Your December Chinese Horoscope

Your December Chinese Horoscope

Your Chinese Horoscope: Pleasure, Romance, Beauty and Fun

During most of December 2014 the Traveling Pig is in charge, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Happily, this brings attention to pleasure, romance, beauty and fun. December 22 begins the next month’s Field Rat influence when cleverness, agility and adaptability offer a path to new successes.

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Align your energies with your personal animal days in December to make the most of this time to dream new dreams and bring them into form. Here’s your Chinese Horoscope!



Your hunches are correct so go with the flow of creativity and love on December 7 as the Rat on the Mountain. The evening of December 19 offers you new opportunities as the Rat on the Roof. December 31 brings a dramatic New Year’s Eve when you can reach others through beauty and love on this Field Rat month and day.


You and your partner are passionate and intense on December 8 as you are the Ox by the Gate, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Make it an opportunity to heal old wounds and then cuddle and celebrate. December 20 is an exciting day. Whether it involves sports, great sex, or both, you’ll be having fun as the Sea Ox.

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December 9 is the perfect day to find pleasure fulfilling old promises as the Tiger Standing Firm. Then you’re free to relax and really enjoy the evening. Use your optimism on the New Moon day of December 21 to take actions that really benefit you as the Tiger in the Forest.


December 10 is the perfect day to share your inspired ideas, according to your Chinese Horoscope. They are brilliant as you are the Enlightened Rabbit. December 22 is loaded with surprise sexy encounters and intense self-expression as you are the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. Stay grounded and enjoy the fun.


Show your leadership skills on December 11 as the Dragon in the Sky. Your passion and empathy are a winning combination. On December 23 you are the Dragon of Pure Virtue. Spend the day working toward future ideals. Tomorrow is a better time to take action.


Let love guide you on December 12 as the Snake in the Pool, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Staying true to yourself gives you steadiness and direction in the midst of confusing circumstances. On December 24 you are the Snake of Happiness. The passions you’re feeling can be channeled to give you real power.

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On December 1 you drive the energy as the Traveling Horse. Make your plans clear to partners and you’ll have an amazing day. A new emotional support structure brings you happiness on December 13 as you are the Horse in the Stable. You are the elegant Palace Horse on December 25—perfect for relaxing with those you love.


Use the morning of December 2 for action. Then your enthusiasm and generosity will carry you through this Lost Sheep day. On December 14 you are the Sheep in the Pasture—a perfect day to take a break from a busy schedule. Let your intuition and the romance of the day carry you on December 26 as you are the Lucky Sheep.


On December 3 you are fully in charge of the romance and creativity in your life as the Independent Monkey. December 15 is the perfect day to enjoy harmony and cooperation on your day as the Monkey Eating Fruit. December 27 is a lazier day of enjoying what you’ve accomplished as you are the Elegant Monkey.


You’ll be feeling very loving and generous as the Cock Pecking for Food on December 4, according to your Chinese Horoscope. That’s a great attitude for romance. On December 16 you are the Caged Rooster, building future success through positive communications. You are on the brink of a breakthrough on December 28 as the Barnyard Rooster, so just let everything settle around you for that new opening that’s coming.

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Romantic surprises and inspired ideas make December 5 a special day for you as you are the Temple Dog. You are the successful Watch Dog on December 17 by being the peacemaker when others are confrontational. The morning of December 29 is the best action time. The afternoon requires focusing on clear communications as the Guard Dog.


This full moon Farmer Pig day of December 6 is perfect for loving communications and talking with your partner about your desires. The gentle, romantic approach on December 18 brings wonderful passion as you are the Pig in the Forest. December 30 is a time for enjoying new, delicious pleasures as the Traveling Pig.

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  1. Christina

    My grandson is a Horse. I am a rooster. My grandson has to decide to go to court or settle. What outcome do you see? Which should he do, go to court or settle. I wonder how good his chances for a quittal are?


  2. Joseph

    I am thinking on going to my nieces wedding, but it is in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I feel like I am being pulled that way, because I want to start a new life, and have been changing every
    day, love the feeling so should I go with it and start? I am done with most of the American people, and the city and states here. Joseph

  3. Nadia

    Thank you for emailing me for my readings. I check these as often as I can. They make sense and help me to be more aware of my day! Once again thank you and Happy Holidays!!


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