Ask Your Spirit Guides: Automatic Writing

Suzanne in Los Angeles writes:

I found a website that suggests automatic writing for talking to Spirit Guides. It suggests the following: “Begin a dialogue. Trust what you hear. Send the message, ‘Hello, (name of guide), are you ready to answer questions?’ Wait for an affirmative answer.” Is this too basic or does this work?

Dear Suzanne,

Actually, simple as it sounds, that is an excellent bare-bones description of how automatic writing works. Also, automatic writing is the absolute best way to have in-depth and complex two-way communications with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angel, or the departed. And best of all, you end up with a complete record of everything that was said. Just add notes in the margins later about anything you experienced, heard, felt or ‘knew’ during your session.

As with any other spiritual practice, remember to set your intent and create sacred space before you begin — it not only helps the process work better, it screens out any negativity.

Here are two tips if you get stuck while using automatic writing. First, if your pen is just sitting there, try moving it in long, lazy, handwriting-sized loops across the page. Usually a guide will take over pretty quickly. Or, imagine that your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide is standing behind you, reaching over your shoulder to place their hand on yours to start writing.

Unless you’re already in the habit of journaling and are good at letting go and allowing your stream of consciousness to flow from your inner being out through your fingers, then getting the hang of automatic writing could take a little time.

And we should address everyone’s biggest question, “How do I know it’s really my Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel?” As with any relationship, you have to get to know your guides and Angels. Pay attention to what they’ve told you that comes true, adds to your quality of life, or gives you insights. And what doesn’t. And get familiar with their handwriting (it does change), energy, and speech patterns.

And, in the meantime, while you’re developing your automatic-writing skills, don’t forget all the other ways your guides and Angels can communicate with you.

A large part of this is learning how to pay attention, and how to recognize and trust signs and messages from the Universe and our unseen helpers. We get messages all the time, and it’s just a matter of sharpening your awareness and exercising your sensitivity to energies so you notice what’s already there.

A recent California Psychics newsletter article, Decoding Spiritual Messages, provides the best list of communication methods employed by Spirit Guides that I’ve ever seen. I’ll add one more to that list. Any time a phrase, thought, idea, or symbol hits me in the face three times, I do it, no matter how crazy it sounds.

Have fun exploring this, Suzanne! It’s like finger paints … you can’t get it wrong.

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