Your April Chinese Horoscope

Your Chinese Horoscope: Change and Opportunities

April is The Dragon of Pure Virtue month offering tremendous change and real opportunities. Letting go of your fear of change allows you to see the breakthroughs available for a great future. Then, April 29 brings The Snake of Happiness month with a world full of options and freedom.

Chinese and Western astrology both point to Jupiter as the key to the powerful aspects/cosmic activity around us in April, and Jupiter cycles created the 12-year Chinese animal zodiac. Using the power of your animal in April is using the power of Jupiter. Personal transitions will be clearer as you take this broad, new view of what is possible. Here’s your April Chinese Horoscope!

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Use the table below to locate your animal year and energy:



Your intensity and purpose bring love and success on April 11 as The Rat on the Mountain. Your unique talent to take inspiration and nurture it patiently wins out. On April 23 Rat on the Roof rules and your practical nature serves you and others in these unsettling times for many people.


On April 12 you are The Ox by the Gate at the brink of dreams coming true. Use your earthy knowledge to inspire others to take care of each other and the planet. Pursuing a “green” future could bring a new career or love. On April 24 you feel Sea Ox power allowing you to go with the flow. Go slow and steady to succeed in the end.

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On April 1 you are The Tiger Crossing the Forest, sure-footed in this surprise-filled day. You succeed by inspiring others with your pure passion. On April 13 you are The Tiger Standing Firm a midst change. Love brings you joy on April 25 as The Tiger in the Forest.


April 2 offers the opportunity to guide others who are feeling stuck with Rabbit Leaving the Forest. On April 14 you are The Enlightened Rabbit benefiting everyone with your insights. On April 26 you are The Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. Use this inspiration to feel more comfortable in new circumstances.


April 3 is powerful for you as both the day and month of the Dragon. The Dragon in the Whirlpool spins love and creativity from communications. On April 15 you are The Dragon in the Sky as your creativity shines. April 27 is your month and day of The Dragon of Pure Virtue. Use intuition for your best strategy.

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April 4 is a day for action with Snake Leaving a Hole. Powerful emotions drive you to accomplishment. April 16’s symbolic Snake in the Pool gives you energy to create something permanent. On April 28 as The Snake of Happiness you show others how to bring their dreams to life.


April 5 is The Day of the Traveling Horse and your natural, team-working quality brings both love and money to you and loved ones. April 17’s Horse in the Stable indicates an evening of comfort and inspiration in the midst of change. On April 29 your Palace Horse qualities bring synergy to create successful partnerships.


April 6 is The Day of the Lost Sheep and it has a beautiful, intuitive flow of love and creativity. With April 18’s Sheep in Pasture theme there is a loving, yet exciting energy for you to enjoy. On April 30 you are the Lucky Sheep with breakthroughs available to you during the evening.


On April 7 as The Independent Monkey you are absolutely in your realm. If you show others how responsible you are as well, you win on all fronts. April 19 brings the harmonious energy of Monkey Eating Fruit. Allow others to direct your inspired ideas in practical ways.


On April 8 you rule as The Cock Pecking for Food, bringing clear answers to what seemed to be an impossible situation. April 20 is a pivotal day for many with transformation in the air. As The Caged Rooster you guide the way to make upsets become lucrative opportunities.

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On April 9 you become the leader of the pack on this Day of the Temple Dog as you are the master of the coordinated efforts needed for accomplishment. April 21 has a more grounded feeling. As today’s “Watch Dog” you protect yourself and others through strong intuition and instincts.


On April 10, The Day of the Farmer Pig, show others how nature is beautiful and nurtures their souls for a laid-back break. April 22 is your day as The Pig in the Forest rules. You are even more clever than usual in your approach to problems as you offer the brilliant ideas needed today.

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    am impressed that the pig is consider cleaver. Most of my readings have been spot on this year. I moved and it kinda fits that am really comfortable were I at. Thanks to the pig who knew.

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    Is there any hope that I will meet my sole mate soon, or am destine to be single forever? I am a Gemini/monkey.

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