Ask Your Spirit Guides: Using a Pendulum

Tracey writes:

I sometimes use a pendulum to assist me in making some decisions — as well as the psychics at California Psychics. My question is, who guides my pendulum? I have asked if it is my Spirit Guide, and sometimes it answers “yes,” sometimes, “no.”

When it answers “no,” is this an energy I should ignore? Also, I have noticed it isn’t always in correspondence with my psychics. I haven’t tracked to see if it is wrong only when it says “no,” but clearly I am getting messages from different energies … what should I do, and is one of the energies negative?

Dear Tracy,

Actually, the last thing you should do is ignore the pendulum when it says “no,” because that’s your Spirit Guide telling you that you’re not properly centered for a clear reading. This could happen for a couple of reasons.

First, I don’t see any negative energies around you at all, but it’s really easy to make sure that none interfere with your readings. Simply stated — before you begin, ensure that you are filled and surrounded with light, and then you will receive only information that is for your highest good, and that of anyone else you read. If you always begin your readings that way, then any concerns you have about the nature of your messengers will be allayed.

Second, using a pendulum can be tricky. It’s one of the simplest and most accessible forms of divination, true, but it’s also very easily messed up by intense emotion. So, when you’re asking about something that’s very important to you, or that makes you feel anxious, you’re less likely to get an accurate reading because your mind and emotions have a powerful effect on your body, and the smallest twitch of your muscles can affect your pendulum’s swing.

I work with several people who use a pendulum in readings, but I’ve personally never found it as reliable as other tools. The area in which a pendulum will work really well is with energy healing, chakra balancing, locating lost objects or people (using maps), working with crystals, and dowsing for water or energy patterns (though dowsing rods are even better).

You’ve undoubtedly heard this from other California Psychics, but I’ll say it again: you’re quite psychic, and your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides are strong presences — they all want you to “go to the next level” in your work with them.

If you want a divination tool that’s quick and easy, you might try using Runes. It’s simple to use them for yes-or-no questions (up for yes, down for no), and usually the Rune itself will provide more in-depth information while you’re at it. And a Rune a day can keep trouble at bay by giving you a ‘heads up’ when challenges are on the agenda.

Your guides also want you to try automatic writing. It takes some practice to feel comfortable that you’re receiving guidance — and not simply writing down what you want to hear — but I get that this could work extremely well for you.

Good luck on going to the next level in your psychic and spiritual development, Tracy!

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