Aries and Uranus: New Changes are Manifesting for You

Uranus in Aries Mixes Up Reality—Get Ready!

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m receiving a lot of calls from people born under the sign of Aries. I’m also getting a lot of calls from people who are interested in finding out what the heck is going in with their Aries mate. Why all the fuss about Aries? Why are they suddenly so crazy and unpredictable? In May of 2010, the planet Uranus moved into the sign of Aries! Planets change signs all the time, so what’s so special about this? I’ll tell you!

The last time that Uranus entered Aries was in 1927! Most of the people reading this have not been on the planet long enough to have experienced this energy and to understand what it means. The planet Uranus rules rebellion, revolution, and ingenuity. It brings unpredictability and MAJOR change. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It motivates you to release the old and to try something new and radically different.

When it moved into the sign of Aries last year, it began to shake things up for everyone born in the sign of Aries. If you are an Aries, you have probably been feeling a need to make big changes in your life. Many of you have already started to see these changes manifest. This is just the early stage of a process that will continue to unfold over the next few years. If you can just go with the flow and remain open to what the universe is bringing you this can be a very exciting time, as you step outside of your box and create a completely new life. However, if you are someone who doesn’t handle change well this can be a bumpy ride, as circumstances and events constantly force a change of plans.

If your mate is an Aries, it is likely that he or she is no longer sticking to the usual routine and is behaving in a fashion that you may be unaccustomed to. He or she may suddenly change careers or develop new interests. Or your mate could demand to make major changes in your relationship by either suddenly pushing for a commitment or deciding to call it quits.

What everyone needs to understand is that during this time Aries needs the freedom to grow, to explore, and to change. If you are an Aries, you should embrace change and look for ways to step outside of your box. The universe is supporting you in making radical changes in your life, so go for it! If the person that you love is an Aries, the way to keep them in your life by giving them the space that they need in order to grow into this new aspect of their personality. The more you try to hold them down, the more they will rebel. Show your Aries that you really get who they are by honoring and accepting the person that they are growing into now! They will love you all the more for supporting them on their journey! Let the Aries in your life show you how to step away from the past and make a bold, new start!

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3 thoughts on “Aries and Uranus: New Changes are Manifesting for You

  1. K

    Thanks a lot for these insights. I have been resisting these changes for so long and feel so tired. Now I understand and appreciate the changes Uranus is bringing my way. Thanks again.

  2. Fiona x5178

    Good insight. When Uranus transits in a natal chart astrologically, conditions become unpredictable and often quite irratic. With Uranus transits, things change. Uranus breaks up the current condition so that new growth can occur; much like an iceburg suddenly pulling apart and its pieces crashing into the ocean. Just as it’s orbit around the sun is irratic, so are the early circumstances Uranus brings with its entry into a new sign, or into an old situation. Uranus represents the forward progress of humanity, sudden realizations, out of the blue happenings, universal timing, and the study of ancient truths in modern context. It is the planet that rules astrology and metaphysics. It wakes us up and tosses us out of our comfortable beds just as if we were shot out of a cannon! With Uranus transits, especially if they are positively aspected, brilliant insight can occur. It leaves us breathless with our heads spinning and looking for new answers to old problems. Everything seems temporary, but when the dust settles Uranus blesses us with profound awareness and the ability to say, “I now realize. I have grown. I am more. I see.” Our lives go in a new direction, sometimes down paths we never dreamed. Such is the legacy of Uranus. Personal growth. Breathless insight. Looking within. Facing our fears. Realizations that we are all one–all interconnected–personal freedom, the family of humanity–we are the world, Cosmic Mind, universal law, cause and effect, new ways of thinking and living. Einstein. Nikolas Tesla. The American Revolutionaries. The Declaration of Independence. In ancient times Uranus was depicted as the Water Bearer pouring out its blessings upon humanity for the greater good. Louis Pastuer, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Helena Blavatsky, the Hippocratic Oath, Bill Gates, self help books, quantem physics, light workers.
    In a personal but abstract way, Uranus brings in temporary situations and fast coming and going relationships of the “revolving door” type, so that the underlying message contained within these temporary experiences can finally be realized–a mystery solved. Uranus represents unbiased honesty. it asks you, “What needs to change in your life?,” even though you may not like the question or even want the answer. It says, “Time to wake up, get going, take the blinders off, face the truth, live authentically, be real.”
    If you have ever ripped off a band-aid then you get my drift. It’s the sudden turning on of the light bulb in the darkened room. The cold shower, dynamite, the disappeared lover believed at first to be the forever soul mate, gone without warning into places unknown, leaving you questioning, “What happened?”
    Uranus is our master teacher, guiding us through our biggest life lessons so that we can understand why this or that happened and finally–live a life filled with meaning, integrity, and rich with the things that matter. It is from these Uranus experiences that wisdom is learned. Oddly enough, after all this, Uranus is the planet that helps alleviate suffering. Surprised? That’s Uranus! The greatest advancements in medicine, surgeries, psychotherapy, the twelve step group concept, and other forward thinking ideas that took humanity to the next level–in every case, Uranus was there, offering up some type of positive influence and mind opening breakthrough that helped humanity move forward. Uranus says, “You are the world. You are here to bless each other. You will find your true love. I will bring them. I know where they are. But in the meanwhile, be a light. Lift each other up. You have a higher calling. Follow it. It is the path to your authentic self.”
    Blessings everybody.
    It is an Aries Moon/Uranus day!

  3. LUCY

    WOW, great insight and clarity Krishni! Thank you for explaining to all of our Aries callers what the “roller coaster” ride is all about. I think you nailed it! And, it’s a good thing to know that you DO belong to a group of people experiencing similarities therefore nobody is “going this” alone.


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