Your Career Horoscope for Summer 2013

Summer Career Advice

All work and no play can make life hectic, so for this summer career horoscope, try to find the balance in all areas of your life. You’d be surprised what a little fun and family time, not to mention a good night’s sleep can do for your career—probably more than staying at the office for 10 or 12 hours a day ever could. It’s summer, so get out and have a little fun so that when duty calls—and it will—you’ll be rested and relaxed and ready to carpe diem (seize the day).

Now let’s highlight some of what the summer of 2013 has in store for you and your career horoscope:


The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 23 lands in your career house. You’ll be noticed at work for all you do, but make sure that it’s for the right reasons. Venus enters Virgo on July 22 and you find a renewed passion for work again. In mid-August Mercury and the Sun enter Virgo to keep up the momentum, and September’s Virgo New Moon tops off your summer career horoscope nicely.

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Summer has you hopping on the work scene so take the middle or end of June to vacation and rest up. On July 22, the Aquarius Full Moon in your career house puts you under the gun, but your diligence helps you pass the challenge with flying colors. Another Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22 also highlights career but with a more agreeable air about it.


Jupiter enters your 2nd house of earned income on June 25 for a full year, so chances for increasing your salary are quite possible, thanks also to Neptune and Saturn as well as many great career-related aspects. You have a summer career horoscope that some would envy, and it’s quite possible they will.

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Jupiter enters your sign on June 25 where it will be for a full year. Professionally, you could be psyched about a new creative project, but wait until July 20 to put it to action. If you work with tools in your career, take all necessary precautions when Mars enters your sign on July 13 – August 27. Your summer career horoscope suggests a time of expansion in creativity.


Plenty of work comes your way beginning with the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 23. Don’t take on more than you can manage or your work quality will suffer. Work may require some travel and you’ll be asked to put out a few fires along the way throughout June and July. You’ll be busy, but the stars send financial blessings throughout August and September.


Thanks to June’s New Moon, you may find yourself in a new position or job by month’s end—learning a new skill or taking on a leadership position in July. Your great work ethic enables you to take on a lot. A second Full Moon in Aquarius on August 20 finds you fitting into your position more comfortably and the New Moon in Virgo on September 5 makes you even more ambitious at work.


Lucky and expansive Jupiter enters your 10th house of careers on June 25. Congratulations are in order. Opportunities to shine at work come throughout your summer horoscope as well as during the next 13 months. Saturn and Neptune are also aligned to increase career blessings, as well as a New Moon on July 8. Throughout August, Mars in your career house will keep you hopping, but resist the temptation to take on a partner at this time. Take a break when September starts; mid-September more work comes your way.


Your whole summer career horoscope is on fire thanks to various transits through Leo. Venus graces your 10th house of careers from June 27 through July 21—a fabulous time when you can gain clients and cash deals. A New Moon in Leo on August 6 as well as Mars’ visit to Leo from August 8 – 27, gives you added energy and ambition. In order to avoid overload, hire an assistant.


On July 22, Venus enters your 10th house of career. It’s a good boost to your summer career horoscope—get noticed for the contributions you make. Next, on August 23 through September 10 Mercury enters you 10th house and you could have an even better opportunity to get noticed—maybe by a new employer. It looks like a really great summer ahead.


Your career aspirations and goals will be fulfilled through personal contacts while you have the support of Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. Venus in Libra from August 16 through September 10 will require you to balance the good with the bad, but all is good when Venus enters your career house on September 11.


Jupiter enters Cancer and your 6th house on June 25 making the year ahead one that is full of work opportunities and chances to make more money. A New Moon, also in Cancer, on July 8 paves the way for more opportunities. September 11, Venus moves into your career house and you finally get some well-deserved recognition.


Venus is in Leo from June 27 through July 21. This means you’ll enjoy work and the attention it brings—try to remain humble among the accolades. The August 6 New Moon and Mercury’s transit of Leo August 8 through 22, gives you inspiration for creating new projects—a stellar career horoscope for summer.

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    I have been out of work for over 10 months. When and where can I get these “accolades” of which you speak?

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    My new house project in last leg now, I want to shift in the month of Aug 2013. Please advise me which date is suitable.

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