Full Harvest Moon

If you look just above the horizon tonight, you’ll see an enormous orange globe rising in the sky. It’s the Full Harvest Moon in Aries, which takes place annually near the time of the Autumn Equinox in late September.

This year, on October 3, 2009, the Harvest Moon is accompanied by Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Virgo, which encourages an analysis of your relationships, health and work. Service-related activities, like volunteering your time to a worthy cause, can be fulfilling as well. Mainly, the Full Moon is bursting with energy that you can put to good use during the next week or so.

What’s more, relationship energy is especially high during the Full Harvest Moon. That’s because the Sun is in Libra, while the Moon is in the opposite sign of Aries. This polarity can heighten your struggle to balance your individuality (Aries) with a partnership (Libra). It can manifest in a sudden urge to do your own thing, while still yearning to be connected to someone special.

To see how the Full Harvest Moon can affect you specifically, read your Sun and ascendant signs below.

Libra: The Full Moon accelerates activities (and issues) with your sweetie, which will energize (or irritate) you now. If you’re solo, you’ll be especially motivated to find someone special, which just might happen! Just remember to be strong about who you are and what you want – so you aren’t overly influenced by others.

Scorpio: Networking with friends and colleagues can advance your work during the Full Moon. It’s time to reorganize your work routine, so you can accomplish more in less time. Improving your diet and getting into shape will bring satisfaction as well. Just don’t forget to take some quiet time out of your busy day to get centered.

Sagittarius: The urge to have fun overtakes you during the Full Moon, when you should have a line-up of potential lovers waiting in the wings – if your heart is open. Sexual energy can also be channeled into creativity, so focus on those special projects as well. Friendly gatherings and group projects can also bring satisfaction.

Capricorn: The Full Moon is all about creating a home environment that reflects your heart and soul. Whether you’re getting cozy with your sweetie, entertaining friends or knocking down a wall to remodel, your nesting instincts will likely overpower your ambitious side. Just don’t forget to check in with work occasionally!

Aquarius: Your way with words makes you a magnet for opportunities during the Full Moon. Combining your expertise with eloquence can open doors, but you’ll need to keep the larger picture of your goals in mind to be effective in getting what you want. And don’t forget to use your intuition when making choices about your path.

Pisces: Your moneymaking skills can bring in some extra cash during the Full Moon – if you keep your eyes open. A partner or close friend may be instrumental in opening a financial door for you as well. Sharing your abundance can bring fulfillment, too, as long as you keep a balanced perspective about giving and receiving.

Aries: The Full Moon in your sign motivates you to express yourself in words and deeds – but may also tempt you to disregard the feelings of others. Fortunately, the Libra influence will heighten your ability to compromise, so you can enjoy being part of a team. Balancing the “me” and “we” themes in your life will bring fulfillment.

Taurus: Balancing work with time alone will bring satisfaction during the Full Moon. Mainly, you need some peace and quiet to recharge your inner batteries. Meditation and other forms of reflection can help you become more centered. The desire to play is heightened as well, so plan some one-on-one time with your sweetie!

Gemini: Socializing escalates during the Full Moon. Balancing group activities against time spent with your sweetie will be the challenge. On the other hand, friendly gatherings can bring a romantic interlude. Or perhaps a friendship will turn romantic! Getting involved in community activities will also bring satisfaction – and perhaps a potential partner as well.

Cancer: Your career kicks into high gear during the Full moon. Juggling your drive for accomplishment, your time spent with family, and your social life could be unusually difficult – but is still unlikely to pose a huge problem for a home-loving crab. If you can find time to enjoy the people close to you and pursue your outer-world objectives – you’ll be fine.

Leo: The Full Moon energizes your sense of adventure and your need to grow. It’s time to expand your horizons! First, you’ll need to have all the facts about how to get where you need to go, which might include taking a class or two. Dream big, and then use your intuition and expertise to make those dreams come true.

Virgo: The me-versus-we dilemma hits your finances during the Full Moon. Spending issues may crop up with your sweetie, or perhaps you’ll set up a new account with a business partner. Either way, it’s all about compromise when you’re handling money. Your sex life is energized as well, so take some time away from practical stuff to have fun!

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