Egypt’s Mystical Sites: Out of Body, Out of Time

(This is the second part of Debbie Keil-Leavitt’s Egyptian journey. For part one, click here.)

On the journey through ancient Egypt’s mystical sites along the sacred Nile, our group of astrologers, tarot readers and other seekers underwent incredible experiences. The incredible energy from the thousands of years of human emotions and magic in this special place flowed through each of us, just as the Nile has flowed and nourished the millions of people who have lived along her banks over thousands of years.

Our first stop was being awed by the pyramids and the Sphinx, from a walk-around preview to our visit to the inner sanctum, followed by attendance at the incredible Khemit School of very ancient Egyptian wisdom under the pyramids and Sphinx. This was the opening to all that was to come.

Our journey continued to Sakkara. This magical place offered an experience of hearing the powerful ancient vibrations of the stones and the water that flowed beneath the site. In niches of a temple near the step pyramid we could hear the same mystical “a-u-m-m-m” sound that we hear in Buddhist temples in Asia.

Nearby Dahshur offered an entrance into the Red Pyramid probably related to the “heaven on earth” of the Great Pyramids. The “Bent Pyramid” was magical to behold. Described by recent Egyptologists as a strange mistake – it appears more to be a deliberate gentle sloping curve offering a different visual and musical resonance to Egyptian power points – it is a brilliant addition to the landscape, and it certainly still stands!

Abu Simbel brought us to primal Africa in the Nubian desert. The people from this area take great pride in their ancient black African culture, which later combined with, and was every bit as powerful as, the Egyptians of the area nearer the Med. This was a culture with a beautiful balance of the masculine and the feminine, and it lasted for thousands of years in that balanced state.

That same day we began our experience on the Nile before our visit to Philae and the temple of the great goddess Isis. An early morning view of Sirius – the brightest star in the sky representative of the goddess of 1,000 names, Isis – brought visions. A brilliant rose became a kaleidoscope of brilliant color in magical, ancient geometric forms and musical sounds, all for the price of closing our eyes! This was preparation for our experience in the King’s Chamber.

During our group meditation at Edfu, the great god of all the pharaohs, Horus, wrapped our group in his golden wings, and we knew our souls were safe with him. The sacred Eye of Horus has been a sign of protection for years.

Next was Karnak and the Sekhmet temple, allowing us to feel our ancient roots. The great Mother Lioness is a powerful protector and destroyer of all things that don’t serve living beings and the planet. She almost seems ruthless in this protection. She is an excellent and powerful goddess to invoke for protection for our children and ourselves, as Leo’s love of life is in physical form here. The experience in Sekhmet’s temple is overpowering. Our group was no exception in seeing her statue alive and breathing in her chapel, and one of the group actually photographed the beautiful colored orbs of energy there.

At Abydos, we enjoyed the temple dedicated by Ramses II to all the gods and goddesses, particularly the resurrection god, Osiris, and his sister/lover/consort, Isis. Behind and below this temple is what appears to be a much more ancient structure, the Oseiron. One can imagine Osiris’ underworld journey before he is resurrected by his beautiful partner, Isis, at this site.

Dendera is dedicated to the gentle Mother goddess, Hathor, with her lovely cow’s horns holding the life-giving sun. Our experience here was a light and loving one, as her zodiac brought gentle nurturing and laughter. The ceilings around the zodiacs are decorated with the beautiful Nut, goddess of the sky who mated with the earth god Geb to give birth to Isis, Nepthys, Osiris and Seth. This place was resurrected by the great Priestess and Queen Cleopatra with its sacred lake. The beautifully restored astrological symbols and maps date from the time when the Greeks ruled Egypt and the great Hypatia lived.

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  5. thecatsme00w

    As Kathleen stated, you have a wonderful way with words. My hair was standing up, and I imagined being there right next to you, thanks to your writing.Wonderful articles.

  6. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Dear Kathleen:

    Thanks so much! Actually, I love the photos California Psychics published with my article – same gorgeous sites – Pyramids, Abu Simbel, but better photos. My new camera and I didn’t produce anything quite so magical.


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