12/21/12: Are You Ready?

Find the Real You and Your True Path in 2013

On December 21, 2012, as Psychic Amanda told me, we’re completing a 26,000-year cycle! Wow. Have you noticed the increase in reports on how meditation and praying help you? How about the increase of spiritual and religious symbols appearing on everything from mugs to t-shirts? It seems to be culminating with the end of the Mayan calendar and heralding us into something new. What is it? I asked a few of our psychics for their insights and tips.

What’s Happening the Day after 12/21/12?

Psychic Quinn ext. 5484:

Wake up! It’s almost 2013. Where the heck did last year go? Plans went to the wayside, and a feeling of being unaccomplished is giving you a headache. Well, my loves, take a deep breath and know that in this new year, we are in Universal 6 cycle. We will move forward with balance and harmony. “Flexibility” is the mantra, we will take actions that put the past behind us and we will be able to stay focused and use this creative vibration. Bending with the wind, we will not break as we make this year one of the most spiritual and enjoyable in a long time. Get a detailed 2013 forecast from astrologer Psychic Quinn ext. 5484.

Psychic Shauna ext. 9010:

What if December 21 is just another ordinary day when you wake up? Or is it? If you listen to the news, you know the world we know is changing, right? They forgot to tell you the entire Universe is rebooting! Put aside your fear and open your heart to the real news. It’s a game changer!

If you feel out of balance, it’s because your body, mind and spirit are trying to absorb the intensity of the ramped up particles of energy kicking us into high gear. It doesn’t do any good to resist. Do not fear. This change is elevating the whole planet out of the darkness to shift our awareness, of who you are, which is the real truth of who we all are. The truth is not division.

Psychic Amanda ext. 5605:

One of my personal predictions is that 2013 will herald a new age and a new dawn. For many, it will provide unique and unexpected opportunities of abundance, success, joy and bliss. For others, it will be a year of struggles and hardships. Where you are in the spectrum will be dictated by the energetic vibrations of your thoughts and your body. We know that we are energy beings and vibrate at particular frequencies.

How Do You Embrace the Unknown in 2013?

Psychic Chastity ext. 5403:

I suggest being present in both mind and body and knowing all is well both now and in the time to come. This means taking the time to connect with yourself on a personal level of spiritual and physical body through meditation, yoga and time in nature. Centering and connecting yourself to your life and goals, seeing what’s positive and setting your sites on new changes coming in 2013 will make a difference in your life. Living in confidence that all is well, and letting go of any false worry as the Ascended Masters have already deemed this to be an important ascension for our positive growth as beings. Need some help breaking through to finding the real you? Talk with Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 who can see your path ahead.

Psychic Spencer ext. 5643:

Here are a few tips on how you can get ready, embrace it and ride the wave into a new era of your life:

1. Release the old things that no longer serve you. This can be from people to the clutter in your home. If it is people, bless them and release them. If it is old ideas and fears, dissolve them.

2. Make sure you are crystal clear on what you want your new life to be.

3. Embrace change. It’s a journey, not a destination. And when you take control of the change you ride it like a seasoned surfer, rather than get caught in it like a helpless victim of circumstances. Radical change can feel like a giant elephant just walked into the room—completely overwhelming. I like to say, “How do you eat an elephant? One tiny bite at a time.” Carve it up, and take one tiny little bite or step at a time through change, even radical change.

4. Have a daily spiritual practice. It does not matter what you do, what is important is that you do it daily. It allows you to release your blocks and fears and focus on the new things coming to you.

5. Embrace your power. You have the power to change your life. This new age is all about empowerment and consciousness. You are not a victim anymore.

63 thoughts on “12/21/12: Are You Ready?

  1. Major Basir

    Change is the only changelessness in the world so why to be scared of change. Hundreds of thousands of Divine Forces are deputed for this phenominan, so why to be worried.

  2. todon

    It is not the great things to know 21/12/2012 because we should know everyday is changing may be by degree. Therefore, definitely 21/12/2012 will change just like another day by degree but will not change by bulk or speculation all of a sudden.

  3. Narendra

    Will dis old man be getting married{at d age of 56}in 2013?If yes!Will that be d lady of my dreams?
    Anyway-I’m ever ready for everything/anything-come what may-no problem.GOD IS ALWAYS GREAT.HALLELUJAH !

  4. diana

    thank you ive been so depress and what to call but things r hard right know and i do need to rember that the unavers supports me and all is well in my world and that change is part of my life as well as the next person and be gratfull and find grateite for the things the life has put in front of me to help me move on in life a to be postive that i can do it and stop doing what i preach everyday to my kid my boyfriend tomorrow is just that tomorrow never come it will aways me tomorrow do what i can at this moment thank you for ur spritual advise with love thanks

  5. Dary Lott

    21/Dec/2012 is only the end of one Mayan Cycle. The entire universe operates in cycles. This planet is ever evolving and changing as it always has for millions of years. Are there changes coming? of course, there are, but as before in ages past, mankind will need to adapt and learn to work with nature instead of only taking from it. The Wisdom of the Ancients was to always give back and replentish what was used. We have no time to waste as the earth and all the forces of nature are in turmoil. The destiny of mankind hinges on the ending of discord and a return to the original harmony that existed in the beginning. A united effort world wide is needed from this very moment ward to reverse the damage progress(?)has done in every corner of the earth. The earth has all the answers we need. We are not creators, only inhabitants in an extremely fragile envorinment……

  6. jovan "mar" iris

    Whatever rut, questioning, depression or suffering is going on in your life right now is a VITAL STEP to your next higher level of evolution!!!
    A worry is a fear. FEAR NOT, & be worry free… all we can do now is REPENT and time to meditation… 3 DAYS to go…..
    If you had only 3 days to live, what are the 3 most important things that you would do? Be very specific..

  7. Cheyenne

    The power we call “god” …just is..it has no negative or positive spins…WE put the negative or positive connotations into it. That power is energy, light, love, god, electricity (interchangeable depending on the context of communication) or it is the devil, darkness, fatigue, fear, pain, anger, anxiety and hate. It inside us, and outside of ourselves at the same time. It’s the same “energy”. We can take it and use it to make our lives better for ourselves and others, or we do have not use it all, or we can use it to do selfish, cruel things.

    Life is prescripted. All the world is a dance. “The world ending” is one of those dances. We have had it “predicted” several times and it did not come to fruition. Energy never dissipates just transforms, but we as humans don’t really know how to globally direct it anyway. It will be what it will be. Emotions and feelings (discharge of energy) in humans are designed to make us actually “FEEL” ,which gives richness to life, but that’s all. We all will do what we will do, matters not what choice. It will always be the right choice in the bigger picture. There isn’t a god who is a magic man in the sky, with a long beard and a magic wand that grants us our three wishes when we pray.

    If the world ends, it will be because that’s the way it is. But we don’t end. It’s not possible. Hate is NOT the opposite of love. “NOTHING” is the opposite of love. We can never ever know “Nothing” because we are something. We turn the absence of light into a color. (black) We even work with (‘0’), zero and numbers below zero because the energy in us means something.(postive OR negative). Even the shape of the number 0 is a circle…with no ending. A square or a rectangle or a triangle has properties of a circle. A straight line is an optical illusion. We cannot draw a straight line because it’s continuance is a circle.

    It’s been said , “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” I have said,” It’s never the wish, but the path the wish takes, to come to fruition that’s problematic and people cannot handle.”

    It is what it is… be sure to feel and think because that all there is to this life. The only thing that is constant is change in any and every form, BUT NO END. Enjoy the variety. Know who and what you are, your intent and you are good to go.

  8. Emily S.

    I have been on a spiritual path for the last 3 years. Listening to my higher self and not ego is a daily job. Try my best God takes care of the rest! May God bring blessings your way!! Love n Peace coming your way!

  9. Linda

    I pray that this coming year will bring really great financial changes..for us..that I finally resolve all the problems Ive been having over these past years since my mom’s passing. I pray that I will finally be able to sit back and relax..which I have not been able to do for a long time.

  10. elena

    I think nothing special not will be, the world, our world, to move slowly and quiet in the same direction, in the same way as very year. New and old will be all, as every year since we know from our experience or from books. the same poverty and the same richness, the joy and the pain, hungry and fullness. when I read history I see the same stories, as today. We tend to believe we have more carefulness as other generation because have the internet to discuss our opinion about everything, but still the human being is the same as 2000 years a go. nothings changed, nothing will be change. I’m not pessimist just realist. In 2013 we see the same glamour and the same poverty like this year. we, not are either good either bad as other generations, and if some change will be in Universe or here to the earth the humanity will cross in the same way, as before with every challenge.

  11. elena

    I think nothing special not will be, the world, our world, to move slowly and quiet in the same direction, in the same way as very year. New and old will be all, as every year since we know from our experience or from books. the same poverty and the same richness, the joy and the pain, hungry and fullness. when I read history I see the same stories, as today. We tend to believe we have more carefulness as other generation because have the internet to discuss our opinion about everything, but still the human being is the same as 2000 years a go. nothings changed, nothing will be change. I’m not pessimist just realist. In 2013 we see the same glamour and the same poverty like this year. we, not are either good either bad as other generations, and if some change will be in Universe or here to the earth the humanity will cross in the same way, as before with every challenge. That is my opinion

  12. Cutsie

    Interesting to hear all the strong positive thoughts. The World is not coming to an end. The call to awaken to the pure natural spirits of good and evil is being bestowed upon us. wake up out of the deep zombie slumber that most live in and do what needs to be done to create the peace that is being demanded or mother nature and father time are going to continue to do it for us. It’s really rather simple.

  13. c.wright.thru.u.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to/for Holly Allender Kraig and ALL.

    Ever-increasing/evolving Divine Love, Appreciation, Joy, Gratitude, Light, Peace, Wellness, Healing, Abundance, Ascension, Oneness, Wealth, Freedom, to/for ALL, always!

  14. Electra11

    I’m rarely ready for anything, but enjoy the challenges such states of affairs bring. I like the idea of uncluttering the surroundings, which is the first step assuming laziness doesn’t prevail!

  15. albert hristaan

    i sincerely don’t believe the world will end december 21st,2012,i saw a lot of terrible vids how the world should end and millions of people would die ,i think we will say to each other good morning on december 22nd.Albert

  16. Terrell

    I truely belive Jesus has a huge plan for thi time , it is change,, The meek and humble will rise up and the greedy and sinnful will fall..

  17. Portia d'Alcantara

    I believe that a new era is being heralded in, many old things will be washed away. I can only hope (selfishly) that the events of my living personal hell these last 3 years will too, be washed away into good and finally some peace in my life. Thank you for your encouragement

  18. vivian aven

    Wow !! all of your coments and insights are awsome !!! with so many like minded people all having the same thoughts I know that the world will be ok. We all just have to stay positive, ( i know that it’s hard at times) keep praying & meditating, and remember to embrace & respect Mother Earth!! and most importantly send your love/Humanity out to the world ! everyone in this world counts we are all the same!! Anyway Love & Peace to you all !!

  19. Leland Whitehouse

    I’ve had great changes in my recent past. I have survived a deep hurt and gained an old love that has lasted the test of time. I can feel the energy building for some time. I recently purchased a crystal and wear it as a neckless and will wear it constantly. I only need now is to find time to meditate more often every day if possible God & Love are much more powerful than pain or death. My glass will always be half full. I have two guardian Angles and they have saved me more than once, Im protected.

  20. meg miller

    It,s funny that you should be speaking about great changes,as i have been feeling swirls of energy around me since July 2012. I have felt a deep need to explore my spiritual and psychic side which seems to be getting stronger and more centered.
    I have noticed a lot of people seem to be holding their breath,standing still in fear and confusion,that is a negative response to felt changes and by the time they are made visible the choices they could have made will have been made for them!.
    Do the opposite, open up your center,the place where you feel you live within, gather to you the natural world and all in it, close your eye,s and imagine yourself already in the place – situation you wish you were, do it every day,it,s a mantra and when you do this,
    light a candle,the lighted candle will constantly remind you of your intent.
    Be healthy, during the winter month,s , take vitamin D….B12…AND KELP TABLETS , the kelp helps balance your sugar levels. if you doubt any of this information, do your own research. I wish you all out there a blessed Christmas and a save winter.

  21. gopinathan k

    In a previous comments-to J Lynn-I think I had requested for their opinion
    on this matter.Now comes the diff. opinions or comments of your various
    psychics.Firstly I must admit that I am sad that their comments are not
    at all with clarity on the subject matter-one which is understood by the
    common man.Vague and unclear opinions -may be show their elevated
    level of thinking and evaluation and expression-but for the common man
    it is more or less riddles.The straight forward question is will be the world
    end on 12.21.12?.My answer is a definite no.Second question is then?Answer is changes are inevitable and may occur perhaps for good more probability is for bad-Question bad means what?.Probably Mother Nature’s way of correcting things-Natural disasters or any change which nature feels may help mankind-even if it seems to be a punishment for us-the general public.

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ps….. just being aware and ” enlightened ” won’t cut it ( although it’s a good starting point ), over the next 2 decades…..it will be all about taking action to bring about the changes needed .

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’m setting my coffeemaker up the night before, as I do every night, so I can wake up to fresh coffee in the morning.

    Between the world coming to an abrupt end or waking up to freshly brewed coffee, …….. I’m betting on the coffee. LOL

    I DO, however, believe that we are entering a very dangerous age for mankind as a whole, if anything unfolds over the next few decades, it will be because mankind brought it on themselves.

    Over population, a planet unable to sustain food and water for an over populated planet, polution, wars, global economic instability …..I believe we are entering the age of accountability of our past and present actions.

  24. bvs suresh babu

    what is my position in the new job?
    will i sucecessful in the new job, will i stay for morethan 2 years
    is the job tough for me?

  25. Nini

    Of course things will change, they change drastically every day. Stay true to your heart, compassion and path. Patience, presence, mindfulness. Genuine sincerity. Look inside yourself, and from the inside out your life will change, for the better.

  26. Arthur

    It too bad that those of largely mental disposition, are taking the low road causing hate and discontent in whatever they do…And since we are in transition to a new system, we are not yet equipped to deal with them and intitiate preventative measures, that will ensure the saftey of the rest of us, who are coping and would do anything, to help these troubled souls cope in more positive ways, than to try and “murder” the rest of us…The instigation of true awareness in thought word and deed must become the highest priority in society, schooling and religion/spirituality…The paramount focus of life toward quality, and away from quantity…

  27. Chandira

    Amanda, I’m not sure that it’s helpful to tell people that what their experience is, is dependent on what kind of person they are. Good people have bad years.
    I think people blame themselves, if you tell them something like their experience depends on whether they think nice thoughts or not, and something bad happens. That’s true in some sense, but a little over-simplistic. I feel if you say something like that, you should explain it more.
    Being pessimistic does not help, and yes, something can happen, and your experience of it does indeed depend on your own reaction to it, but you can’t imply that a person is somehow not a good person, if something really terrible if it happens.
    People did that to me a few years ago, and it was soul-destroying to hear. People don’t always understand what that means, anyhow. It takes a long time and much soul-searching to understand that.

  28. Carolyn

    I find it interesting that all of the people that wrote articles, made no mention of the changes and enlightenment that our mothership is going to go through. All things will be new. There will be no darkness, only light, we will no longer spin counter clockwise, we will stop for 3 days and when we start again, switch directions. The sun will rise in the west. Everything we have ever known is going to change. Mother Earth, your neighbors, friends, mates, and children will never be the same again. Hang on, it’s going to be quite a ride. Like something out of a Disney movie.

  29. meskerem manahly

    oh thanks a lot for your advice in 2013 can i get a good news i need to her about to birth a babay i was married i can’t get babay i want her new tihng to herd about that is happens i was bloked my phloopyan tube i thing it will be ok and have babays in new year that my headhek may i lesen abut that .
    i am praying and have madication alot i need babayies can you see my horoscope and send me e-mail pleas .

  30. Tracy Wold

    To Everyone,
    Don’t get too excited,just relax.The Mayan calender ending on 12/21/2012,is not the end of our time,but a heads up to an acknowledgement.This will be the time that the Extraterrestrial will make themselves known to the human race again!The Mayans met the Extraterrestrial beings in their time.They believed they were the gods of the Heavens,and worshipped them.The Mayans documented this event to happen,by creating a calender.This event will happen in the state of Arizona.Keep an eye on the news.The government will try to subdue the event,to try to keep it secret.This information was provided by a close friend,who is a gifted medium of the Heavens.Believe me,I’ve been through events that were foretold by her,and have come true.There are more to come!

  31. Gia Gibbons

    Hi Amanda ext: 5605
    I have a question? Will I be one of the ones who benefits a good harvest and abundance next year.

  32. JoiYvonne M. Veney

    I want to thank all of u for your comments for the coming year. It does my heart good to know there r others that feel as I do. What all of u have done for me is to reassure me that I am on the right path. My insights come from God. I especially like Specers tips right on my brother we r definitely on the same page. My intent is to take a mini sabbatical at a place that will allow me commune with God, nature, and myself to ready me for the evolving me. Peace and love be all of u. My peace I give to you keep up the good works and continue to help all that request it of you.

  33. Eve ersken

    I believe this awakening, this rebirth has begun with the painful accurances that have recently happened. It is a wake up call. Change is desperately needed….

  34. Jody

    As a Lightworker and a psychic, I am fascinated by the number of people who keep choosing to believe that the end of the world is at hand. Of course it is, just not in the doomsday, blame others, self-oriented way. If your eyes are open, the evidence of the change is already all around us and this will simply grow powerfully and exponentially.


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