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Yemaya wants to be of sublime service! She starts by asking for your first name and birth date. She accesses the Tarot and the pendulum to tune deeply into dates, times, and locations. While she can give general readings, she feels like “it is like looking into a tub full of bubbles to find the right ones.” She will read on the ones closest to the top first, but wants to know if you have specific concerns you need addressed right away. Extremely open-minded about all forms of love and sexual orientation, she shines at handling romantic and platonic relationship concerns. Reading professionally for over 35 years, she was trained by her psychic grandmother who taught her how to be clear on what she sees. This began a lifelong association with human behavior, past life regression, meditation, healing through words, and addiction counseling. Yemaya has spent her life absorbing information so she has a library of tools to share. She says, “I believe strongly that our gift is divine, and that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each and every reading has the potential to change a life!” Yemaya’s goal is to help you feel open to happiness and spiritual growth.

Time with California Psychics: 5-7 Years

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