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Tarot Horoscope Psychic Bellina at Career-work Destiny-life path Love-relationships
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Bellina couples her delightful personality with excellent empathic abilities. A tarot reader who has read professionally for over 20 years, she would like for you to begin the reading with your questions written down. This way she can go down your list one by one. She calls this the “bam, bam, bam” approach! She wants you to ask questions, because she feels general readings do not allow her to dive deep into your concerns. Bellina has overcome great obstacles within herself and her family life. She now does amazing work helping others and specializes in issues that affect women, teens, and children. She understands what it is like to go through loss and devastation so she can identify with those who have suffered many traumas to come out on the other side of enlightenment. Married to the love of her life for over 30 years, she also adores children and has worked as a nanny for over 20 years. Bellina wants to open up your world with detailed predictions that will ready you for career changes and life path awakenings. Big on truth and karma, she believes we should all “love thy neighbor” and help each other focus on that “love.” She grew up with a father who wrote jingles so her intuitive information comes in musically!

Time with California Psychics: 1-3 Years

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