Ask Your Spirit Guides: Finding Medals

Josiane from Canada writes:

I was wondering about what it means to find little medals of saints along my path? I’ve found many of them (seven or eight) over a two-year period. It intrigues me! I know it must mean that my Guides are around, but what is the message?

Thank you!

Dear Josiane,

Your Spirit Guides invented one of the most fun and interesting methods of contact I’ve ever encountered.

What do those many medallions mean? When I asked your Spirit Guides, I was given a picture of a woman focused strongly within, while she stood in front of rows and rows of votive candles lined up beneath the statue of a saint, and I heard these words: “We’re here — lots of us. So, please let us help. All you have to do is ask.”

I’m wondering if you keep the medallions you’ve found, because I also have a very strong impression that at least one of those saints is actually a Spirit Guide. Do you have more than one medallion for any particular saint or saints? I’m told they’re the one(s).

I get the impression that your life is already satisfying in many ways, but your Guides are excited about helping you to expand into areas you haven’t explored yet, and to reach beyond what you do easily and naturally into new levels of self-expression and impact on others.

First, you have quite a bit of psychic ability, which will make it easier for you to work consciously with your guides if you wish to explore your gifts.

But even more important, according to your guides, you have a unique kind of personal wisdom which could really benefit others. Your guides want you to write about what you know so well, or teach it, or simply speak up more.

But, most of all, they want you to talk to them, to let them help you figure out ways to make your life even more interesting and satisfying. Spirit Guides love to actively support their people, and can help you do anything from discovering great sources of knowledge to finding a new love or a career that’s more satisfying. It all starts with the first step — you asking.

They receive your thoughts easily already, but if you want to enhance your ability to receive communication from them, there’s lots of helpful material on I include techniques in many Ask Your Spirit Guides columns, and there are regular articles about psychic development in the newsletter and on the blog.

If you enjoy exploring new possibilities, Josiane, I really suggest that you step through the door your Spirit Guides are holding open for you.

2 thoughts on “Ask Your Spirit Guides: Finding Medals

  1. Linda

    Hi! I never know what to do with my spiritual growth or even for the next stage of life! Help…also I would like to connect with my spirit guides fully! I have a saint that I feel close he a guide? I pray so hard..are they heard? I need so much guidance especially with my daughter. Is there any messages?
    Thank you

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