Your Career Forecast for June 11 – July 11, 2013

What’s Ahead for Your Career?

June 11 through July 11 is a powerful period when there are massive changes, while at the same time there are signs everywhere of how exciting the future can be. It’s up to each of us at this point to consider our role in a future that will be challenging, but so rewarding. The days of the crescent moon during the beginning and ending of this period bring revelations regarding the future.

You can be poised to make the most of all the openings around you. Listen to your heart, follow the path that brings you satisfaction and you’ll see a changing world accommodating your plans. On June 25, Jupiter enters Cancer where its energies are “exalted.” Our planet of abundance and positive thoughts is moving into an area where it can express in ways we hadn’t perceived before, so don’t dismiss any dream as too big for your life. It could come true over the next year.


Ride through the conflicts of career desires and the demands in your home life during the month of June 11 through July 11. Continue to believe in your innovative new ideas as creative opportunities surround you on June 12 and 13. Travel and studies bring benefits on June 21 and 22, and you’ll be the star of the show around July 10.


Communications are your key to success during the month of June 11 – July 11. Initiate creative projects on June 14 and 15 and prepare to present them on June 19 – 23. A lover or partner could inspire a creative project on July 11.


You’ve been in a high energy period with a positive attitude building up to the period of June 11 – July 11. Use those efforts to set yourself up for a raise, bonus or a lucrative new client or job over the next year. Creativity is effortless June 16 – 18. You’ll have energy to spare on June 25, so focus on completing projects then.


June 19 – 20 bring inspired work that will please co-workers and clients. As Jupiter enters your sign on June 25, things holding you back in the past will begin to disappear. Your more-positive attitude will attract others. July 6 – 8 will trigger just the actions you need to create that future you’ve been envisioning.


You’ll find inspiration from friends and networking on June 12 – 13. Others will love your sunny presence. Your creativity is in high gear on June 21 as you feel attractive—like nothing can stop you. Venus enters your sign on June 27 bringing rewards from others by the 28th or 29th and on July 9 – 10.


You are particularly creative on June 14 – 15. Conserve your energy and don’t let the emotional upsets of others affect you in the process of your work for great results. Your steadiness and reason will save the day on June 23. You recognize the changes that need to be made at work on July 1 and 2 and will be the voice of reason… again.


Use your diplomatic skills at work to calm others and keep things running smoothly. June 17 – 18 are high-energy days for business travel and completing work-related studies. Apply what you’ve learned to creative efforts and you’ll find management or a generous client pleased with your efforts around the 25th.


With Jupiter moving into Cancer on June 25, a new, creative flow will arise for inspired work. You’ll take your first steps in this new phase on June 19 – 20, with further inspiration on the 27 – 28. You’ll be producing solid results that could be lucrative over the next year. Travel over the weekend of July 6 can be highly beneficial to your progress.

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Partners are dynamos during the month of June with creative efforts and sports activities, particularly on June 12th. You are in the position to initiate brilliant, new ideas in the workplace on June 21. Venus enters Leo on June 27, bringing pleasant travel experiences and personal inspiration. July 9 – 10 can bring further success.


Pay careful attention to partners during June and you’ll find both financial benefits and a possible career boost. Good days for action are June 14, 15 and July 11 for changes you’ve wanted to make in your business. You’ll be feeling such high energy on June 23 that you’ll need to “lay back” a little so as not to intimidate others.

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You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy activities in the workplace during June. A surprise bonus or raise could come about, particularly around June 18. June 25 is an action day for you to boost your image. Show your reliability in the midst of the brilliant surprises you bring to the work environment. July 4 – 5 bring high creative energy.


Both Venus and Jupiter bring benefits to any creative or athletic efforts during the period of June 11 through July 11. June 18 and June 27 are perfect for being in the flow of money, joy and inspiration, so stay open to opportunities. The weekend of July 6 is a great time to enjoy the benefits of your proudest creations—celebrate!

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    wish to know my future career & abt married life & financial stability……..pls advice on this regards…..!


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