in their own way.

29 thoughts on “Your Full Moon Horoscope for January 2014

  1. Tanya

    I have but 1 week to find out if I will reunite or move forward without him. Please let me know what you see. Desperately need this question answered.

  2. sheryl

    right now im waittimg for this guy I met
    he says he loves I love hnm is he gna come real soon.I’ve been waitting a couple months now.he wont tell me when hes coming.

  3. Corinne

    I would love to know why that person who won the lottery would throw away that ticket. I do realise that money is not at the center of everything, nor is it the answer to all our problems, but still man, why?

  4. Samanthina

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  5. Mel

    To Alley, he will come back whem u get ur mimd off him and start thinkimg about you! It always happens, bt you may not want him. But, if you do…make you since u had that time to realize ur more valuable then his little walks im the park, then u can see if he measures up..if not embrace u and soon another will embrace u the same way. I thank God, ive gone thru this, I’d do it all over of it helps even just 1 person! Good luck!

  6. Tanya

    Will a new love arrive or will an old one resurface? I am currently in a state of limbo and I would like to know what the next 30 days will hold. Thanks

  7. Randy

    I only wish this could be true for the Sagiturius. I have been a long distance relationship for awhile now and it looks like I will get to see her sooner than expected. I will probably let her down and she is beautiful.

  8. Trevor

    Hi yeah I have a question if I am in a good state of mind constantly and being as I have once won the lottery By reading my horoscopes to find out the pattern of the random sequence of the lottery numbers I threw away my ticket because I was afraid of change and my question is if the opportunity was to arise again would my actions be different as before or would it be the same as before cause of my cautious and balanced nature

  9. Christine

    I. Fine myself very scared and I’m not sleeping well because I am so worried about so many things that I just can’t stop thinking I just don’t know what to do or how to make me better

  10. Bella

    Lol lol I do agree – with my CaPRICORNS 2014 forecast why BCZ it just seems 2 be getting better, better & better lol !!!! Even though I still AM NOT sure which way 2 GO yet N my love life however I’ve still got sometime still 2 way out all of my options OUT !!!!!! yep I sure do hope so, either way I m not gonna lose 4 now I’m goons heed CP advice – yea I’m still gonna sit tight 4 now or until after the 1-31st retro mess though 🙂 …. UR right 2014 ms Quinn you said it would BE my year N life yeah like 2 years ago when you said IF I dug deep held N there N 2014 it would all name sense 2 me – yes I would reap it – my rewards FYI yes you were right 2 lol not that I ever doubted ya lol yes it’s paying off BIG time now 2 == yes LOVE is N abundance 2 lol AND uh – huh 2 lol u will be talking 2 you ASAP … FYI my voice is just now finally coming back strong 2 😉 …. thank you very much SK I’m really looking 4 ward 2 this full moon ” – & – N any other way – = either way 2 , I’m Kool with it !!!! 🙂


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