Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for July 2013

What Does the Crescent Moon Promise?

July’s Crescent Moon will first appear faintly in the twilight just after sunset on July 8 in the US Midwest and Mexico followed by the Western US. These areas are emphasized as places for seeking your life’s dream.

Venus again beams her light on the newborn moon this month, so catch this sight to the west on the evening of the 8th and make a wish for the future. You can engage the energy of the stars to support any bold, heroic action that you might take to pursue your bliss. You can focus your thoughts and energy on “making your mark” in life.

This is a great time to launch a written proposal or work of art or to pursue success in sports. You are likely to have some challenges to your dreams for the future, as that is the automatic “knee-jerk” fear reaction that humans often express to something unknown. But don’t let this slow you down. The moon and the planets are telling you that it’s time to wear away opposition lovingly and relentlessly. If you hold steady regarding your cause, your art and your self-expression, you’ll see your ambitions fulfilled to everyone’s delight.


You are full of surprises during this Crescent Moon—the more creative the better. Your artistic creations will puzzle and delight the people around you, and you know you are on the right track. Your lover is one of the people who just can’t believe these new ideas of yours, and this brings new sexual and romantic delights to your relationship.


Be patient regarding your investments and financial situation and keep building toward the future. This includes your investment in love relationships. Keep communications open and loving and look forward to some positive movement in your relationship by August or September. You can be a master of seduction, so make it spicy and new at home.


This Crescent Moon brings clarity to your love life, finances and your career. It’s a perfect time to use your skills at communicating with heart to promote your work ambitions and your dreams for your relationship. You will create a powerful future with your words, so take care with them and see the magic unfold.


This is the second Crescent Moon in your sun sign this spring/summer and the first with Jupiter exalted in your sun sign. Let your innate understanding of how money flows bring you out of your shell to speak up about your feelings in your love life and at the office. It’s your time to shine.

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Travel, educational or spiritual pursuits offer love, fun and romance. An old love could reappear or a current love will be refreshed. If you work, volunteer or visit someone in the hospital, you could meet a special person there. This could be the start of something huge.


Take to the Internet or connect with friends for social events this week of the Crescent Moon and you could find a major breakthrough in your career or a new love. Opportunities surround you if you just “get out there.” You could meet someone very romantic, or find your current partner feeling inspired and dreamy.

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Your career and public persona are reborn with this July Crescent Moon. A friend can become a lover or you may meet some special person by networking. They will have a profound influence on your career and can inspire you to breakthroughs in relationships and at work.


Are you thinking about taking a cruise, heading to the beach or just getting away to a Jacuzzi with your lover? You’ll feel reborn and refreshed after hard work if you create opportunities in these areas, not to mention the exciting new ideas you’ll be enjoying with this change of pace.


Dig deeply into your favorite mysteries for any and all creative efforts that you are tracking and you’ll love every minute of the process. You’ll build resources for future financial success at the same time. Your love life will be such fun. Taking trips revitalizes you, so this would be a great time to take a lovers’ vacation or to develop a creative spark.


If you are searching for a new partner or wanting to renew your relationship with your current one, the two weeks after the Crescent Moon will be the time to build that dream. Romance and social activities bring career success as well.


You’ll find breakthroughs regarding health issues and your work environment with the July Crescent Moon. Your partner can bring your joy, or you’ll find someone new that you adore. Use your creative brilliance at work and see great results.


The creative inspiration you receive with this July Crescent Moon could be your masterpiece, whether you are in the arts, business or just want to create a new loving relationship. Are you debating whether you should be saving for a trip or for education? By all means do that and it will “seal the deal” for anything you want to bring into the world.

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