Your 2014 Annual Forecast

2014 is Full of Inspiration!

What are your aspirations for 2014? Would you like to uplift your love life, creativity or relationships with your kids? Do you want more courage to pursue your dreams? Lucky Jupiter transiting into courageous, loving Leo in July can help you achieve those goals. During the first half of the year, Jupiter in Cancer will bless your endeavors connected to your home life.

Remaining in their signs from last year are Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

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Below, we’ll take a look at the significant transits (if any) for each month, along with relationship influences, money opportunities and retrograde planets. Keep in mind that retrogrades encourage going inward to deal with unfinished business, heal emotional issues and deepen your spirituality.

May 2014 bring you more blessings than you could ever imagine!


Significant: A tumultuous Jupiter-Pluto opposition can indicate it’s time to transform your beliefs about money/prosperity, sex or power. This influence can intensify egotism, power-plays and extremism.

Relationships and Money: Retrograde Venus in Capricorn can evoke a desire for a long-term relationship, but may also bring up an issue about commitment, boundaries, stagnation or loneliness. The flow of money can be stymied until after Venus goes direct on the 31st. Mars will be in Libra through July 25, which energizes and challenges partnerships, cooperation, compromise and artistic pursuits.

Retrogrades: Venus turning direct on the 31st will help relationships and financial endeavors move forward. Jupiter continuing its retrograde travels from last November (until March 6) favors an evaluation of your spirituality, education and personal integrity.

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Significant: An unstable Jupiter-Uranus square may evoke a change in your direction or belief system. It can also prompt a sudden shift in perspective.

Relationships and Money: Venus in Capricorn encourages perseverance, practicality and commitment in relationships. Saving money, financial goal-setting and networking to advance your career are favored. Mars continues its transit through Libra (see January).

Retrogrades: Mercury in Pisces/Aquarius will be retrograde from the 6th until the 28th, which can derail communications and travel plans. It encourages a review of your spiritual beliefs and how you communicate in a group setting. Jupiter continues its retrograde travels (see January).


Relationships and Money: Venus transits into Aquarius on the 5th, which energizes group gatherings and activities with friends. Love has a more objective vibe. A friend, group or innovative endeavor may bring a financial opportunity. Mars continues its transit through Libra (see January).

Retrogrades: Mars in Libra turning retrograde on the 1st (until May 19) encourages a review of your relationships, sexuality and how you spend your energy. Saturn in Scorpio turning retrograde on the 2nd (until July 20) can block of some of your material goals until you get in touch with self-limiting beliefs that hinder your progress. Jupiter turning direct on the 6th will accelerate opportunities by helping you envision your larger purpose.


Relationships and Money: Venus transiting out of Aquarius (see March) and into Pisces on 5th can inspire the need for a spiritually-based relationship. It also favors volunteer work as a road to fulfillment and possibly romance. You may get the urge to donate money to a cause that inspires you. Mars continues its transit through Libra (see January).

Retrogrades: Pluto turning retrograde on the 14th (until September 22) favors an exploration of your dark side, which can manifest as anger, jealousy or resentment. Mars and Saturn continue their retrograde travels (see March).


Significant: Jupiter trine Saturn merges luck with hard work, which can result in the fulfillment of a personal or professional goal.

Relationships and Money: Venus transits through three signs this month. The planet of love moves out of Pisces (see April) and into Aries on the 2nd, which can prompt the need for more independence or passion in your love life. Launching a project can benefit your finances. Venus transiting into Taurus on the 28th gives love a natural and sensual vibe. It can also get you in touch with your earning power. Mars continues its transit through Libra (see January).

Retrogrades: Mars turning direct on the 19th will accelerate your plans and projects. Continuing their retrograde travels are Saturn (see March) and Pluto (see April).


Relationships and Money: Venus moves out of Taurus (see May) and into Gemini on the 23rd, which infuses love with a lighter, intellectual energy. A romantic or financial opportunity can be found via social networking or while traveling. Mars is still in Libra (see January).

Retrogrades: Mercury in Cancer/Gemini will be retrograde from the 7th until July 1, which can disrupt communications and especially travel. It favors a review of your family patterns and communication style. Neptune in Pisces turning retrograde on the 9th (until November 15/16) encourages introspective activities that get you in touch with your inner life. Continuing their retrograde travels are Saturn (see March) and Pluto (see April).


Significant: Jupiter begins its one-year transit through Leo on the 16th, which shines a benevolent light on romance, creative ventures, leadership, recreation, risk-taking and activities with children (or activities that bring out your inner child).

Relationships and Money: Venus transiting out of Gemini (see June) and into Cancer on the 18th favors homey trysts, activities with family members and expressing your feelings. Look for financial opportunities that involve families or real estate. Mars finally moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on the 25th, which can intensify passion, focus, jealousy, obsessiveness or controlling behavior.

Retrogrades: Mercury turning direct on the 1st will help untangle communications and travel arrangements. Saturn turning direct on the 20th will accelerate your material goals. Uranus turning retrograde on the 21st (until December 21) can disrupt technology, but favors an analysis of how you express your originality and individuality. Pluto continues its retrograde travels (see April).


Relationships and Money: Venus moving out Cancer (see July) and into Leo on the 12th energizes romantic encounters, creative ventures and activities with children. Romance may be found during a party or performance. Seek out financial opportunities that involve entertainment, recreation, relationships, children or utilizing your own creativity. Mars continues its transit through Scorpio (see July).

Retrogrades: Continuing their retrograde travels are Pluto (see April), Neptune (see June) and Uranus (see July).


Significant: A Jupiter-Uranus trine can inspire a unique or innovative project. It also favors the use of technology to achieve your aims. At an emotional level it can prompt a sudden and potentially life-changing insight.

Relationships and Money: Venus transits through three signs this month, moving out of passionate Leo (see August) and into intellectual, helpful Virgo on the 5th. This influence favors an analysis of your relationships and being of service to others. Romance may come while on the job or volunteering for a cause. Activities related to health or service can bring a financial opportunity. Venus moving into Libra on the 29th illuminates love, fairness, cooperation and compromise in relationships. A partnership, social media or art can benefit your finances. Mars transits out of Scorpio (see July) and into Sagittarius on the 13th, which energizes adventurousness, learning and philosophical views.

Retrogrades: Pluto turning direct on the 22nd will help you express your personal power. Continuing their retrograde travels are Neptune (see June) and Uranus (see July).


Relationships and Money: Venus moving out of Libra (see September) and into Scorpio on the 23rd gives relationships a passionate, intense or obsessive vibe. Money may come from investments or other people’s assets. Mars transits out of Sagittarius (see September) and into Capricorn on the 26th, which can heighten your determination to achieve your outer goals.

Retrogrades: Mercury in Scorpio/Libra will be retrograde from the 4th until the 25th, so be mindful of communications and travel arrangements. Discussing the past with your partner or a close friend can bring valuable insights. Continuing their retrograde travels are Neptune (see June) and Uranus (see July).


Significant: Between now and the end of December, a transformational Uranus-Pluto square may prompt you to eliminate something you no longer need, such as a negative attitude, habit, activity, relationship or job.

Relationships and Money: Venus transits out of Scorpio (see October) and into Sagittarius on the 16th. Relationships may need more freedom, adventure or spiritual connection now. Look for financial opportunities through education or travel. Mars continues its transit in Capricorn (see October).

Retrogrades: Neptune turns directing on the 15th/16th will help clarify your direction. It may also shed light on something you’ve been in denial about. Uranus is still retrograde (see July).


Significant: The Uranus-Pluto square continues from last month, encouraging changes that make way for a new beginning.

Relationships and Money: Venus transiting out of Sagittarius (see November) and into Capricorn the 10th highlights commitment and stability in relationships. Stagnation or rigidity may be a challenge. Money can flow from your own efforts to advance your career, especially through networking. Mars transiting out of Capricorn (see October) and into Aquarius on the 4th energizes group projects, technology and philanthropy.

Retrogrades: Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th favors an evaluation of your spiritual life, education and personal integrity. It can hinder the launch of a project unless it focuses on helping others. Uranus turning direct on the 21st enables technology and innovation move forward.

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