Dream Date by Sign (Part 2)

Chemistry is a mysterious thing. But with astrology as your guide, understanding your date’s sun sign can give you priceless insight into a potential lover. What excites a hedonistic Archer may make a Pisces freeze up like a cold fish. Check out our second installment of Dream Date by Sign, featuring the six remaining signs of the Zodiac, to give you a head-start on romance.

Libra: Starry-eyed Glamour Puss
If you ask a Libra out, elegance and romance should run in your blood. These airy creatures thrive on all things wistful and beautiful. Think a candlelit dinner at your place, with soft, exotic music, rose petals scattered all about and a small gift presented at the door. Spring for something other than flowers – a shiny, tasteful trinket or a box of chocolate covered strawberries, perhaps? Creativity goes a long way here. FYI: Libras don’t fare well being single and love being in love. Although, they are good at fooling themselves, which may mean you too. Take things slowly.

Scorpio: Mysterious Sexpot
Your Scorpio likes secretive, dark places. Go for the unusual like strolling through a cemetery at dusk to get up-close-and-personal with a few gravestones. Then head over to the seediest Italian restaurant you can find, where just the two of you can tell ghost stories and sip red wine at a candlelit table way in the back. Make sure you wear something sexy and splash on an alluring scent. The more mysterious you are, the better. Remember, you’re dealing with the sex god of the zodiac here. Try a come-hither look or a mysterious stare on your scorpion. Then, brace yourself for intensity like you’ve never felt before.

Sagittarius: Nimble Flirt or Sexy Beast?
The Archer likes movement, so come up with action-packed date ideas. Consider dancing under the stars, take a power yoga class, go rollerblading along the beach or climb a mountain with bread and wine in your backpack to celebrate at the top. Don’t hold back on conversation either. Your Sagittarius can handle it so talk about your wildest dreams and your desired adventures. By the way, this fiery half animal/half human is full of optimism and enthusiasm and they’re actually quite the sexy beast. So if they dig you, they’ll want to explore you more deeply. In other words, they’re probably up for more, if you are.

Capricorn: Straight-up Rambunctious Lover
Capricorns love responsible, authentic and intelligent people. So if you want to impress them, show your smarts and don’t be a fake. Goats are ruled by Saturn (the planet of structure and authority), meaning they’ll appreciate a rundown of your proposed itinerary. Take a trip to the botanical gardens (Cappies are creatures of the earth) followed by a trip to a crystal shop for a perusal. Conclude the evening at a fancy restaurant where reservations are required. Capricorns are a bit reserved, so you may find yourself wondering if they are attracted to you. Be patient, behind that cool exterior lies a rambunctious lover.

Aquarius: Lover of Offbeat Sensibility
Your Aquarian is a lover of knowledge with a streak of unpredictability. Dazzle them – take them to a lecture on global warming, to a debate on immigrant reform or ask them to check out the new museum of Neon Signs. They’ll be ecstatic! Next, have them escort you to that benefit you’ve been invited to. Don’t expect to get serious right away, these idealistic souls are unconventional and love freedom. However, if your water bearer can openly share their thoughts with you, they’ll want to ravish you in bed later.

Pisces: Sensitive and True!
Pisceans need to feel safe, cozy and comfortable. Take your fishy date to a spa for tandem foot massages followed by a trip to an aquarium. Then, top the evening off with romantic drinks and nibbles from the sea. Pisceans don’t like confrontation so if the date is going sour they may simply excuse themselves to go to the restroom and then swim away. But if there’s an attraction, you’ll know it – they’ll touch you and gush for no reason when your eyes meet. They tend to get caught up in the moment, so if a date is going smoothly they can be very impulsive. Wink. Wink.

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