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Devyn just knew all sorts of things since she was a child! She asked for guidance when objects began moving in her home. A psychic mentor taught her to hone her telekinesis abilities. Devyn has been reading professionally ever since and is the founder of a paranormal investigation group. She is often asked to visit haunted homes and clear them of malevolent spirits. But Devyn's professional experience doesn't end there -- she's been a business owner, a Real Estate Stager, and a Marketing Rep! She connects to her callers by asking them to take a deep breath and relax. Specific questions help her tune in. Devyn uses no tools, but can read Oracle Cards upon request.

Time with California Psychics: 3-5 Years

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Psychic Videos: Getting to Know Psychic Devyn
Devyn ext. 5303 helps us look at the good in a bad economy, by focusing our goals.
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