Best Post Breakup Coping Skills for Each Sun Sign

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Each sun sign copes with a breakup in different ways. Some fearlessly march on, insisting that they weren’t wounded by the situation. Others bury their heads under the covers until they realize that isn’t really what they want in life.

But every sun sign survives and learns from the experience and moves on. Here is how each sun sign can use their talents and address their vulnerabilities to make the most of their lives and their future relationships:

You are probably the sign that would be one of the last to admit that the breakup was painful. In fact, you may have initiated it, after seeing where things were going. While we applaud your fearlessness, it’s good to acknowledge that the loss of someone who was close to you hurts. Take time to feel the loss in a real way before moving on to your future.

Letting go of love and security isn’t your strong suit. Out of pride, you may pretend that it doesn’t matter – and you have well-deserved pride. People find you desirable, you know it, so who cares about that person who left? Actually, you do. It’s good to look at what did and didn’t work in the relationship so that your next love experience will be more fulfilling.

You’re good at chatting about your breakup. “Big deal – I thought it was just a fling.” But when you go home alone, it’s not that easy. You really cared about the person you lost in an intangible way. They added something special to your life. Find a way to make friends with the person in the future, and add their contribution to your portfolio of life.

You are the sign that is deeply wounded by the loss of someone. It’s personal and emotionally real. The good news is that your emotions pass like a rushing mountain stream, and you see what it means. You are still “you” – a treasure – no matter what that partner didn’t understand. Feel it, shake it off and move on.

You know how amazing you are and how much you have to offer. That former partner who didn’t get your gift doesn’t define you in the slightest. You can feel how powerful your presence is to others and you know how to use that. You’ll find someone more aware of you very soon.

You might be the person initiating that recent breakup. It’s unusual for your dedicated style, but your wisdom offered a glimpse at a greater future for you. If that wasn’t the case, the result is the same. You’re freed and reaching out in personally wonderful ways that you never recognized in the past.

You’re used to breakups because you expect perfection in your love affairs and that seldom happens. Then you turn it inward and think it was your fault when things don’t work out. Relax and be happy that you are that kind, beautiful and talented. Your next love is just around the corner, and there’s a good chance that this is “the one.”

You’ve had some recent reality checks in your relationship, and they were disappointing. Feeling this in the depths of your soul, it brings up unidentifiable relationship pains from the past. Find the original relationship wound in your psyche so that you can let go. You’ll move forward with a freedom that you’ve never known before.

In the past, you were relaxed about relationships coming and going – such is life. But this loss is huge. You feel it in the core of your being and your usual light-hearted attitude isn’t working. Examine your dreams about who you want to be and what this person actually meant to you. Then realize that you have all those qualities within yourself. You can handle this.

As the person who usually builds truly constructive and important relationships, you’ve been rather shocked at your ability to “blow up” things that are no longer needed over the past few years. Whether it looked like it was your partner who created the breakup or your own actions, you’re really looking to make a better future. Watch the sunrise tomorrow. You have so much to offer.

Your career and how you project yourself into the world have been foremost in your needs and wants recently. Your partner probably didn’t recognize what you needed to move forward in life and to be all that your heart knows is true. Your next partner is out there in the mist. You’ll know them when you see that they “get” you.

Life has been so confusing lately that your relationship may have slipped through your fingers in the midst of everything. If that person was meant to be with you, they’ll be back. If not, the next person will be more attuned to your needs and less involved with their own ego. You are the magic they need, so stay with your dreams and ideals.

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