Your Father’s Day Horoscope

No Ties and Mugs Allowed!

To all of the men who provide love, encouragement and support to their children and families, to fathers and fatherfigures alike, we wish you and your fathers a very Happy Father’s Day.

Know What He Wants

Get your dad a good gift this year. We know it can be hard to figure out what he really wants, so we suggest using his Sun sign as a gift guide. Here’s a peak at what your Father’s Day will look like, as well as gift ideas for those who want to make this day extra special. With Mars in Gemini, it’s an auspiciously great time to think outside of the box. Besides, how many ties and “#1 Dad” coffee mugs can one guy get?


Even though he’d usually be scaling walls, climbing mountains and zip-lining across town, he’ll love the suggestion of a family dinner at his favorite restaurant. His sentimental side allows him to slow down and savor the moment.


Your dad is easy to please, especially when it involves relaxation and luxury. Taurus loves nature and gardening, culinary tools, good food, comfy couches and the occasional massage. Anything’s possible when there are so many choices.


With Mars in his sign, anything new, unusual or out of the norm is something he’ll enjoy. That could include an impromptu road trip, a new electronic gadget, or eating someplace out of the way.

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Cancers love time spent with family, and with Mars in Gemini, take advantage of the cosmic energy and do something unusual. A family portrait taken at an outing would satisfy all of that. Why not take a ride to the local beach or lake and snap a memory?


Mars in Gemini makes surprises even more special for Leo dads. To give Leo a fabulous Father’s Day, share bold expressions of love and get them a gift that represents their personal style. They’ll love it.

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He’ll love being appreciated by loved ones. Body conscious Virgos love hearty, healthy meals, massages, and feel-good/look-good clothing—all good ideas for a great Father’s Day gift.


Venus-ruled Libra can look forward to a day of being appreciated for their uniqueness. An iTunes gift card or an evening filled with fine cuisine and atmosphere would give Libra a Father’s Day to remember.


Taking a breather from the daily grind and enjoying his family fills his heart with love. Appeal to Scorpio’s intuitive side by recognizing and emphasizing the things they like that make them so unique.


Father’s Day should be a lighthearted day, Sag., perfectly suited to his jovial personality. Take dad on an outing, a picnic or even an antique car show—he loves being out and about doing fun stuff.

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With his heavy schedule of late, a day of relaxation and celebration would suit him fine. Capricorn fathers like traditional stuff that has meaning. While a great meal would be nice, so would a handmade card.


He has an extra spring in his step lately thanks to some sunny days and some happy planetary alignments. The Aquarian dad is a bit of a dreamer and daydreamer. How about an electronic photo frame to fuel his inspiration?


Mars inspires home and family related fun. Have the family gather for a barbecue or dinner party. For Father’s Day, he’d love a great outdoor chair he can call his own or anything that helps him relax and unwind.

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  1. LJ

    Lucy – thank you so much for your kind words – you brought a smile to my day and my life. I enjoy writing and enjoy it more when people appreciate it and get something from it – that is my true motivation. It’s nice to have you in my corner. Sorry for the delay in response, I was busy moving and am now catching up and getting back in the swing. I’m anxious to continue creating more articles that have purpose and meaning to special people like you.
    xo LJ

  2. lucy

    Wonderful article and fun for this great and sometimes difficult day. You give us all so much. In gratitude for your insight, hope you keep writing!


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