Break Out of Your Job Rut With a Psychic Reading!

Can the Runes Unlock Psychic Powers?

Runes can be an excellent tool to look at short term issues as they tend to deal with 3 month periods of time! A rune caster can look at things on daily, weekly or monthly bases. Normally done in 3s! 3 days, weeks, months! Tarot cards can be used in a similar manner; sometimes I use both mediums and have a quick look at the numerology that is going on behind your situation too.

The cross discipline use of such tools allows more depth to a reading and tends to reinforce time lines and the message coming through! If you are in a personal year one you will just be itching to get on! You will want change and embrace it! Year 5 is a time for reflection and assessment halfway through a cycle and time for making changes to get back on track or redirect your efforts more productively! A year nine is a time for clearing out and leaving behind all that you no longer want in your life (a de-clutter), in preparation for year 1! You may find that the numerological influences don’t match our modern calendars, don’t worry as the numerological calendar originally ran from September to September (the time of harvest!) and Jere (the harvest rune works in a similar way!).

So influences start to bite before January! You will find that new things will come your way in a year Nine but are delayed until September or later because of the influences of a year One ! A Psychic can help you to understand the feeling you are going through and why and put these and the time to act (or not as the case may be) into context for you! What I love about a multi medium consultation is how well they match and reinforce the main message and each bring clues to the overall picture of when and where you are going, how to get there and what life skills you will need to deploy and or develop in your journey to fulfillment and success! Raidho, the rune of change and movement talks about the need for action and Fehu talks about ambition and opportunity, two good runes to leave in your thoughts because without ambition and change nothing will really happen no matter what opportunities are offered to you by the powers that be!

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