Afflicted Moon Aspects

Today’s afflicted Moon aspects can destabilize your emotions unless you focus on staying centered, especially during any conflicts that arise. Breaking down the influences, the Moon-Uranus square at 6:58 am PDT can cause some extreme emotional reactions. If you feel yourself going over the edge of reason, take a breath and count to 10 before blurting out a wicked response.

Next comes the Moon-Jupiter square at 11:35 a.m., which can prompt you to overextend yourself when promising something. Still, it’s an optimistic, energizing influence. However, there’s a severe emotional pullback when the Moon collides with Saturn and Pluto from noon to about 2 pm PDT. Saturn can bring up relationship fears if your love life is on shaky ground, while Pluto can give you the urge to eliminate emotional junk. The two influences could work well together if you have the courage to face your problems and do something about them. In any case, today may be intense.

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