Your Chinese Love Horoscope for March 12 – April 12, 2014

Your Chinese Love Horoscope: What Does Your Animal Sign Say About You?

The month of March combines the Year of the Wood Horse with the romantic Month of the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. The wood element calms the energy of the horse and integrates it with the gentle rabbit energy, for a peaceful influence in the midst of this dynamic time. Then on March 31 the Dragon of Pure Virtue begins bringing more excitement to your love life, along with a deeper loyalty.

Your animal sign indicates a large part of your nature and your tendencies in relationships. Your animal is listed the table below, followed by your Chinese Love Horoscope. You can find your animal by searching for your birth year:


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March 18 is the day the Granary Rat demands action. Just be sure to include your lover. March 30 is an inspired New Moon day. You show your brilliance as Rat on a Crossbeam. Creativity during the morning of April 11 (Rat on the Mountain) brings a beautiful evening of fun and friendship.


On March 19 Ox in the Byre is good for emotional flow with your lover bringing soulmate activities. March 31 (Ox on the Road) moves you steadily toward your desires and initiates love. Healthy loving makes April 12 (Ox by the Gate) a day of satisfaction.


March 20 is the day Tiger Leaves the Mountain. If your lover is acting strangely, they are likely not feeling well so have patience with them. April 1 (Tiger Crossing the Forest) offers passion, intensity and enthusiasm, giving you the perfect day.

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Your passions are in harmony with emotional attachments on March 21 (Rabbit in the Burrow). April 2 brings romantic feelings of past losses today as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Release the pain and remember the love for a fabulous future with your love.


On March 22 as the Rain Dragon, you are smart, sexy and full of ideas. April 3 is powerful as both the day and month of the Dragon of Pure Virtue. Inspired ideas flow through you, so plant the seeds for future love and joy.

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March 23 (Snake in the Field) brings a sexy morning followed by many fun activities in the afternoon. April 4 is a day for action with Snake Leaving a Hole. Let your natural energy carry you to new heights of beauty in your relationships and creativity.


Surprises and brilliant ideas flow on March 12, the day of the Way Horse. March 24 (Horse in the Clouds) is intense. Calm any upsets with loving words as brilliant communications bring joy. April 5 (Traveling Horse) begins with high energy and a productive, satisfying evening.


March 13 (Sheep in a Flock) is a serious day when communications can bring commitment. Destiny rules on March 25, Serious Sheep’s day. Relax and take things as they come. While on April 6 (Lost Sheep) gentle love and affection find their way to you and those you love.


Romantic ties and love are emphasized during the day of the Tree Monkey on March 14. You can overcome any sadness your lover may be feeling with loving passion on March 26 (Mountain Monkey). April 7 offers you endless tools to put your dreams into form as the talented Independent Monkey.

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Your words are potent and bring healing to your relationship on March 15 as the Cock Crowing at Noon. The early morning is your action time on March 27. Enjoy romance later in the day as the Rooster of Solitude. Your passion for life on April 8 (Cock Pecking for Food) makes for an exciting evening.


This day of the Full Moon on March 16 is good for laying back and enjoying solid commitments as the Sleeping Dog rules. March 28, the day of the Mountain Dog, offers a dreamy time full of fun and affection. On April 9 (Temple Dog) you provide spiritual flow that brightens everyone’s day.


March 17 is a high-energy day when passion can soothe nerves as the Pig Traversing a Mountain rules. Enjoy a lazy morning of contemplation and plan activities for the evening of March 29, the day of the Monastic Pig. On April 10, the day of the Farmer Pig, you plant “soulmate” seeds in the morning and watch them grow over time.

23 thoughts on “Your Chinese Love Horoscope for March 12 – April 12, 2014

  1. Gillian Griffith-Conklin

    I will like to know about my love life and my career as well as my marriage and my children if I will ever have full custody on them.

  2. Maya pinion

    Dearest 52yr old fellow sister!! I have read,and in my lifetime have found it to be soooooo true that: Sagittarius men find it extreme difficult to remain faithful to one person,especially if they have light sky blue eyes!!!! But, relax,have fun,don’t force urself to pick between 2 men that on one way or another will b abusive and not appreciate u..M.P.

  3. Linda

    I am a year 1954…thus the chart say I am a Horse…but have also been told that because my birthday is in Jan, that I should be using 1953, thereby making me a Snake. Should I read both horoscopes…or which is stronger? Been reading Snake predictions more than Horse. THANKS!

  4. cheryl whitney

    Ok , here goes My first husband ( father of my kids) born dec 1962. We always had chemistry in many things. But , he`s strayed and left the kids and I over 30 years ago.

    My second husband , born jan 1961 ( no kids together) ..for most of our 20 year union , it has been abusive and we spent more time being separated . We are better off as friends or parting ways.

    Now, first husband has come back into my life claiming that he really wants me in his life , but knowing his history of flirting with women, and not sticking around , even though I have always loved him…

    ..I am unsure if he is being honest finally with me . I am 52 years now, I can not afford to fall for any more heart ache.

  5. missy r hammond

    Today is March 12 2014. Starting after today. How is my life and work, relationship. Going to be. Will I ever fine out the truth about certain things. That has happen about 2 years ago.In s relationship. If there is any to fine.

  6. Paul

    The Chinese may have alot of energy works correct. Incorrect is their perspective of the energies the bodies project upon each of us within this year. I sure as heck know I am alot different than my friend that was born in 79.


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