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Kavita begins by asking for your birth date and main concern. Aside from that, she prefers to not be given information. She likes to just tune in and see what Spirit brings her. She also consults her astrological charts, Tarot, and pendulum for confirmation. She is straightforward in manner while being open and compassionate at the same time. Kavita says, “I will not tell you what you want to hear, only the answers I am given by Spirit, so please don't ask if you really don't want to know, as the answers will come.” Never negative, she will leave you feeling better about your life and level of control over it. She feels the purpose of her work is to give answers, be uplifting, and inspire. Reading professionally for over 15 years, Kavita specializes in relationships, career and finances, and happily answer questions relating to spiritual matters. As a young child she discovered her psychic abilities when she would blurt out things that she thought everyone knew, only to find out that she had just divulged someone's secret or situation that they had yet to tell anyone about.

Time with California Psychics: 1-3 Years

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