Chinese Horoscope: August 2016

Chinese horoscope August 2016

The Serious Sheep month ends on August 3rd, which means the Mountain Monkey rules both this month and this year. Having a lot of powerful Monkey energy means that both physical and mental agility—along with careful thought—is crucial in all dealings this August.

Preparing yourself to address surprises in a way that benefits your ideals will ensure you’ll be the one to come up on top. Assert a grounded point of view when others might seem to go off the rails, and you’ll save the day. Your animal days are below:



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Opportunities come through deep, honest communication on August 10th. As the Rat on the Roof, you use the knowledge that comes from personal experience. As the Field Rat on August 22nd, use your brilliant morning ideas and move forward in the later afternoon and evening for success with them.

High-minded and inspired actions bring success on August 11th. As the Sea Ox, you can help guide others through difficult emotional experiences. You are the Lake Buffalo on August 23rd. It’s time to make your love life more solid and for your creative projects to come to life. Financial rewards are on their way.

Innovative ideas fuel your energy on August 12th as you’re the Tiger in the Forest. Pour that brilliance into a real project. The afternoon brings opportunities to build on those new plans. Lunchtime meetings will be great for clear, positive communications on August 24th as you’re the Tiger Climbing the Mountain.

August 1st offers you a new approach and a healing process as you’re the Enlightened Rabbit. On August 13th, evening inspiration helps you flourish as the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. Contemplate your greatest wishes and then really focus on making them happen as the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain on August 25th.

You take a serious and productive approach to your career as the Dragon in the Sky on August 2nd. You’ll be amazed at your healing powers in the process of your work. Romantic relationships open to new joy on August 14th as you’re the Dragon of Pure Virtue. Overcome obstacles by being the diplomat as the Dragon of Patience on August 26th.

There’s an opportunity for an exciting romantic experience on August 3rd for you as the Snake in the Pool. Communicate clearly for a new level of loving satisfaction. You’re the Snake of Happiness August 15th, bringing your ideals into the material world. Your intuition serves you well as the Hibernating Snake on August 27th.

Take care in emotional conversations as the Horse in the Stable on August 4th. Be understanding if tempers flair. Big plans and smart ideas can bring a great foundation for the future as you are the Palace Horse on August 16th. Healing emotions through positive thinking is the best approach for you as the Way Horse on August 28th.

Protecting someone vulnerable on August 5th can bring you real satisfaction as the Sheep in the Pasture. Focus on public activities on August 17th to meet your future fate as the Lucky Sheep. Use your enthusiasm for life and love to make dreams real in your life as the Sheep in the Flock on August 29th.

Use the afternoon of August 6th to take positive action as the Monkey Eating Fruit in this Mountain Monkey month and year. Communication is the key. Balance beautiful dreams with reality on August 18th as the Elegant Monkey today for success. August 30th is the perfect day for innovative action as you’re the Tree Monkey.

Go inward to find clarity on August 7th as the Caged Rooster, then share your inspiration. As the Barnyard Rooster, romance can be intense on August 19th. Think in terms of healing old relationships to create a loving day. August 31st is a day for careful planning before jumping into anything. As the Cock Crowing at Noon, you remind people to think before moving forward.

Find your grounded place and be prepared for surprises on August 8th as the Watch Dog. Opportunities are available if you’re observant. The afternoon of August 20th brings more solid progress as you take action as the Guard Dog.

Real inspiration and beautiful creativity is available to you on August 9th as you’re the Pig in the Forest. You can bring that project to life now. Accomplishment comes from being focused on moving forward with projects and seeking your dreams on August 21st as the Traveling Pig.

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