Chinese Horoscope: November 2016

Chinese Horoscope

The Monastic Pig Month

November is about using your intelligence, being generous and enjoying prosperity. This Monastic Pig month also begins with a Pig Traversing the Mountain day. Our ancient ancestors around the globe were appreciative and respectful toward the smart, sacred pig goddess that provided so much for humanity, as this Chinese character emphasizes these riches.

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November 29 brings the Rat on the Crossbeam month. Cleverness in navigating work situations and success through fun energy. These animal days bring you extra power. Here is your Chinese Horoscope for November.



November 2 is a great day to build a wealth of knowledge and your bank account as the Granary Rat. Empathy helps achieve this. On November 14 you’re the Rat on the Crossbeam after the full super moon the previous evening. Communications improve. On November 26 you’re the Rat on the Mountain. You may show your deepest feelings through a beautiful commitment offer to someone special.


Enjoy a quieter time focusing on healthy activities as the Ox in the Byre on November 3. It’s time to get serious about your dreams on November 15. As the Ox on the Road, begin by communicating them. Healing old wounds through honesty about your own pain on November 27 opens the way for others to heal, as you’re the Ox by the Gate.


Your Chinese Horoscope says it’s time to create something revolutionary for your future on November 4 as the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. You’re the Tiger Crossing the Forest, enjoying nature and the planet’s beauty on November 16. Then you’re the Tiger Standing Firm on November 28. This new moon day brings useful gut feelings to plan future action.


Use your words to inspire action on November 5 as the Rabbit in the Burrow. Be ready for surprising, positive reactions. On November 17 you’re the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Cast aside old doubts and go for your desires. They are in reach. Dream your future on November 29. As the Enlightened Rabbit you could find success with these ideas.


On November 6 you nourish new projects as the Rain Dragon, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Let your creative ideas flow. You can “spin” to your advantage as the Dragon in the Whirlpool on November 18 if you focus on everyone’s well-being. You are excited about what can be achieved and inspire others on November 30 as you’re the Dragon in the Sky.


On November 7, motivation comes from careful thought and consideration of others’ emotions as the Snake in the Field. You are building something important. November 19 brings fiery feelings as the Snake Leaving the Hole. You’ll insist on personal respect. You’ve earned that and more.


If you can, spend the morning of November 8 in a relaxed mental state as the Horse in the Clouds. A much-needed, creative effort can evolve from this special time. Use the energy of the morning for action on November 20 as the Traveling Horse. Then relax for a sexy afternoon of fun.


Maintain your enthusiasm in the face of hard work on November 9 as you’re the Serious Sheep. If you focus on what’s needed, you’ll succeed. To find your way as the Lost Sheep, take care of romantic interests on November 21. Your partner is feeling both serious and passionate.


Finalize communications to move forward on November 10. You gain some traction in the afternoon on what you want to accomplish on this Mountain Monkey day. You are passionate about truth on November 22 as the Independent Monkey. Your Money Horoscope says it will bring positive change.


As the Rooster of Solitude, it’s time for calm action toward a long-term goal. Afterward, November 11 brings fiery fun to your love life, while thinking of your mutual future. Your November 23 afternoon opens up new opportunities as you’re the Cock Pecking for Food. Joyous and humorous interactions bring rewards.


November 12 brings a time of contemplation on this Mountain Dog Saturday. Then the evening brings the opportunity for loving sex that causes you to consider commitment. Use your passionate energy on November 24 to create spiritual breakthroughs as the Temple Dog. Speak your truth on this Holiday.


November 1 is your day as the Pig Traversing the Mountain day/Pig month. Be ready to feel and express erupting passions and emotions, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Use them to design your future. It’s time to combine inspiration with reality on November 13, your Monastic Pig day and month. Careful communication on November 25 can bring political benefits for your career on this Farmer Pig day/Monastic Pig month.

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