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About Psychic Lillian

Lillian used to travel out of her body as a child and then soon learned that she could astral project at will. Ever since she can remember, she has been able to sense energy and know what was transpiring around her. In order for Lillian to connect with you, please say your first name and date of birth. You may also want to have questions ready, though they are not mandatory. Looking for answers to your love concerns? Lillian can tell you about your partner and hone in on what is happening in your relationship. Specifically, she focuses on what men are thinking. With a very understanding demeanor, she has an eye for pointing out what will help you grow spiritually to reach an ideal love. She hopes that you “leave the call feeling a better sense of who you are to move forward with the answers to the questions you seek.” As a woman who has worked hard to find the man of her dreams, she knows the benefits of personal transformation.

Time with California Psychics: 1-3 Years

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