Who Is My Spirit Guide?

I’d like to ask you something I’ve always been curious about. Does everyone have a Spirit Guide, and is your Spirit Guide always someone you knew previously?

Sheryl from Florida

Dear Sheryl,

What a fun question!

Since each person’s experience of the worlds of Angels and Guides is unique, I can only answer your questions from several decades of my own fun and far-out experiences as a psychic and channel. You might want to check out other sources as well.

First, I’ve never encountered a human being who does not have a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides. As a matter of fact, I’ve never read anyone who has only one Guide! Many times a single Guide serves as a kind of spokesperson, but I’ve always been able to see at least one other Spirit Guide or Animal Guide in the background.

Often I encounter as many as 10 or 15 or even a roomful of Guides, and I’ve been told by them that the number and types of Guides can change radically at different points in a person’s life. Usually the numbers increase during times of accelerated growth or transition, which also happens to be when people normally call a psychic … which probably explains why I often see so many!

The Guides I’ve encountered are frequently family members, or even friends, spouses or lovers who have passed over. But many, perhaps even the majority of Guides I speak with are from past lives, sometimes from many centuries in the past. Often I meet old spiritual teachers, former spouses, best friends and fellow spiritual seekers. And another theme that shows up frequently is family karma or family spiritual talents, which are carried forward through generations and taught at an early age by a family member Guide from several generations in the past.

Another type of very powerful Guide that I have encountered is particularly likely to show up during times of intense spiritual transformation, and then move on when the transformation is complete. These Guides often identify themselves by the name of an ancient god or goddess or archangel, and they tell me they’re there to help the person I’m talking to develop a quality which is associated with them … whether they call themselves Apollo or Green Tara or Kwan Yin or White Buffalo Woman or Archangel Gabriel. Could this type of Guide also have been known to you previously? I can imagine some ways it would be possible.

But even when there seems to have been no actual life or incarnation shared by a person and one of their Guides, I’ve always seen and experienced an emotional or spiritual bond connecting them. Whether it’s through present or past lives, soul family, soul hierarchy or even spiritual lineage, the Guides which populate an individual’s inner worlds have always seemed to me to serve as wise, caring and supportive family in some form.

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