10 Things an Astrology Reading Can Do For You!

“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” – J.P. Morgan, the King of Wall Street.

Actually, I’ve known a lot of millionaires who use astrology. I ought to. I read for them. Some every day.

Recent polls indicate that despite popular conceptions, a majority of Americans believe astrology has some validity. Celebrities who have gone on record as believing in astrology include Marlene Dietrich, Nancy Reagan, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein – and you don’t even want to know the names of those who consult me incognito.

So what can an in-depth psychic astrology reading do for you? When in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced, and practiced astrologer – just as many of our dedicated readers here on the line – your personal astrology chart, also called “natal horoscope,” which depicts all the planets around the earth at the time of your birth along with all their degrees, angles, and symbolic meanings – which I consider to be like an x-ray of your soul, a blueprint of your destiny, and a roadmap to your highest success all in one!

This personal astrology chart, as depicted on our computers as we talk with you, or in our heads for the more experienced among us, reveals just about everything you want to know about your life, relationships, career, destiny, family affairs, love life, timing, near and long-term future, and well, just about everything!

Thus, your personal psychic astrology reading can do the following:

  1. Help you know who you are.
  2. Help you know others better.
  3. Help you choose the right friend, mate, or business partner –
  4. And help you avoid the wrong ones!
  5. Help you with timing – in other words, when to ask for that date, that raise, set that marriage ceremony, or ask for a divorce or try to work it out (yes, we do damage control too!)
  6. Fix and heal your relationships, based on giving you greater insight into your respective personalities, goals, and desires.
  7. Give you all around feedback on all your other relationships, including in business, career, and family.
  8. Let you know your strong points as well as what you need to work on, and –
  9. Give you a little bit of a gentle nudge in the right direction.
  10. And, altogether, help you develop your greatest potential in all areas of your life!


Ultimately, “the proof is in the pudding.” So, if you are interested in knowing yourself and others better, achieving your highest potential, and enjoying greater success in all areas of your life…then call us. You will be very glad you did!

45 thoughts on “10 Things an Astrology Reading Can Do For You!

  1. RITA


  2. Kathy

    I plan to get a reading on my birthday, which is soon. Hope everything mentioned above gets covered. I’d better write all that down so I can make sure. — One problem I’m finding, though, is that psychics, some, not all, I should hope, tend to say things I DON’T want to know. Like, I know I’m meeting my life-mate soon, but I Don’t want to know where or how or what he looks like, etc. I wouldn’t act normally! I’d be so nervous about making a mistake (I know we’re supposed to meet at the store, but I don’t need anything. Will I NEVER meet him if I don’t go?) That kind of thing.

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  10. julia

    I can relate. Im suddenly lonely, renting a room 50 miles from a home I shared with soon to be ex husband of 17 years. Got job out here and after 4 months lots of us laid off. waiting on divorce court settlement, I had no income,,zero until temp job 110 mile communte round trip plus daily traffic. First boyfriend suddlenly STOPPED calling me Nov 5th, 09 and other 2nd friend is not a long time committed guy. just ended temp job and now back to being broke, looking for a job, and 17 yr son getting in trouble with law.
    Is there any happiness in my future I wonder too? If and when I come into a lot of money by myself or marry into it, I want to build a “DIVORCED ,NOT DESPERATE safe home for woman ripped out of their daily rountine of wife , mom, business woman. And Family has no interest because they see you as a failure even though husband cheated for last 8 yrs, broke my bones, spiirit and heart and hid all the money and brain washed my child that been close too. Wonder what are future holds? Think positive. God id good dont give up your kids need a mom and u need to pamper your emotions.
    born 05/08/1958/San Diego, CA 10:20am

  11. erica

    Just discovered this part of the CA Psychics. After reading all the postings ad respomses, I’ve frlt a strong urge to share my”sighns” with you all, perhaps seeing some sort of validity of what another had read me to be. This individual did not hsve my best interest at heart, and since I am a beginer with this, I’l LOVE some opinions, imput, advice,etc as to what I’m truly about in my feelings, predictions…I;ve been drawn to the need to learn to read The Tarot, however, I have yet a friend to guide me. Never because they think I’d be wasting my time….perhaps the other way around?????
    Can someone offer some insite to what my sighns are all about (I do know that are some intense ones) and what direction i shou;d seek as far as the taroh? Thanks so much!!!
    Female Erica DOB 11/06/1972 @6:10pm San Jose, California

  12. kecia

    i been struggling to find me a job for a while now.a place for me and my two kids to stay, i feel like i have fallening down and just can”t seem to get up. my relationships all that a whole another chapter that been disappointing too. I just want some help in guiding me in the rite direction please help me

  13. Dominick Bongiorno

    Hi, My name is Dominick and I am 86 years young, in pretty good health except for a double aneurysm in my heart. I was born in Newark, NJ on Feb. 12, 1923 at 7:12 p.m. Too late to work for my first million because my life was spent raising two children, one of whom died at 52 and my wife’s 25-yr. heart disease finnally ended her life at 89. Now I am enamoured with a 75-year-old wonderful woman but I have very little money left. What is my prospect of lucking out to become financially independent?

  14. Jen

    Hey Joseph,
    I wanted to get your take on Kanye West after his whole episode at the VMA’s stealing Taylor Swift’s spotlight. Is there anything in his chart that makes him such a punk? I looked up his bday its June 8, 1977 in Atlanta.
    Hehehe thought you’d be the right psychic to ask 😀

  15. LORNA ex. 9580

    Thank you, Joseph. Just some of my ponderings on one of my favorite subjects.
    If callers had a better understanding of what we do, they would have more realistic expectations. So funny you should say that about reading to them. One caller actually did say to me….”I didn’t call for you to read to me from your computer screen.” EXCUSE ME! My computer was down that day! I live in a rural area and we don’t count on cell phones and computers to be reliable.
    Interesting analogy you had about “turn your chart into a symphony”. I think of doing a reading as being like a dance. Shuffle over to the cards….spin the wheel…..shhhh…the music of the spheres. Can you hear it? Waltz around the question, don’t step on any toes, be light on your feet and thank your caller for a lovely dance.
    Pray tell, Joseph. What sign are you? (How 60’s of me!) Your photo has such an intensity to it. You seem to be very high energy.

  16. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Joseph!
    That’s really interesting about a city having a sign…somehow, though, LA doesn’t seem virginal to me. LOL!
    My daughter is also a Virgo/Monkey combination. She shares a birthday with several famous people, including Rachael Ray (who is also a Virgo/Monkey).
    I have learned where everything is placed in my chart, but I have no idea what it means. Can you (or anyone else who knows) recommend a good resource for learning what these placements mean?
    Lise 🙂
    P.S. To anyone who is near the fires…stay safe. I hope that the weather from the hurricane will bring rain to put the fires out. Even though it is really green in some places here, we still have fires. I know just how terribly devastating they can be.

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Joseph….
    Just a thought….
    …showcasing the charts of indentical twins with DIFFERENT RISING signs would be interesting to clients too…..
    ..it would show just how complex charts can be …even for twins. And how, a matter of minutes can change a rising sign, that can make indentical twins much different in personality.
    I’m an Einstein fan….would love to see his chart dissected.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    Stay safe with the fires blazing out there !!!!!

  18. LORNA ex. 9580

    Fantastic! If you get on that spaceship watch out the window for me and Miss Krystal. No way are we going to Mars. Too hot! I’ll take her to Saturn.
    Miss Krystal and Fran always crack me up, which I love. Too much gloom and doom in the world.
    I love the Angel image because it shows a black cat in a positive light, which is a nice change.
    I have article ideas. I’m waiting for the day when time, focus and inspiration all show up in the computer room at once…. or, when pigs fly, which ever comes first. Life is too hectic!
    You live in Sedona??? Isn’t that Vortex City??? :-0

  19. Faith - 9608

    Just hang on Joseph, sending you fresh air and rain. That hurricane is coming from Baja, (oh great news Faith!) Hopefully not the winds though, God forbid, but the water to put that fire out. Great advice to chill especially over the next few weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your astrological knowledge. Please keep it up.
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  20. Psychic Joseph ext 9152

    Wow Lorna! Thank you! You added so much to my humble little tome which I totally agree with. Like you, I hate it when clients “sigh” thinking I am going to read them by rote as if out of a book when I ask for their birthdate. What they don’t realize is that a good psychic astrologer will turn your chart into a symphony, a a bouquet of beauty and possibility and help you more, with this master tool, than you can ever dream possible. And I know, Lorna, that you are that kind of psychic, astrologer, and reader. Thank you!

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks faith. I was in disbelief last night looking out my window and
    watching the flames on top of the hills….I have only seen it one time before.
    But not looking out my window– But thank you. In fact, I just tried
    opening the windows for a few minutes on a break, and I think I will put the AC
    back on and close them. What is the use? Thank Goodness for AC in times like
    Miss Krystal

  22. Faith - 9608

    Miss Krystal, thank you for your lovely comments. Most likely, your mercury retrogrades are different because of the sign mercury is in at the time. I would never move under a mercury Rx either unless I had to. With a little planning and focus we can all be ok under the seemingly backward moving planet. Mercury doesn’t really move backwards you know, just looks like it. 😉
    I hope everyone living in LA area and all the CP staff is safe from those terrible fires. Even if you live a good distance away, the smoke can be horrific. We’re having rain here today in AZ … sending it your way.
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  23. Faith - 9608

    Lorna, love your Angel pic and kitty. Have made buckets of lemonade this lifetime :+) Usually mercury Rx doesn’t bother me much. You are quite funny you know, circling the planet with Miss Krystal. Someone asked me once (only in Sedona)if a space ship landed in my backyard would I get on? Yes, of course I would! Can we pick up my friends too?
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone tell us in an astrology article for the blog things like Saturn is in Virgo until Oct 29th and back in on April 7, 2010 until July 21, 2010, which may emphasize this and that and mercury Rx in Libra might mean to watch for the other, etc. Just an idea … Lorna? Joseph? anyone? (No, not me!)
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  24. LORNA ex. 9580

    Three times a year is bad enough. A fourth is really annoying. Who can we file a complaint with? If you are the kind of person who can make lemonade from lemons, you will be fine. 🙂

  25. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Joseph,
    I am a virgo with an abundance of water in my chart….moon & mars in Pisces, Cancer rising with Uranus sitting atop my rising sign/cancer.
    My Great-Aunt , a famous clairvoyant, was also an astrologer who wrote for a nationally sybdicated newspaper many , MANY ,years ago, an astrology column.
    I’m not nuch into celebrities and their charts, but I would love to see you throw up Albert Einstein’s chart.., and do an analysis of it, showing his genious IQ.
    Blesed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  26. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I am not sure. I have had mercury retrogrades that have differed, in extreme. One thing I know I will try very hard to do, is, never move in a mercury retrograde. Once was enough lol thanks it is great to hear from you. You are a fantastic writer….I love reading what you write. So many talented people here at CP.
    Miss Krystal

  27. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Lorna,
    I have jupiter and uranus in libra. I tend to have a lot of libra people around me- even close family members that are libra. Or friends with close libra planets. It will be intereting to see what saturn does in libra….Blessings, Miss Krystal

  28. LORNA ex. 9580

    Hi Faith!
    I have Libra rising too. I like it because it neutralizes some of my intensity.
    Same here…some family members want no part of it. Makes you wonder… It’s like knowing how to play the piano and refusing to touch the keys!
    Happy Monday!

  29. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the concise explanation of what astrology can do for us, Joseph! I’ve been fascinated by astrology for a long time, but I am still learning. I’ve taken more time to just find out specifically what my chart says about me rather than looking at what a chart reveals in general.
    I’m sure I will never completely master astrology, as it is so complex and pretty much over my head, but I am definitely up for learning as much about it as my brain can hold.
    As for your comment…you KNOW we’d love to know about everyone in cognito, be we all know you can’t tell us!!! LOL!
    Lise 🙂

  30. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Actually, Wall Street has used astrologers since the 80’s to predict stocks rise & decline….they used to have a few on the payroll..set up in offices …above trading floor.
    I know this to be true because I’ve read for Wall Street and Nasdaq traders and investers for years….traders who work there told me. Plus it did get some newspaper press back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
    Great article, Joseph !!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  31. Faith - 9608

    Lorna, it’s definitely fascinating! Yes many placements for sure indicate psychic and writing abilities … (libra ascendant, moon mercury conjunct pisces, uranus venus conjunct gemini) for starters. And yes it was passed down through family, my father and his grandmother were very psychic. He was afraid of it though. I feel it must have come from a past life because I couldn’t possibly know what I know when I intuit astrology … I haven’t studied it that much! 😉 It made me laugh what you said about that precise birthtime … we like to have the exact time indeed. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  32. LORNA ex. 9580

    Hi Faith,
    Is it in your chart that you are psychic? Does it also run in your family? I agree that for most of us on this line we have carried this gift over from a previous life. What some people call aptitude, I call a past life ability.
    My chart mostly mentions astrology, writing and counseling. I can remember pounding away on a black manual Underwood typewriter.
    When I picked up my first astrology book in this lifetime, it was like being reunited with an old, dear friend.
    In grade school when I got my school supplies, I got a notebook with planets on it. I was only ten. Going back to signs….if you pay attention, clues are given to you very early on and NO it is not a coincidence.
    Fascinating stuff!

  33. Faith - 9608

    Joseph thank you for your article. I love the use of astrology in my readings. Not only is it a blueprint of someone’s life but it’s very precise. Like a fingerprint with a story attached! I pick up psychically from a chart and I find that a lot of us do as Lorna mentioned. Perhaps we’ve practiced astrology before in another place and time. 🙂
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  34. LORNA ex. 9580

    Hi Joseph!
    Thanks for writing this. A great explanation as to why so many of us defend it.
    Sometimes when I ask a caller for their birth date, I will hear them sigh. Astrology clarifies everything. A psychic may misinterpret the visions they get or be off on a time element. The Planets and their meanings will always stay true. Moon in Aquarius, Mercury retrogrades and Leo in the 5th House have definite meanings. A natal chart can be as individualized as a fingerprint.
    To use Astrology is not “cheating”. A caller is rarely on the phone long enough to have a whole chart done, so in the end, we are picking up psychically from the chart instead of using other methods.
    Some people who put Astrology down usually have not looked beyond their sun sign or a newspaper horoscope. The “Aspects” are so fine tuned it is uncanny. Never say to an Astrologer….”I think I was born around 9am.” The birth time is crucial for accuracy.
    A good Astrologer can tell what sign someone is by the way they walk, their teeth and their build. Often Librans will have such symmetry in their faces, you can see the Libran Scales. Leo men will sometimes have a flatness at the bridge of their noses that makes them look like the Lions they are. Body language, eyes and voice, all scream what sign a person is.
    The good news is, to be well versed in Astrology, you do not need to be a psychic or a medium.
    Read! Read some more and read again. The more books you read the more you will want to know. Doors will open for you that you never knew existed.
    I got into Astrology over 40 years ago when it was finally explained to me why my mother and I were in constant conflict. What relief I felt when I realized there was nothing wrong with me! Mom and I were like oil and water!
    Also remember that Astrology is only one spoke in the wheel. You have your karmic mission, your culture, religion, family and financial background all shaping you. We won’t even get into past life memories!
    Ahhhh, I feel better now.
    Thanks again Joseph!


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