Your Money Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde and Your Money

Money Horoscope

Mercury and Your Money Horoscope

Mercury turned retrograde on January 21 in the sign of Aquarius where it will continue its “backwards motion” until February 11. When it resumes “forward motion” it will still be in Aquarius, the sign associated with friends, groups and unexpected events.

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The Changing Tide

On the 20th of February Venus (the love and money girl) and Mars (the action-oriented guy) will walk together out of intuitive Pisces and into Aries, the sign of swift action that is ruled by Mars. Watch how this affects your Sun Sign.

Will these cosmic travelers affect your February Money Horoscope? Absolutely. Can a heads-up help you navigate your personal cosmic path? Well, of course. That’s why it’s so important to read your February Money Horoscope!


Turn your attention to making money during February. After your ruling planet, Mars, gazes at gorgeous Venus on the 20th under the trail of the New Moon in Aries on the 18th, opportunities, money and love open your eyes to your future and it’s looking promising.


Venus, your ruling planet, enters your house of secrets on the 20th. Your February Money Horoscope warns you to think with your head before blowing a bunch of money, which you may or may not have, on something for someone who isn’t fully in your life … yet.

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February 8 through the 9th is your time to focus on investments, partnerships and the like. The planetary energy has a savvy and sophisticated vibe as it lights up your house of other people’s money and shared finances. You’ll know just what to do.


Unlike January’s forecast that lit up your house of other people’s money, your February Money Horoscope puts the focus back on Jupiter and your house of money in-and-out. This is a time when savvy Jupiter will encourage you to focus on how much money you make vs. how much you spend. Don’t spend what you don’t have.


Joy can be found in the simplest things. Avoid Venus’ advances on your wallet after the 20th. She tempts you with pretty, shiny and luxurious things, but all of that is only stuff. Concentrate your heart on the things that have lasting value and keep your wallet in your pocket.


After the 19th, your house of other people’s money starts to fill with planets and influences aimed at your money. Pay cash for what you want and don’t be swayed by bargains that are too good to be true, or you’ll truly feel the squeeze on your finances later on.

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Unlike some of your astrological counterparts, you are experiencing the relief of no longer having Saturn in your house of money in and out. Saturn will return briefly this summer to that house, but for now you can go out and celebrate the end of the restriction on your finances. Just don’t go overboard.


Your February Money Horoscope isn’t asking you to change your lifestyle, but rather to come up with some creative ways to put some money aside for a rainy day. The need for a plan will become apparent around the 22nd and the 23rd. Luckily you have plenty who want to help. All you have to do is ask.


Sometimes it pays to pay for advice, and considering all you may be up against towards the end of February, you may want to consider it. If you’re struggling with tax documents or find yourself in a bind, let someone untangle the mess for you so you can breathe again.


Not even the goat can escape the temptations of Venus and Mars after the 20th, not to mention the impatient New Moon on the 18th—all in your house of home. You’ll want to spend on improvements and decorations that may be too costly to purchase all at once. Mind the budget and if you don’t have one, start one.

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While Venus resides in your house of money in and out for the first half of February, you’re channeling the Piscean intuition regarding finances—knowing a bargain or a scam at first glance. The New Moon in your sign on the 18th brings more clarity to the subject of personal spending.


As long as the money-minded planets reside in your house of self, you are aware of where your hard-earned money is going. After the planetary shift at month’s end, they move into your house of money in and out and your February Money Horoscope takes a turn towards impulse spending. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

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  1. LJ

    Hi Readers – Thanks as always for reading the monthly Money Horoscopes. There are two things – 1) under Capricorn I wrote “full moon” instead of “new moon” – hey it was written during a Mercury Retrograde, what else can I say (chuckle); and 2) If you have any questions regarding a personal reading I’m afraid you’ll have to call the expert Psychics on the California Psychics line. You’ll find all of your non-money horoscope related answers on the line and they’re really good. I’ve called them too. Thanks~

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    i am all ways in prabulams in my life no happy i gat this things way i dont no. if help some bady there are come talke bade to me why like this my hart is smooth i am not hard man
    i am beleeve all things.i am afried for god.

  3. Wanda

    I was reading my money horoscope about money. I am a Libra ,hope their will be big money in my life for Feburary. I really could use some now. I like what you said. Please email me and let me know if I am wrong in. Your reading.

    1. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

      Hello Wanda,
      The writers do not respond via email. If you’d like more information about your money horoscope, you can make an appointment to speak with a psychic money astrologer. Call: 1.800.573.4784.

  4. Amen Lawani

    Thanks for the benefit of daily horoscopes. I don’t understand how to go about further reading. I need to know how I can surmount my present financial situation. And also my carrier plan is it realisable. Thanks.
    Lawani Amen Charles

    1. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

      Hello Amen Lawani,
      You can call and make an appointment with a psychic astrologer. Call 1.800.573.4784.

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    I’m seeing three men. The one I would like to see more is taking it slow which is far. Do you have a feeling on him. His name is Norm

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