Father’s Day Astrology: Your Father House

father's day astrology

Happy Father’s Day!

Your relationship with your father is fundamental to everything you are and will be. In fact, along with your mother, there’s no one who can guide you more in how to create the basis for your home life and your professional life. Not all of us have our biological fathers in our lives. Some of us were raised by men who played the father role, including uncle’s, grandfathers, older brothers and family friends. Some of us even had mothers who took on the role of father too. Just know that as you read your Father’s Day astrology, know that it applies to the father figure in your life, whomever that may be.

Has your father passed on? Speak with a medium today and connect with your father on the other side.

Your Father (4th) House, ties directly to your very core: your ancestry, your history—the things that help make you that unique, special person. You are the stuff of your ancestors’ dreams, including your father’s, so enjoy that idea when you think of them.

Each sun sign has a special “Dad House” and this is yours. Happy Father’s Day!

If your father seems to focus too much on money, it’s probably because he wants to give you the best education and overall circumstances to make your life the greatest it can be. He wants you to be secure and safe. You were and are in his heart and mind, and the flow of love to you is subtle, but endless.

Know that your dad adores you. He’s a colorful character in your life who enjoys hanging out with you. Your approach to the world comes from your father’s example. One of your greatest gifts from dad is your confidence in, and your commitment to your talents—that amazing gift that you offer the world.

Dad was probably so committed to demanding the best from you that at times you may have just wanted a break from the insistence on your greatness. This Father’s Day, give dad credit for helping you be all that you can be. It came from love and respect for your amazing talents.

Dad taught you how to deal with the politics of life—interacting with others was pertinent to your survival and the survival of those you love. Dad taught you the skills to use your sensitivity and wisdom toward others to influence them in a positive way.

Dad’s passions match yours—it’s just expressed more quietly. Dad has seen enough of life to be careful in personal interactions. You see the joy of creative activities with others. The dance of working with both these points of view can make you a true success.

You are dad’s vision of the future. Enjoy the fact that your father sees the magic within you. If dad’s image of you sometimes seems a bit over-the-top, understand that comes from love and enthusiasm—and it’s not so far from reality. Use that adoring energy to deal with everyday life as you build your future.

Your father takes the role of supporting you so seriously that you may wish they’d lighten up a bit. His intensity comes from his love for you and the beauty of everything you have to offer in life. Accept the support as something that gives you the firmest foundation for all that you can be.

Your inner thoughts about yourself and what you have to offer are balanced by dad’s experienced world view. Take your time and think about what your father has seen in life and shared with you, while still honoring your deepest self. The world needs what you have to offer, and your father knows this and wants to see you flourish.

Dad has a romantic view of your life—but that’s not a bad thing. The adoration is clear, along with the tender safety net that you find in your father’s strong arms. At its best, dad’s style is unique, delightful and a guide to how you can best reach others with your dreams of the future.

Dad is full of energy where you’re concerned, and is interested in sports or other activities that teach you to compete in life. Your earthy view of life, plus this training serves you well. Know that all of that energy and focus on your success helps you thrive in everything that you consider most important.

Your father was very clear that housing, feeding and clothing you was his priority. Dad gave you a comfortable place to learn about life, yourself and the world. Through that, you’re closer to your dreams and your goals and you have him to thank.

Use dad’s street smarts to help you accomplish what you want in life. Your father understood that the source of love is effective communication. Your distinctive self-expression allows you to take that wisdom and soar. Dad helped you know that compassion is a true source of joy in life.

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