Dating Outside Your Type

So you’ve met that special person and in the “getting to know you”
stage they casually mentioned they were a Taurus, or a Gemini, or an
Aquarius. At the time, you smiled – it was just one more great thing
about this wonderful person you were falling for! Then, you went home
and consulted the stars. You and your soul mate look like
you’re destined for disaster!

If you have found yourself hooked on someone who is supposed to represent your least-compatible sign in the zodiac, take heart! There is more to you than your sun sign – or even your astrological chart.

One thing to consider before throwing in the towel – what aspects of your charts are the most compatible? A Leo with a Gemini rising is a very different from a Leo with an Aries rising. Your sun signs might look dim, but your risings may represent a match made in heaven.

Secondly, your life is a path with many stages to learn and walk through. You are attracted to this person for a reason, even if you don’t know the reason just yet. There is something they possess that draws you near. If you walk away from this person without knowing what he or she has for you and what you have for them, you are probably destined to look for the very same thing in another person. You cannot circumvent your individual path of learning. Sometimes you have to just hold on during the rollercoaster ride to figure out where it is actually going. And there’s good news: After all the doubts subside, you might really like where this one is going for you.

Lastly, and most importantly, life is messy. The hardest part about falling in love is the sheer uncontrollable essence of it. Will it last all your life? Will it last all week? Though your head and your heart can tell you lots of things to minimize the chaos of love, no one can say with real certainty how it will all turn out. This “incompatible” person may represent the one relationship you have that challenges you in a new way, and breaks a repeating scenario – or even gets you out of a rut. There are patterns in our lives, and the chance to break a pattern is rare. It should be cherished. Uncomfortable experiences are the ones that help us to grow. And of course there are always doubts in any relationship. If your signs were completely compatible in the heavens, your mind would only pick something else to focus on.

Overall, the reason that the zodiac is filled with different signs is because there is something for every sign in another. We all need each other. Allow yourself the luxury of staying in the positive feelings you have for this person, because if there is one thing the stars repeat every night as the moon moves across the horizon, it’s that love does conquer all.

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