A Double Dose of Virgo

The seasons move inexorably, and the changes in weather affect our moods, our interests and our desires. Since we can’t change or master the seasons, how can we best use their energies?

The sun has been in Leo for the last month, signaling a time for fun, creativity and romance – summer fun is Leo’s specialty. Now, the sun moves into careful, considerate, hard-working Virgo, with the Virgo New Moon on August 23rd heralding the beginning of a Virgo super-month, its energies invested in both the sun and the moon. The sun represents your individual approach to life – your creative self, while the moon is your emotional self, so both facets of your personality will be concerned with expressing energies that are communicative, service-oriented, and detail-obsessed.

For those going back to school, this alignment is useful. There will be a fascination for information, with the energy and will to organize and share it. For the rest of us, we can use that natural enthusiasm for knowledge to bone up on new information for work, for our creative projects and wherever we offer service to our clients or families or to society.

It’s a wonderful time to gather and organize information for new projects, new ventures and volunteerism. There’s also an enormous reserve of energy and willpower to finally get to the business of your health – it’s the ideal time to begin a diet, a new exercise program, and to address any health concerns.

Virgo energy is about finding fulfillment by doing necessary work, and doing that work as perfectly as possible. The idea of the Work Ethic as a fundamental value, a virtue and a cultural expression of individual worth is Virgo in its purest form; these ideas are also social ideas because the work we do not only is fulfilling for us but affects others.

Work, in some senses, is a service to others and to society, even though we rarely view it this way. Virgo energy is born with this understanding, and is willing and able to do everything required to bring something off. You’ll never hear a Virgo huffily exclaim, “That’s not in my job description.” Since Virgo energy prides itself on its capacity for work, its thoroughness and the social benefits of their work, woe to those who don’t respond with appropriate gratitude and thanks.

Also, Virgo energy is exceedingly precise, effective and efficient, meticulous and focused. Virgo not only gets a project planned and started, Virgo’s focus never flags, even when it’s time for cleanup and dealing with the many little details that make the finished product polished perfection. Ruled by Mercury, the communicator, Virgo excels at analysis, critical thinking, and mental feats of discrimination. It organizes and catalogs information carefully and is tireless in its desire for completion so that no one ever has to clean up after them. Virgo has been described as fussy, and this reputation is not entirely undeserved.

If you’ve got a lot of Virgo in your birthchart (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or more than 1 planet or house in Virgo), you may find now that all this Virgo energy is too much. It may make you such a perfectionist that you feel that everything you do is a failure because of some unavoidable (and tiny) flaw – this can make you quickly feel overwhelmed, despondent and then unable to cope with daily life. Don’t let your perfectionism blind you to the benefits and successes of your efforts. Decide for the time being to let others you trust be the judge of your work, and recognize that you’re not in a place to be objective right now. Make a concerted effort to keep things in perspective, to keep your sense of humor, and to keep moving even when things don’t end up exactly as you’d envisioned.

Astrologically, it’s the perfect time to:

  • Take on an ambitious project at work
  • Reorganize and clean-out drawers, closets, garages and basements
  • To start a new health program and see your doctor for a check up
  • To volunteer
  • To ask for more responsibility at work
  • Start your research for your novel, screenplay or genealogy project

This month, the universe is offering up energies to help you get serious, focused and get things accomplished. Just be certain to not go overboard, don’t be too critical of your own efforts, don’t burn the candle at both ends and remember that ‘work hard, play hard’ keeps your energy up for continued momentum. Your work, in all its forms, is how you take responsibility for shaping the universe and expressing your part in it.

If you already feel overwhelmed, overmatched and unable to get through your days, you may need some insight into your personal astrological situation!

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