The Astrology of Mardi Gras

Celebration, Reflection and Rebirth

Mardi Gras is a wild and enlightening time of year. February 28 brings this favorite holiday, evolving from an astrological-astronomical phenomenon. The last party day before the 40 fasting days prior to Easter reflects a cycle of Venus, so we look to her for insights.

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Potent Astrological Stuff

What is spectacular about this Mardi Gras is that it happens within days of when a relatively rare 40-day Venus retrograde cycle begins—and just after a Solar Eclipse. That’s some potent astrological stuff!

Creating an Opening

During this upcoming time your love life and finances take you into your past. An old lover or friend may reappear and a lost treasure may come back to you. You’ll resolve emotional and financial situations that were previously unresolved, thus creating an opening in your life. Think twice about every investment or romantic commitment until mid-April. More issues will be resolved then.

Take Precautions

The chart for Mardi Gras looks exciting, but take precautions if you’re out partying. Have a designated driver who’s also willing to watch your purse or wallet as the good times roll. This day is quickly followed by a period of reflection and a past-life feeling for the following six weeks. Each sign has opportunities for special experiences from Mardi Gras and the following transitional period:


You’re almost too full of energy on Fat Tuesday. You can electrify everything around you if you keep your footing. For the upcoming one- to one-and-a-half months, you’ll be thinking more about investing in your love life and career. Store and sort through those thoughts and act later if you can.


Venus rules your sun sign so reflect your beauty in your Mardi Gras celebration. Decorate with grandma’s beads and if you have a fleur-de-lis piece, use it. It is the flower of light/lily (a Venus meaning) and it represents your elegant taste and sexiness. Be thoughtful in love and finance and you’ll feel a new freedom in May.


If there’s a Mardi Gras party at work or with important clients, plan on some crazy activity. If you don’t take anyone too seriously, it can be fun. Partners are suppressing feelings and are more serious, but everything works itself through and will be ultimately beneficial. Be patient and enjoy the results.


People can be volatile on Fat Tuesday. It will be exciting, but keep an eye on others and be certain that everyone is “invited to the party”—even if that’s just an office meeting. You’ll be intuitive over the next month and a half. Use those perceptions as you move forward.


If you travel for Mardi Gras, plan ahead and take care with details—it will be thrilling. You’ll be feeling intensely sexy, but with a seriousness toward your love life and your creativity. Children are also important to include for Mardi Gras and during the upcoming 45 – 50 days.


A partner is confused and overwhelmed on Mardi Gras. Communications are nebulous and idealistic. Take what they say in that context and enjoy the day. You are likely feeling a bit sexy and intense, so make your desires clear. Use the upcoming period to review where you want to invest financially and emotionally.


A partner will be sexy, beautiful and a bit out of control at Mardi Gras. Stay grounded and it will be a fun event. People at work are brilliant but unclear in their communications. Try to give form to their strange, but interesting ideas and you’ll all benefit. The upcoming six-week period will bring great benefits after strong challenges.


You are in a creative frenzy on Mardi Gras—at least in your head. Take care to bring those amazing thoughts to something you can monetize and your next six weeks will be amazing. You’ll be working hard, with lots of surprises, but you’ll get an opportunity to revisit some old great ideas.


You’re itching to travel—either in real life or in your mind on Mardi Gras. Pour that energy into something creative if you can’t take a trip. While those at home or parents may be a challenge to understand, they can inspire you. Your next several months are certainly perfect for artistic/inventive efforts if you set your mind to it.


Sort through communications challenges on Mardi Gras and your celebration will be beautiful and revealing. However, prepare for some old commitments to reappear in your life over the next 6 weeks. You may be surprised at how they benefit you if you take a new approach.


Finances can be truly confusing on Fat Tuesday, so be inventive and charming as you work through whatever challenges you face. Reach into what you’ve learned over the years and you could turn this challenge into something beneficial. The next six weeks will bring a new freedom.


What a day Mardi Gras will be! It’s up to you to see that those dreamy thoughts you’ve been having become real at your party, even if it’s private to you. A little boost to finances is helpful but don’t forget the long term. You can do very well if you invest with thorough study and a plan to handle surprises.

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