Date and Love a Leo

Royalty of the Dating Jungle

Who wouldn’t like to date or even love a Leo? They are full of confidence and energy. Their element of fire matches their passion for life and shows in their glowing personalities. Leo’s have an inner magnetism that makes them hard to resist. It’s not easy to get their attention, but once you’ve caught the lion’s eye, they’ll want to know all about you, and so the game begins. Are you and Leo a dating match?

Aries: You and Leo make a perfect scene-stealing match. You are the power couple that everyone notices immediately upon making your grand entrance. You form a united front.

Taurus: You and Leo are physically attracted to one another and both loyal to a tee. You can both also be pretty stubborn, turning small disagreements into large arguments. It’s a good match as long as you don’t engage in a power struggle. Want to find common ground with your mate? Talk with Psychic Kayley ext. 5191 who can delve into your charts.

Gemini: You and Leo make fabulous friends, and you both have a genuine love of life. However, Leos love to be in love and include you in their entire world, and Geminis value their freedom.

Cancer: Both you and Leo are romantic and love to snuggle in the warmth of each other’s arms. Leo might have to watch that their words don’t swipe the sensitive Cancer’s ego, but overall this fire/water connection can be quite steamy.

Leo: When this fiery pair unites it can be a hot and steamy lovefest that forms a lasting and loyal union. Communication is necessary though, as you both like to be on top. Maybe you can take turns…

Virgo: This isn’t a match made in heaven. Leo likes the limelight, while Virgo prefers to remain in the background. If they appreciate each other for their differences, it could work, but it would also take a lot of work.

Libra: You and Leo are attracted to each other’s looks and auras. You’re the talk of any party you attend together, making a grand entrance. Generally, you both bring out each other’s softer side, but if not, you could butt heads.

Scorpio: Both you and Leo have a heated chemical reaction at the onset. You’re both passionate and energetic. You both revere loyalty.

Sagittarius: Fire meets flame and love ignites with this pair. Sagittarius can be flirty, and Leo a bit possessive, but they seem to keep it from turning into an inferno. You both love adventure.

Capricorn: This match can be difficult. Capricorn is careful. Leo is carefree in their approach to major things in life such as money, sex and love, but you do both enjoy the finer side of life.

Aquarius: It’s the proverbial moth (on air) to a flame (fire sign Leo) when these two meet. The attraction is instantaneous and just continues to grow stronger and stronger over time.

Pisces: It’s the differences between this pair that they each find most appealing. They can make a great couple or they exhaust each other’s patience if neither is willing to bend a little.

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32 thoughts on “Date and Love a Leo

  1. Leo

    I am a Leo and we Leo are very hard to get alone with but the sametime we can also be very loveing and we also hold are love very very deeply and all leo love to be love by husband was a leo we hit head alot but we also love each other alot intell the day he die and even now.

  2. Fitri

    Richard III only has one matinee on Sunday, July 17th. The Directors mulltuay decided that they would rather have more nighttime performances of Richard and more daytime performances of As You Like It.

  3. LJ

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. Seif you and your wife are both fire signs, so passion should be intense and arguments may burn a little – inevitably any two signs can be happy together – if you can’t find the answers to your questions through your sun sign comparisons, I always recommend having a relationship reading done by an astrologer or psychic. They can easily tell what other planets or life elements are working in your favor and what some of the trials may be in your relationship, and even how you (as a couple) might handle them – overcome them. Sun signs are just the surface – it’s the only astrological information I have to work with without your birth chart in front of me – but the Sun sign can be very telling. Thanks again to everyone!

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  8. Kristi

    I am an Aries who doesn’t believe in Astrological LOVE. My childs’ father was born on Feb. 20, 84 and me, April 18, 83. We’ve “battled” eachother out & all the LOVE we have towards eachother is for our daughter, Sydnie, 12/11/07. I would LOVE to have a GREAT MAN to wake up next to, every morning. Please, help me find the <3 of my life.

  9. Tiffany and Mohammed

    I am a Leo woman and I am in love with a Leo man. Our birthdays are 3 days apart. Our relationship is great and long distance. Ask me how.. I’m shocked too. We met almost one year ago. Oh he has such a good heart. I want to kiss him all day.

  10. LJ

    Thanks to all my online editors LOL (everyone could use some proofreading sometimes) – And to all who disagree with me or feel that I’m a “slave to astrology” (Hunter) LOL – let me explain my take on astrology as far as couples go. Any sign can be with any other sign and it can work or not. These horoscopes are based on Sun sign comparisons alone, but truth is, every planet plays a role in the makeup of one person, and makes each personality individual. Some people are more like their Moon Sign or Rising Sign than their Sun Sign. That is why our experiences with seemingly similar people (Sun sign-wise) can be very different. But I’m glad that everyone is so ready to stick up for and represent their Sun Sign, that’s what makes the world and the zodiac wheel go round. Thanks for everything everyone.
    Love and Light, LJ

  11. Randy

    Christina I need to borrow your inbox I think I keep getting someone elses pridictions. the sag os realy tired.

  12. Marc from the UK

    I would like to thank HUNTER X5507, I get on well with VIRGOS , and would like to think that it can work with them !

  13. TERRY


  14. kathleen dito

    my son and my 2 best friends are leos…an m a libra…my friends an i never butt heads yet y son and i butt heads now an again…yet we are so close i consider him one of my best friends….so i think this is right on the money….

  15. corrine

    Is November a Leo? Cause I’m in love and I’m a Pisces and the guy I love was born in November…. But really just tell me my soul mates name!! That’s all I want to know!! (If you can do that). 😉 😀

  16. Aquarian woman

    Wow! This is just the confirmation I needed 🙂 Elisabeth, Date and love a Leo, YESSS I Dooo!! 🙂 And it`s so true it was instantainiously, and just grows stronger and stronger everyday! Our first kiss created sparks that flew to my heart, and radiated from there to the toes in my left foot and created new sparks when it flew out. He let go of me like he got burned, and I was in shock, It just culd not be over already, come back!! He held me and pushed me away, starring in schock too, then he opened his mouth and a very strong and firm WOW! slipped out before his lips were back on mine again, like we were magnetic or something, It was as if we just culd not get close enough to eachother, he squeesed me so tight, and I did the same with him, as if we wanted to melt together end be one with eachother. We squeesed so hard it hurt, but at the same time it was just what we both wanted. Intuitively we did everymove at syncronized speed, pressure, etc. We did not let go of eachother for the next 7 hours, we were kissing all night, and it never got boring, only better and better, and it fealt so right, I fealt so at home 🙂 I was in heaven!! I had the same feeling when he kissed me 14 years later. I have kissed a few frogs before and after, but noone can ever come close to him! I belive he is my twinflame, but sircumstances were cruel on uss, and last year when we finally had a chance to be together and were hanging out everyday, a psycho scorpio came and kidnapped him. He did not even know what hit him he said, and I belive him. She is extremely manipulative. Now he is just a shadow of him self, no sparks, no oppinions no life left, no privacy… Please help!! How can we get back together?? I know he is right, I can feel him next to me, kissing me, and thinking of me. We have a soul, heart, mind and body connection out of this world, but our love still belong in this world though!!! I belive we are meant to spread love by being together, and prove to all dissbelivers that true love really exists, and is the only reason for ever entering a relationship! Any other reasons are just wasting your time, and the time of the ones you are meant to be with! True love is so intence it can be scary, I understand, but it is so much more scary to be appart from it not knowing when or if you ever see him/her again… So if you know in your heart you have found the one, regardless of what others think, jump that hurdle of fear and land in a field of true love, you are so worth it!! Belive it, because it is true! Because I have experienced this, I belive Tom Cruise ( Although a Cancer ) was being honest when jumping in the couch, I belive it, because I have been there 🙂 It was like flying, I just culd not reach the ground no matter how hard I jumped, like trying to jump through a trampoline and reach the ground. Impossible unless it breakes! All I could see in my mind was him, and I just could not stop smileing, it was as if my smile wanted to continue all arround my head :)) The widest smile ever! We have been lead together so many times by seemingly coinsidents, but like he said, we both knew it, this was no coincidents!! In the midst of crowds, if one or both had been there a few seconds before, after, or walked a little more to one side… But no, I belive maybe we are magnetic 😉 We work so well together, inspire eachother and create magic. We can never achive anything like this on our own, or with others…

  17. Jennifer

    Hi I am a Virgo and my husband is a sagittarius. We argue for small reasons and make them big. But both of us can’t seem to want to give in, we both want to win the battle. Are we a good match?

  18. Via

    I’ve known this Leo for 20 yrs now. I’ve had the biggest crush on him since we were 8. I am a Taurus and I am very persistent with what I want. So now we are 27 yrs old, well he will be in two weeks. But we finally linked up and I never thought that our love could feel so fantastic. I love how we talk and laugh. And yes we do argue sometimes about the little things but in the end we tell each other how much we love one another. When we are together I feel so peaceful and calm and carefree and younger. When we aren’t together I feel so disoriented at times but I know we must have our own space and time apart. But we do tell each other we miss and love. We compromise on things. We both are teaching each other a lot of things. He learns from me and I learn from him. Yes, he tells me I am his Queen. And he is forever my King. He sure has a way with words so charismatic. Very sweet and loving and affectionate. He’s helped me to be more opening towards lpve bc I don’t trust too easily. Its a year and almost 3 months and I thank God we found each other again.

  19. Hunter X5507

    I beg to differ about the Virgo. A Virgo is a pleasing sign, and when with Leos they want to make them feel worshiped and adored. That is the MAIN thing that we Leos want. I am soul mated with a Virgo and it is the best relationship I have ever had. Don’t be a slave to the parameters of astrology!

    Hunter X5507

  20. Storm

    There seems to be a mistake or typo in the paragraph about Capricorns. It reads Sagittarius instead of Leo.

  21. Chrystina

    i opened my inbox today and had a message dat said a leo has entered my life. I just started datseing a guy i met online. I new his birthday. So i looked up wat month a leo was and it was his sign. That proved to me that os some people out there that can tell me my furture. wen i clicked da message it bought me to this site and i read the thing and it explaned how leo would be. And it right on the dot. He is the the same way dis site said he would be. But i dnt think its a bad thing. This match might just work out!

  22. Konchan

    I’m an Aries, has been chasing a Leo man. It takes him forever to response. We spend quality time together for over 6 mos before we get intimate, I love everything about him. There is so much mystery. When we are together, there is nothing can distract our desires for each other, but when we are apart, I hardly hear from him. It’s really hard. I wonder if Leo always like this? He is so quiet, conservative, shy and I’m on the other hand caring, passionate, hugging, touching and having fun. Are we a good match for long term?

  23. Ra

    Careful…for CAPRICORN, seems a Cap/Sag comparison was made as opposed to Cap/Leo. I’m sure that’s it’s just because Sag was the aforementioned, however, could be confusing.

  24. Paul Douglas Nunn

    There is a mistake in the above article, “Date & Love a Leo”. Under the blurb about Capricorn, you talke about the capatibility of Capricorn and Saggitarius rather than Capricor and Let. Check it out:

    Capricorn: This match can be difficult. Capricorn is careful. Sagittarius is carefree in their approach to major things in life such as money, sex and love, but you do both enjoy the finer side of life.

  25. Deogratias Thomas

    I am a cancer man, i love a Leo woman. We had a kiss, and that day was great day both of us but unfortunately every day she started to change. Today she can talk good with a romantic words next day she change. Now she told me she love her boyfriend and she can not leave him.

    I really don’t know what to do now. I love her so much. Please, help me for advice to get her on my arms.


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