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Nina will not be influenced by anyone or anything. All she wants is to hear a first name, and she dives right into channeling pure psychic information about you and yours. Her gift of sensing details through energy allows her to know your main concerns right away. So she prefers that you hold your questions till after she lets you know her immediate visions. Love is her passion, but she will gladly read on other topics as well. Nina has complete confidence in her guides and loves to hear your confirmations. Reading professionally for over 40 years, she developed her natural-born talents by consistently using them and trusting her guides. They give her uncomplicated messages that make for absolutely astute readings. Nina says, “My hope is that a reading with me gives you a clearer mind, less stress, and peace in your heart.” She will help you understand why you are at your current place in life while providing choices for a secure and happy journey. Nina does not need tools, but can read Tarot upon request.

Time with California Psychics: 5-7 Years

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