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Tarot Horoscope Psychic Rogers at Money-finance Career-work Deceased loved ones
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About Psychic Rogers

Rogers was raised by two psychic parents and has strong Clairaudient abilities. He can provide readings in Hindu, Urdu, and Bengali. He uses your date of birth, first name, and favorite number to quickly connect to your energy. A sensitive Empath and Remote Viewer, Rogers uses voice vibration to pick up your auric hue, then uses the Tarot to confirm his insights. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali -- his native tongue – contributes to his lovely accent. Rogers has 15 years of business and marketing experience, and holds an MBA and PhD. He skillfully provides career and financial insight. He’s also well versed in Indian Mythology which he quotes in readings. Rogers is confident that his readings will lead you to the right decisions for your prosperous future!

Time with California Psychics: 3-5 Years

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