Chinese Astrology for December 2013

What’s Your Chinese Astrology for the Month?

Many of you know the Chinese astrology animal for your birth year (The current one is Water-Snake.)—a fun symbol for certain qualities you inherit from ancestors/your environment. Even more important to your experience is the yin/yang (feminine/masculine) and predominant element (fire, earth, metal, water or wood) that combine to form the familiar animal energy of the day.

The monthly influence describes those who impact you directly (family/coworkers). The day speaks of you and your current issues. December 2 is the last day of the Pig in the Forest (Yin/Water) month, emphasizing travel and family. December 3 begins Lunar Month 11, lasting through December 31. Rat on the Roof (Yang/Wood) brings gifts and financial benefits.

Day influences:

December 2: Tiger Crossing Forest (Yang/Water)

A time to trust your intuition, study and enjoy your natural appeal to others.

December 3: Rabbit Leaving Forest (Yin/Water)

Intense research can reveal a treasure. Writing can be healing and beneficial.

December 4: Dragon in Whirlpool (Yang/Wood)

Gather your ideas to establish important future goals and begin health programs.

December 5: Snake Leaving Hole (Yin/Wood)

Set and complete small goals to ultimately achieve big plans/success.

December 6: Traveling Horse (Yang/Fire)

This is a perfect day to relax. Humility is far more successful today than an aggressive approach.

December 7: Lost Sheep (Yin/Fire)

Enjoy friends and maintain a relaxed attitude today as you recharge for future action.

December 8: Independent Monkey (Yang/Earth)

A great day for travel and exploring new ideas. Your mind is quick today.

December 9: Rooster Pecking for Food (Yin/Earth)

Study. Gather funds, facts and ideas for your goals.

December 10: Temple Dog (Yang/Metal)

Begin that creative project you’ve been dreaming about. Writing a proposal brings success.

December 11: Farmer Pig (Yin/Metal)

Enjoy the benefits of your past efforts today with family and friends. Listen to their suggestions for success.

December 12: Rat on the Mountain (Yang/Water)

It’s the little things that bring rewards today—a kind word, a small, thoughtful gift or generous act.

December 13: Ox by the Gate (Yin/Water)

Turn nervous energy into a healthy workout or house cleaning. Then celebrate your success.

December 14: Tiger Standing Firm (Yang/Wood)

This day is harmonious with making “executive decisions” at work and in your life. Let go of the old and let in opportunities.

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December 15: The Enlightened Rabbit (Yin/Wood)

Seriously meditate on any decisions or actions that you want to take at this time. You’ll receive great revelations.

December 16: Dragon in the Sky (Yang/Fire)

This is a day for taking action on your most inspired ideas and desires. Your positive attitude brings success.

December 17: Snake in the Pool (Yin/Fire)

There is much to be gained from going inward for guidance. The familiar brings comfort and strength.

December 18: Horse in the Stable (Yang/Earth)

Take action on new projects and be willing to be patient regarding the results. Hard work pays off later.

December 19: Sheep in Pasture (Yin/Earth)

Be gentle with yourself. The small things that you do will build are steps toward something magnificent.

December 20: Monkey Eating Fruit (Yang/Metal)

Your past plans come to fruition for an beautiful day, particularly if travel is involved.

December 21: Caged Rooster (Yin/Metal)

You’ll find joy in accepting the blessings of the day. Take a beautiful sunset walk or enjoying the company of someone you love.

December 22: Watch Dog (Yang/Water)

Speak your heart to someone for positive results and healing for both of you.

December 23: Pig in the Forest (Yin/Water)

If you are seeking funding for, or approval of, a project, this is a good day to move forward. Rely on your good reputation.

December 24: Rat on the Roof (Yang/Wood)

Your creative ideas are spot-on today! Build on your natural talents to bring dreams into reality.

December 25: Sea Ox (Yin/Wood)

This is a perfect day to enjoy the comfort of family and home. If that’s not possible, plan a luxurious private time of relaxation.

December 26: Tiger in the Forest (Yang/Fire)

This is a perfect time to “show your stuff.” A good sense of self serves you well.

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December 27: Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon (Yin/Fire)

You are a visionary today. Your highest ideals are within reach.

December 28: Dragon of Pure Virtue (Yang/Earth)

Your powerful devotion to others’ well-being brings you admiration and success.

December 29: Snake of Happiness (Yin/Earth)

Others respond to your infectious joy in life celebrating the simplest and grandest experiences.

December 30: Palace Horse (Yang/Metal)

Be certain to give yourself some leisure time today. Relaxation allows you to renew yourself for future accomplishments.

December 31: Lucky Sheep (Yin/Metal)

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to enjoy friendships and loving moments—your greatest treasures.

Lunar Month 12: January 1 – 27, 2014: Sea Ox (Yin/Wood)

When more determined, prolonged action can also bring financial gain and other success.

January 1, 2014: The day energy is Elegant Monkey (Yang/Water)

If you use your intelligence and charm today, you could enjoy a special gift from an admirer.

January 2 (Lunar Month 12): Barnyard Rooster (Yin/Water)

You’ll have benefits through hard work and play. Sheer determination serves you well.

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  1. Elizabeth

    This was a wonderful eye-opener. I was born with a special gift myself & and some of these predictions coincide with some inner feelings I have. Your predictions strengthen me. I feel there is something more I should be doing, butcan’t put my finger on it. I want to write a book about some of my psysic experiences but I would need to change names & place. I need help but don’t know where to turn.


    well ‘s about the weather today! sun set up n snoow fall in the eveining time…..complentment of the season! frds may the year2013 end with sucess for me n my loveing n carein family in n back home including frds…..?


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